This kind of standing medicine in the family has a great impact on the mother who prepare for pregnancy. It is not recommended for children for medicine for six months after taking the medicine.

Introduction: This type of standing medicine has a high teratogenic rate in life, and pregnant women and women in preparation must know

Many women who prepare for pregnancy are surprised and worried about the pregnancy and X -rays of the pregnancy.Surprise finally had a baby, worried that the early pregnancy medication would affect the fetus.It’s like my colleague took a few cold medicine a few days ago because of a cold.Three days ago, I was delayed in the future. With a joke attitude, I tested random urine with test strips. In the process of waiting for the results, colleagues still joked that it was not so accurate. I only spent three days on my body.There was a week before?


The words of colleagues just came out of the two red bars, and it was shallow.Because the pregnancy time is too short, the HCG content is low, so the light red bars are tested.Just when he was happy for pregnancy, his upturned mouth narrowed his eyes and stiffened.She said, "It’s broken. I just took a cold medicine a few days ago. Will it not affect the child?"

She ran to the pharmacy and found the instructions for taking these medicines, and was frightened.It is nothing new to take medicine in clinical pregnancy. Whether you take X -rays or take some drugs in the early pregnancy, there are many life persuasion.Dare to persuade your children, this kind of family can prepare medicines, everyone must be familiar with — Libavirin, a cold medicine for antiviral, because the clinical medication effect is good, it has been used clinically.

Libavirin, also known as viruszole, has the effects of inhibiting a variety of virus such as respiratory tract syntomia, influenza virus, hepatitis A virus, and adenovirus.Let’s not say that other side effects of this drug can be obvious in the precautions: Libavirin can cause congenital malformations or deaths of the fetus.Women who take Libavilin should avoid pregnancy, and they should tell the doctor immediately if you are pregnant.Wake up in a column of taboos of medication: Women during pregnancy are disabled.

In order to continue pregnancy, we have searched for many aspects of information and literature. Whether it is the advice of the literature research on the Internet, men and women should disable Libalin in men and women during pregnancy or during pregnancy.Because its half -life is long, the metabolism is slow, and the accumulation time of the body is relatively long.Therefore, experts suggest that pregnant men and women avoid contact with Libavelin during pregnancy. If they do contact or take Libavirin, they must choose to continue pregnancy for more than six months.

Libavirin’s embryonic toxicity, her father took the embryo toxicity caused by Libavirin, etc. As long as she was about Libavirin, she was still among the best.

So remind women who prepare for pregnancy, women must avoid using such drugs during pregnancy.Although it is not clear about how it causes embryo and the mechanism of dead tires, experiments on animals have proved the toxicity and teratogenicity of Libavirin.

Avoid using these types of people in Libaweilin:

01. Women who prepare for pregnancy and pregnancy, men who prepare for pregnancy.

02. Infants: Libaweilin particles on the market are widely used in clinical practice, especially when infants and young children have a cold. This medicine is almost common for parents.It is generally not recommended to use children for colds.

03. People with incomplete liver function: Most of the drugs are metabolized through the liver, and the removal rate of this drug is relatively slow. Generally, it takes a month or even months.

04. People with renal insufficiency.

After checking the relevant information and literature, none of us dare not determine whether the children of my colleagues can stay, and colleagues also seem to be more tangled.We comforted that the conditions for therapy were developed, and we really wanted to make a decision when the regular check -up was obtained.After half a month, colleagues still decided to give up the child. It is not easy to have children. As parents, they cannot be too selfish.If the child really has any defects, the mentor is the most painful or the child.Colleagues decided abortion.Now before preparing for pregnancy, she starts to do full homework. For what pregnancy, she has seen observations and research.

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