Three months of pregnancy, three days of fever, 39 degrees, the probability of fetal deformity?

The National Day holiday just passed, the weather in Beijing was overwhelming, and the temperature jumped up and down caused many pregnant women to have discomfort. Some pregnant women had a cold and fever, and began to worry about the baby in the stomach.

Xiaoqi is one of them. On the first day of National Day, Xiao Qi and Zhang, who were only pregnant for more than 2 months, went to the suburbs to play. I did not expect the weather to change the next day.Temperature, fever 39 degrees, quickly returned home, because he did not dare to take medicine because of pregnancy. After 2 days of enduring, his body temperature had not yet come down. Then he panicked and quickly went to the hospital to ask about the treatment.

Women who are pregnant can occur in various infectious diseases during pregnancy.There will be a manifestation of rising temperature.The most common is colds. In addition, there are diseased tonsillitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, cholecystitis, acute pyelonephritis, acute appendicitis, chorionic amniotic fluid, etc.These inflammation can cause fever.

Xiaoqi came to the hospital. The most worried is whether her fever would affect the fetus in the belly?Regarding this issue, relevant experts have done a study. If women have a high fever or hot bath or sauna during pregnancy, the risk of fetal nerve tube defects such as spine bifling in the fetus is much higher than that of ordinary women.EssenceEspecially for a long period of high fever, it is even more dangerous to the fetus.

We need to know that when the embryo develops early, it is very sensitive to temperature.The most important thing for embryonic development is to generate proper proteins when appropriate.If the body temperature of expectant mothers rises from 37 ° C to 39.4 ° C, then protein sensitive to temperature cannot be operated normally, and it will easily cause miscarriage.

Therefore, in the early three months of pregnancy, during the first three months of pregnancy, the pregnant mothers should not have a fever or high temperature during this time.A fever in the second or third trimester, the possibility of the fetus in the stomach is much reduced.

"What should I do?" Xiaoqi asked nervously.

Of course, expectant mothers like Xiaoqi do not have to worry about it. If high fever occurs, it can be treated with acetaminol (heating and polygar). Take one dose for acetyl aminophen (500 mg to 1 gram) each time.6 hours, so just take 4 times a day.At the same time, drink more water to reduce body temperature. Do not cover the thick quilt to cover the fever when the pregnant woman has a fever.

If the conditions are allowed, the pregnant mother can not use it for acetaminol when fever, and even use less if it is used.Especially in the late pregnancy, the current research has confirmed that it is a expectant mothers who take acetamine almost every day. After the baby is born, there will be very great possibilities to have asthma.

If you still do not have a fever, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment in order to find out the cause and treat the symptoms in a timely manner.

In foreign countries, for women who are preparing to get pregnant, they are recommended to vaccinate flu vaccines, especially in autumn and winter seasons. When the flu is susceptible, this can help pregnant mothers prevent fever caused by influenza.

Another thing to note is that if the husband has a high fever within 3 months, the high fever temperature is above 38 degrees 5, it is best not to get pregnant.Because excessive temperature damage to testicles is relatively large.A survey of the World Health Organization showed that if men have a high fever of more than 38.5 degrees at a time, the contraceptive effect can reach 6 months.

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