This city female employee can take maternity leave to a child one year old!Netizens are very worried

The Office of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Government of Hebei recently issued the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of Infant Care Service for Infant and Toddlers under the age of 3", comprehensively implemented maternity leave and nursing leave policies, and employers arranged breastfeeding time on breastfeeding female employees in accordance with regulations.At the expiry of maternity holidays, with my own application and approved by the employer, the breastfeeding period can take a vacation to the baby one year old.

Today, the news appeared on Sina Hot Search.

However, what I see in the comment area is not everyone’s cheers, but concerns:

It is even more difficult to find a job in the future

@UPDATE: Will this make the girl’s workplace narrower again?

@: This is okay, no women are not recruited at all.

@I Biubiu: Women will not even want to find a job in the future.

@: This is really a hot potato benefit. It is better to call for men’s maternity leave.

Netizens remind: Don’t forget the majority of male compatriots

@: Is it just a mother with a child?

@1 0001: Why are there only female employees?Why not give male employees?Is it just a female employee with a baby?

@: Men and women should be on vacation!

@春 DY: Back to the family again, women’s job hunting is even more difficult.Not as good as both men and women.

@: This is to catch women in the direction of housewives!IntersectionIntersectionMany jobs work one radish and one pit. Please ask a woman to ask a god. The second child is pregnant for four or five years. The company is lost. Who can afford it?Intersection

@辛 辛: When a female university graduates, she is applied to be suspected of abandonment and has no experience.I caught up older, and now I really say that I can rest until my child is one year old?IntersectionIntersectionWho dare.

Some netizens proposed this way

@1005: Agree with the baby for one to six months to let the mother take a photo, and let my father take care of it for seven to 12 months.

@–: It is recommended that husbands and wives rest in maternity leave together, and they have to discriminate against women when they are looking for jobs. Furthermore, children also need their father to take care of them. They cannot push them to their mother.

@不 小 不: Unreasonable.If you really want to promote the care of infants and young children under the age of 3, men should be given maternity leave instead of only prolonging women. One year of maternity leave will only make women employment more difficult, and it will increase pressure on family income sources.

Source: Dahe News

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