These symptoms have these symptoms, indicating that there are many "bugs" in the stomach

Raising dogs should regularly help dogs to drive insects. Otherwise, parasites will eat the nutrition of dogs in the dog’s body, causing them to grow too much and have various problems with their bodies.Dogs have these symptoms, indicating that there are many "bugs" in the stomach!

1. The healthy state of the dog’s gums is pink. If the gums are white, it is definitely unhealthy. We can consider that the gums become white.

Dogs have not been injured recently, and they are also very nutritious and healthy. It may be that parasites are absorbing the dog’s nutrition, resulting in insufficient blood supply, and then the gums will appear white.

2. Dogs obviously have a good appetite every day. They also feed them more meat and eat a lot, but they are unknown and their bodies will not be fat.insect.

They have eaten the nutrition of the dog’s food, making them grow older, but the dogs are getting thinner and thinner.

3. Dogs with good health and normal bowel movements will not rub the buttocks at the floor, unless the anal glands are inflamed or infected with parasites.If your dog usually has exercise and cleaning the anal glands while taking a bath, or often rubs his ass, then it should be infected with parasites.Then it should be infected with parasites.

The owner can help the dog with in vitro deworming once a month, and the body is deworming once every 3 months, and a regular bath to reduce the spread of parasites.

4. The dog’s abdomen is a bit bulging, and the belly is getting bigger and bigger. It is not pregnant. It is likely to be infected with parasites.This situation should be checked early and then treated.

In short, you usually observe the physical condition of the dog and find problems in time. Early treatment can make them live longer.

5. Experienced shoveling officers often observe the dog’s feces, so as to determine whether the dog’s body is healthy.If your dog has a soft stool recently, it may be that the stomach is not good, and you can feed some probiotics; if your dog has blood or insect eggs in the stools of your dog, then you should be infected with parasites.

In fact, there are many channels for dogs to infect parasites. For example, go out to play grassland, and the family is not hygienic, or the owner will hold the dog immediately when he goes out. It may bring a parasite to the dog.

After the dog is deworming, the physique will deteriorate, and the body’s nutritional loss will be relatively large, so it is necessary to supplement it appropriately.In addition to feeding fresh fruits and vegetables and meat, you also need to choose dog food with comprehensive nutrition.

Conclusion: How often do you help your dog deworm?

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