Tiger’s fairy life

Tiger is an ordinary cat raised by mother -in -law who lives in his hometown.

In fact, there was no formal name at the beginning. The mother -in -law only called it "Mao Ni" (although it was a little male cat, but the people in the hometown were used to calling all the cats of cats)."Tiger" is the name that it only owns when it was nearly half year old.

The reason why it gives it such a very mighty name is because its hair is dark brown and light brown -colored stripes, only a little white hair on the face and neck.Its two eyes were clear and clear, and the mouths were stunned at both sides with a few beards, a bow of body, and the sound of "meow, meow" in his mouth, and frequently the power of the tiger.Therefore, her mother -in -law called it "tiger".

Tiger was held by her mother -in -law from other people’s house as soon as the full moon.My mother -in -law said that in the first few days, it rarely eats and drink very timidly.It may be due to the departure of her mother’s arms at first, and it is in a strange environment.The mother -in -law carefully chewed the eggs and put it in the palm of her hand to lie on her leg.The water it drinks is also warm water.And let it eat less, gradually struggling from the death line.

Once the potential of life is stimulated, the mouth is let go, and the courage has been released.It’s just that its food is not so good. The chewed eggs are mixed with some broken ravioli, and the water it drinks is no longer warm water but tap water.But this does not seem to affect its spirit.

Huzi grew up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The mother -in -law picked up a small velvet ball on one leg at the dinner table. In addition to eating, drinking and rest, the tiger was teasing the little pills: grab, scratch, tear, bite, just like a baby’s love for his beloved toys.

In just ten days, Huzi lost interest in the velvet ball, and turned to a few pony in the family. He jumped from this pony to that horse, just like a energetic child.It will not stop.

The house of the housing house was installed with a window screen door. The tiger was too small, and it was unable to push the window screen door to the yard with his claws.My mother -in -law is also worried that it will not find home elsewhere.But the outside world is so exciting that the window screen cannot stop it from the desire to spread out.So it stood in the window screen and kept "meow, meow".

The mother -in -law couldn’t help but "begging" and put it in the yard to play.

The yard in his hometown is nearly half acres. There are various vegetables, as well as peach trees, pomegranate trees, walnut trees, persimmon trees, and tigers jump up and down as soon as they arrive in the yard.Look here, I don’t know how tirelessly don’t even let go.

Mother -in -law said that it would not be satisfied in the yard in the yard in a few days.Indeed, it is the power obtained from the house from the house to the yard, but walking out of the courtyard is the pace that it tentatively.

After playing in the yard, it went to the gate of the courtyard, but it would not run too far.Specifically, when it was not a careful investigation of the footprints throughout half of the Zhuangzi, it just felt that its courage was getting bigger and bigger.However, it still rushed back to eat for food, and returned to the broken sofa in the house at night to sleep.

At this time, its meals have reduced the standard again. The eggs have completely withdrawn from its recipe. In addition, the mother -in -law and father -in -law are older, not as keen on meat as young people. ThereforeSome residual bone minced meat.Its food has become a pure broken ravioli.

But there are ways to fight tooth festivals.It is its instinct to catch mice, not to mention that there are so many insects in the field?Once, the father -in -law found the feathers and feathers of the small pigeons in the corner of the yard, knowing that Huzi had the ability to predator in the wild.

Also, a pregnant female rabbit at home has been born for a long time. When it finds that its belly is down, the bunny is gone.The father -in -law must be the bottom of the cage that was never blocked when the rabbit was born into a tiger’s mouth.

Winter is coming, tiger is almost one year old.It is no longer regular when it goes home to eat and sleep.After the mother -in -law went to bed early, the wooden door of the house was closed, and the tiger’s strength could not be opened.Not afraid, there is a pile of dried grass prepared by the kitchen stove to resist the cold of winter.

The food at home can be full, the wild tooth festivals are bullshit, they are stuffy and played out. They are tired and go home to rest.

It was a year of spring, and tiger was one year old.There are more insect birds in the wild, and its food is richer.The crushed ravioli in its rice bowl is often not moving for a few days, and the water in the basin is not reduced for a few days.It is disdainful to eat the food provided by her mother -in -law.

Wild food makes it grow fat and strong, and it has the ability to enter and leave the house freely.It was easy to handle when I went out. Open the door of the screen on the top of the head.When entering the door, cut off a seam with your paws, and then pouted his head into a little, and turned his head again, so that the door cracks expanded a little to accommodate the entire head, and the body was indentatively indentatively entered the house.As if a martial arts master, after the training of time, can be as good as no one.

The niece also raised a cat, which is the precious "variety of cats", which cost more than 1,000 yuan when I bought it.It is white, and its eyes are as crystal as sapphire.The niece loves to be a clinic, named it "obedient", and was equipped with cat food, cat sand and various toys, and took a bath every two days.Compared with Tiger, the noble life is obedient.But the obedient activity world is just two rooms and one living room, bathroom and balcony.What exactly does the outside world look like, obediently can only lie on the balcony, looking around and reverie through the glass windows.

The niece is busy going to school, and her parents are busy working. Except for the weekend, she obediently keeps the empty room alone. Its noble life is exchanged at the cost of losing freedom.

Once, my niece said to me, "Well, I feel good at me with tiger." I suggested that she take it to be obedient when I go to visit the uncle, and let it be free.

In this way, Huzi and obediently met for the first time.

Obviously like a noble Snow White, and Huzi is obviously like a poor boy.But "poor boy" was extremely prestigious in front of "Snow White".

At first sight, Huzi bowed his body high, raised his tail, lowered his head, and made a low "meow" sound at the obedient."" ".I really didn’t expect Huzi’s territory to be so strong, scared and shivered, and jumped into the arms of the niece.After watching the obedient for a while, Huzi opened the window screen door and went out proudly.

Tiger, I have never entered the city, I have never eaten cat food, I have n’t appreciated the comfort of bathing, I do n’t know what it feels like shit in cats.In short, it has never enjoyed any kind of pet cat’s treatment, but it has a god -like day.Freedom, let it live a king of cats!

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