Those things about looking at the teeth

Last year, in order to prepare for pregnancy, I wanted to deal with wisdom teeth. Two wisdom teeth were pulled out at the City Oral Hospital for more than 2,000.

As a result, I found pregnancy in the second month. During the period, the relapse and swelling on the left were more serious. I went to this hospital again. The doctor said that it should not be cleaned before the tooth extraction.The baby’s influence is too great.

The doctor looked at me indifferently, and I was sad.

I said that I was a baby who had been prepared for more than two years, and I was indifferent to tell me that there was no other way.

I cried out of the hospital and didn’t go to work in the afternoon. I went directly to the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of the Municipal Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

At that time, it was noon, and the doctor was off work. I remember it until now. I was sitting in the city’s maternal and child hospital and waiting to start registration. At that time, my inner anxiety was helpless.

Later, I saw the doctor not long after I started to work at two o’clock. After seeing the situation, the doctor also said that it should be that I did n’t get cleaned before, and then asked me about the allergies of the drug. Some basic questions helped me deal with it.The needle poke the drainage for me, and also took a slight hemp medicine, which is basically equivalent to not taking anesthetic medicine. It is hard to let the doctor clean it, clean it for a week, and cooperate with amoxicillin.It’s right.

The baby is now a few months old. I told the maternal and children’s doctors that the doctor in the dental hospital made me have a miscarriage.I still respect the doctor. Many relatives in my family do this profession, but that dentist is so indifferent to let me have an opinion on this hospital.

I also talk about my teeth. I just watched my teeth. It has been painful for many years. The wisdom teeth have been rotten early, and the adjacent teeth have also been affected to wear a hole.

I used to have been a little sour before, and it would be a bit painful to be cold and hot. I endured it for many years. Suddenly the pain last day last month, I couldn’t stand it, and I couldn’t sleep, so I asked the dentist on the next day.At that time, the root canal treatment was performed, and the nerves at the bottom of the tooth were killed. It would not hurt immediately. Later, it was treated every three or four days.It was completely painful after killing three times.

Then, the dentist asked me to pull the wisdom tooth to pull the wisdom teeth, because he couldn’t take it for how long my teeth were, and his clinic did not use CT to make a film.

I made an appointment for the dental department of the large hospital. It took 1,200 yuan to test the blood test and filmed. After watching it, the doctor helped me make an appointment for ten days later, and then spent 600 tooth extraction. A total of 1,800 yuan before and after.The self -payment part is 1.68 yuan.

Back to the small dental clinic again, you can also use medical insurance, anti -inflammatory, root canal treatment, and supplementation of the teeth is covered by medical insurance. It takes about 1100. For the sake of stability, you need to make braces after the tooth.2000 yuan, the first day after removing wisdom teeth, the teeth are replenished. Now I will wait for the braces, and the whole process is 2,000 yuan. It is not expensive. Compared with the pain of half of the pain, it is a great value. It is simply a great value.Essence

I think that everyone’s teeth are very troublesome, and it is very anxious to relieve pain. Going to the street dental clinic is just right. I don’t want to wait for a minute.When I followed the rule, I immediately solved the pain problem. How good, in addition, rotten teeth, cavities, anti -inflammatory and root canal therapy need to be run repeatedly. It is not convenient to go to the large hospital again.Just send a message to the doctor. The point is that there are also medical insurance reimbursement.

Some people’s teeth are naturally born. My mother and I have air holes in the natural teeth.The natural and empty cave inside will be exposed to form a natural "tooth decay". Although there are not many cavities such as my teeth, my mother may not have calcium lack of calcium when she was a child. She is particularly empty.

My husband’s house is another kind of problem. Their teeth have small teeth, and their teeth are very good and never tooth decay, but the roots of the teeth are very shallow.The teeth were almost gone, there were only three left, and now I rely on dentures, and my dad has only one tooth decay.Now my husband is like my bushes are shallow, my daughter is like my husband …

Some people are born with healthy teeth. In terms of protecting their teeth, they do not need to work hard as only twice or even once a day. Some people do n’t brush their teeth, and they ca n’t brush their teeth.

As a patient who goes to the dental hospital all year round, it will make up a maximum of 500 tooth, and the medical insurance will be reported to half, but if you are going to be a fake crown or even a conjoined fake tooth crown, then the cheapest one will be 1,000, Medical Insurance cannot be kept. If two two are 2,000 at a time, 3000 is 3,000 at a time.Therefore, the teeth should still be protected. Check the dental caries immediately after a year.

There are many children in the current children. Many of them are natural. In the embryo period, there are various lacks. Raising children according to books, eating sweets and drinking soda, not careful brushing, staying up late, low immunity, all problems come out.

You feel that there are many children’s problems now because of the good medical conditions, many problems can be treated, and the success rate of newborns has been greatly improved compared to decades ago. People’s health awareness has also increased.It has been found and actively treated.For example, people may have an impression of children in the countryside decades ago. They have two nasal nastests hanging on their faces.Essence

Now that the health awareness is high, the medical conditions are good, and people only find that this is a manifestation of children with rhinitis and allergies.Some diseases are not before. In fact, they did not find it before. Even some children who had died directly died directly, and they were better to survive.

I have tooth extraction, I have experienced it myself. I have experience. More than ten years ago, I had two worm teeth in the back of my teeth. Sometimes it was too annoying to eat and stuffed it in.Find a pointed pliers and find it to clamp it. It is not out of the way, but to make up his mind to turn his wrist and rotate towards the tongue, that is, he must be stubborn horizontally.

It felt like it fell out of the root.It doesn’t hurt, it feels a little bit, and it feels far worse than the uncomfortable toothache.Then don’t lick the empty root roots, don’t suck it. A few mouthfuls of blood will not bleed, perfect work!I pulled up at least two in my own time or two, and I couldn’t remember the three.Key points: Find the quasi -family point, start decisively, do not pull horizontal pout, close your mouth and do not suck the pit.

Dentals are currently very profitable industries, and some outpatients are not standardized to sit on the ground how much money, and ordinary people look down on.

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