This teacher gave the students the test to the students with "Second Treasure" …

Peninsula All Media Reporter Hao Chunmei

"Actually, I want to see it with the children." On the second day of the college entrance examination, the Qingdao Experimental High School 36 Class Teacher Wang Ning, who was already pregnant for six and a half months, appeared again at the college entrance examination. This time, she arrived atIt is the test site of Qingdao Art School.Although she will usher in her two treasures this summer, Teacher Wang Ning insists on sending the exam to the students."The school leaders took care of my physical condition and made me freely arrange, but accompanied the children for so long, I still want more students to see me, at least more at ease," said Teacher Wang Ning.

"Before I started the Chinese language yesterday, I went to the 58th Middle School. The high -tech vocational school I went to the mathematics in the afternoon." With more than six months of pregnancy, there were so many places. The reporter expressed to Teacher Wang Ning.Responsibility and respect, Teacher Wang said that the two exams were sent by the public car before. "After sending the students into the field, I took the subway myself. Except for the long time,I can still persist. "Therefore, on the second day of the college entrance examination, she went to the Qingdao Art School test site." A total of nearly 50 students in the class participated in the college entrance examination. Many of them took the exam in Chengyang District.In the urban college entrance examination, a total of 11 test sites are distributed. Except for 5 people in high -tech vocational schools, the number of other test sites is less than 5. ", Cheer up for the children, "Tell everyone to be calm and calm, you can pass it first. Do not be stuck. Just do everything you know.Essence

"Seeing the children’s smile, I feel that I have worked hard to be worth it." Teacher Wang Ning told reporters that a classmate in the class has not been able to meet in the past two months. When I saw her on the day of the exam, the studentThey are particularly happy with parents.Teacher Wang frankly said that in the past 11 years, this is the third time he has given his students for his students.It turned out that since the end of last year, Teacher Wang in the early stages of pregnancy often felt breathless. "Especially after the beginning of the year, because of the pregnancy reaction, the children did not care about me, they have always been very sensible, they are particularly obedient.", Teacher Wang Ning said that once he was talking about the class, he suddenly couldn’t hold it. He hurried to the bathroom and vomited. The students who heard the movement immediately sent paper towels and water.To give you a lecture, students will take the initiative to open the big screen, and they can do everything in advance, and they will care about people. "

Teacher Wang said that he was good for these children to himself. Even if he was heavy recently, Teacher Wang has always insisted on leaving the children and accompanied everyone to the college entrance examination.The breath is not enough. Especially when the four sections were connected, it was a bit unbearable, but the children had to learn very carefully, and my work was even more motivated. "

With the support of the family, Teacher Wang Ning did not need to pick up the boss or take care of the elderly. Instead, he also took the second treasure to the students to send the test to the students under the pick -up of the elderly, which really moved the students and parents.In addition to Teacher Wang Ning and the elderly to send the students to the students, Qingdao Experimental High School also organized a strong lineup team to send the test team, and moved to 19 test sites in Jiachengyang District, four districts in the city.It is easy and responsible for teachers and students.This seemingly simple persistence, with long -lasting care, will help candidates who are struggling in the examination room, wish them all the best!May all your wishes come true!Title of the Gold List!

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