This changes in leucorrhea, beware of the upper body of cervicitis!

Among all gynecological diseases, cervical diseases are a very common type. It may be damaged because of unclean life, artificial abortion or delivery, and may cause acute cervicitis due to pathogens.Develop into chronic cervicitis.

Do you know if you have any cervicitis?

Vaginal bleeding: manifested as contact bleeding, accompanied by symptoms of extended menstruation and increased menstruation. After menopause, women with irregular vaginal bleeding will also cause irregular vaginal bleeding.

Increased secretions: It is mainly white or blood -colored, sometimes thin as water, with smell.

Leucorrhea with blood: The vaginal discharge is mucus or bloodshot, and it is also accompanied by the symptoms of vulvar itching, sexual intercourse, and back pain and pain.

Species, chronic cervicitis, different symptoms

1. Acute cervicitis: It is mainly manifested in leucorrhea, purulent, and is also accompanied by low back pain and lower abdomen discomfort.Cervical edema or congestion can be seen in gynecological examinations, and clinically coexist with vaginitis.

2. Chronic cervicitis: Early leucorrhea, white, or leucorrhea with blood, or waist pain and sexual intercourse.Gynecological examinations are more common in cervical erosion, cervical gland cysts, cervical polyps or cervical hypertrophy.

The five major hazards of cervicitis

1. Make the husband and wife live in harmony

It is manifested as pain or bleeding, causing women’s discomfort and mental fear. Over time, women will resist sexual life.

2. Treat all kinds of complications

Pathogen can infection cause endometritis; chronic pelvic inflammatory disease can be caused by the spread of lymphatic vessels or palace emperor ligaments.

3. Cause infertility

This is a common harm of cervicitis. After women suffer from cervicitis, the secretions will increase significantly and sticky. A large amount of white blood cells in it will form a barrier, which hinders sperm entry and leads to infertility.

4. Temptation of abortion

Long -term inflammatory stimulus can change the cervical tissue, and it is likely to cause miscarriage during pregnancy.

5. Temperature cervical cancer

Statistics show that women with chronic cervical inflammation have a risk of cervical cancer than 5-10 times higher than normal women.Mainly because chronic inflammation can stimulate the hyperplasia of cervical epithelial cells and even mutations, which is easier to turn into cancer.

Prevention of cervicitis, focusing on anti -infection

First, take a bath and change underwear; avoid using unclean baths, such as towels, pots and soap.

Secondly, pay attention to menstrual hygiene and use qualified sanitary napkins.

Furthermore, fixed partners avoid transmission of diseases; avoid menstrual life.

In addition, actively adopting contraceptive measures to reduce the chance of abortion to reduce artificial infection and trauma.

Finally, regular gynecological examinations are done, and cervical inflammation should be treated in time.

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