Those who come here: After pregnancy, you can cut this part and cut it, it will be much more troublesome

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Xinxin said on the phone that after pregnancy, my mother -in -law kept asking me to cut her hair, saying that her hair was not only grabbing nutrition with the baby, but it was not easy to take care of it in the future.However, my black and beautiful hair is so beautiful. I raised my hair for so long for several years. I really can’t bear it.Do you really need to cut your hair after pregnancy?

I have never heard of the argument of hair and fetus to grab nutrition. I think this is also no scientific basis.However, according to the experience of Baoma, cut short hair after pregnancy, really have a lot of benefits. See what they say?

@: It is better to cut, because it is really impossible to wash your hair in the third trimester, the waist is too painful, the neck is painful, and the short hair is not so troublesome.Wet the water and take straight, and then straighten it, and wash the water, otherwise you can’t comb. Oh, wash your hair on that waist, you can’t straight up, then cut short hair, just go directly to the shampoo water.It ’s okay to comb, it’ s easier.

@嗒: I did n’t cut the confinement when I was pregnant. Instead, I cut it off for five months. The hair was severely too old.

@: Let’s cut it. The early stage of pregnancy is okay. The stomach is not so big, and it is more convenient to do things.However, in the late pregnancy, the stomach becomes a lot. At this time, everything is very inconvenient. The pregnant mother with long hair is even more annoying. It is particularly inconvenient to wash it. Sometimes there is no way to wash your hair by yourself.

@Don’t want to say that I don’t want to say: I cut it after I was pregnant. After cutting, I felt that the whole person was easy and my mood was good.

@: Look at people, people who love beauty will not cut!Someone will help with the child and won’t cut it!But the mother who brought the child alone must be cut, and at least it should be shoulder without cutting super short.


Although there is no need to leave short hair after pregnancy, in addition to the convenience of cutting short hair, there are health benefits.Because expectant mothers have poor resistance during pregnancy, try to avoid colds, and long hair should wait for a long time to dry, so it is easier to catch a cold.

Suggestion: Although you don’t have to cut your hair during pregnancy, it is best not to stay so long. It is more convenient and easy to take care of your hair on your shoulders.


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