Thinking that he was eating weight loss pills, a girl in Zhejiang suddenly had a stomach pain to go to the hospital!Check a stun: the baby’s head comes out

Xiaoli (pseudonym) loves beauty, but what makes her worry is that, in the past six months, no matter how she controls her diet, her weight is gradually increasing.She bought a weight loss pill, and the results were still very small.It wasn’t until a few days ago that my stomach suddenly couldn’t stand it. I went to the hospital for an examination. Then I figured out the reason for "Fafu". It turned out to be pregnant, and it was already on the basin. The child’s head was about to come out.

This incredible thing happened in Yuhuan, Taizhou, Zhejiang.Because Xiaoli took diet pills, the newly born daughter did not say that her baby’s renal insufficiency, and the value of creatinine urea uric acid exceeded the standard.

I can’t stand my stomach pain

The 25 -year -old girl was told "Hi Du Mom"

Xiaoli suddenly hurt her stomach a week ago, and then went to the Emergency Department of the People’s Hospital of Yuhuan City, Taizhou.

At that time, she looked pale, covered her belly with pain, and she couldn’t speak.The boyfriend Xiaoliang (pseudonym) on the side was anxious, and asked the doctor to help prescribe some painkillers, saying that his girlfriend "stomachache can’t stand it anymore."

Xiao Liang said that the two said that the two had laughed and had dinner together. He had nothing to do, but Xiao Li soon hurt his stomach.Xiaoli drank some hot water, thinking that it would be better after lying for a while. Who knew that the abdominal pain was getting more and more violent.

Seeing that the signs were wrong, the two came to the hospital for help.

The doctor immediately checked Xiaoli, which surprised everyone: Xiaoli did not eat bad things at all, but was about to produce immediately.

"Xiaoli’s abdominal pain is a pain before childbirth. The yellow liquid flowing out is broken amniotic fluid. When they came to the hospital for examination, the baby had already arrived at Xiaoli’s palace.It’s going to come out. "

The doctor hurriedly took the birth of Xiaoli. It didn’t take long for a baby girl to surrender.However, the baby is only 1.73 kg, which is significantly lower than the baby’s weight."We judge that the child is only 8 months old and belongs to premature babies."

Long -term disorder of menstrual period is not serious

Start "gain weight" and buy weight loss pills to eat

Until her daughter cried around, Xiaoli still hadn’t returned to God. She was really prepared without thought. Why did she suddenly become pregnant as a mother, but she didn’t know during this period?

Xiaoli told her doctor that her menstrual period has always been very irregular, and she may be too thin and weak, and menstruation often comes once or two months or even half a year.

"I have seen a doctor elsewhere before. The doctor said that I was very difficult to get pregnant." Because she felt that she was not easy to get pregnant, she and her boyfriend had not taken contraceptive measures.

However, it is not easy to get pregnant and not means that they cannot be pregnant. It is precisely their intentions. Only this time, the happy daddy and the mother.

"Xiaoli is an illegal and thin body, that is, now that she is only 53 kilograms before giving birth to a child." Xiao Liang said that Xiaoli had never had more than 45 kg before, and she had high requirements on her body and never allowed to gain weight.

However, after pregnancy, no matter how Xiaoli diet and control, the weight began to increase gradually. Xiaoli also bought a bunch of weight loss pills on the Internet for this reason, but the effect was not obvious.

This made Xiaoli frustrated and had a bad mood.

The so -called diet pills are actually diuretics

The physical condition of mother and daughter is not good

"It’s a noisy!" After listening to Xiaoliang, the doctor’s heart was stunned.

When she was pregnant, she desperately replenished nutrition, and Xiaoli lacked nutrition. She also took weight loss medicines. The doctor worriedly did a test for the child. Sure enough, the child had a bunch of health problems."In addition to premature birth, we also found that the baby’s kidney dysfunction, and the value of the uric acid uric acid of creatinine, all exceeded the standard."

The doctor checked Xiaoli and found that Xiaoli also had the same situation. Basically, she could judge that her mother and daughter had the same problem, indicating that it was caused by weight loss pills."We asked Xiaoli’s medicine name of the weight loss pills, and found that this so -called diet pill was actually a diuretic. By quickly discharging the moisture on Xiaoli, it caused weight to decrease." But take this for a long time.Diuretics can cause disturbances of body electrolytes and metabolism, and will also cause great damage to renal function.

Fortunately, Xiaoli’s weight loss pill was only taken for 2 months. The damage to her and her baby was not very great. After the symptomatic treatment of the doctor, a few days ago, the mother and daughter’s body recovered health and had been discharged smoothly.

Xiaoli "has no sign" as her mother, and the whole family was shocked and scared. "Fortunately, there is no consequences, otherwise she is too late to cry." It is understood that Xiao Li resigned after returning and started to bringchild.Next, the two planned to get married immediately, and then worked hard to raise the children together.

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