These situations appear in the third trimester.

When will the whole pregnancy be nervous?It is roughly pregnant with the baby, and in the two time periods of the due date.

When she was pregnant with her baby, the pregnant mother would be more nervous and afraid of what would be lost. When the due date, it was probably afraid that he would not come, and even more afraid that he would mess around.

Before the due date, it is often worried that the baby’s arrival will be early, and after the due date, the baby is more afraid of the sudden attack of the baby.

Shi Shi is now in the third trimester. She is 37 weeks pregnant. She often wants to dream of her baby when she comes, and even dreaming at night will dream of her childbirth.If you have a little strange body, you will call me.

Finally, at 38 weeks, the baby was suddenly prepared, and the sudden water breaking made the poems caught off guard. Fortunately, the hospital was closer. The family sent the poem to the hospital as soon as possible when the family was safe.

The probability of pregnant women can produce at the due date. It is just a number for pregnant women. It is normal for pregnant women to give birth in advance or postponed for about two weeks. Pregnant women do not need to be nervous.

When the baby is preparing to be born, it will convey the signal to the mother. These signal mothers must read it and do not waste the baby’s good intentions. When the body appears in the following 4 kinds of performance, it is necessary to go to the hospital for delivery.

1) The abdomen falls, the baby is hard down

Whether it is sooner or later, when it is about to produce, the pregnant mother’s stomach will definitely bulge like a balloon. When the pregnant mother feels that the center of gravity of her belly begins to fall down, in general, the baby has adjusted his position at this time.

The baby’s head has been successfully "into the basin", indicating that it is ready to be born, but this does not mean that the meeting will be delivered immediately. When you can clearly see your belly fall, you need to make a good preparation for your baby.

2) Increase secretions

Women who are pregnant during pregnancy, once they find that the secretions appear reddish or red, they will start to be nervous. In fact, when the due date is actually almost reached, the cervix will change accordingly, resulting in more secretion logistics.

This is preparing for delivery. The cervix mouth becomes soft and the amount of secretions is to provide convenience to the baby and lubricate the birth canal.The color of the secretion band in the third trimester may be a manifestation of redness.

3) Regular contractions

More and more regularly, more and more frequent contractions are accompanied by the redness. Generally, about two or three days before childbirth, pregnant women will find that the secretion is discolored, and the amount of bleeding starts to increase, proving that the baby is about to be born.

It is recommended that you first produce pregnant women to go to the hospital for delivery after seeing the redness.After seeing the red, pregnant women will feel regular and frequent abdominal pain, and remember that there must be regular.The contractions twice a day are fake contractions and do not have to be nervous.

4) Breaking water

Ask the amniotic fluid, please send the pregnant woman immediately to the hospital, don’t hesitate or not hesitate.

Here I teach you to distinguish amniotic fluid and urine. The outflow of amniotic fluid can not be controlled. The color is relatively clear. The taste smells a bit sweet. It is not the taste of urine. Pay attention to the condition of amniotic fluid during the third trimester.

During the due date, family members remember to prepare the items that need to be used during childbirth. Some hospitals can use their own preparation packages, and some hospitals cannot. Remember to inquire in advance.

If you are not ready at home, you must buy it for pregnant women even if the price is expensive. During childbirth, it is not only the physical effort, but also has a lot to do with the mood.

Prepare a few clean sets of clean clothes and socks. The childbirth room is relatively cold. When Baoma came out, the family remembered to put it on her, and then prepared a bowl of hot porridge to warm her body.It’s too greasy.

【Pregnancy of the island】

October was very hard, and it was also painful to give birth. As a family, we could give it. It was more to accompany and care. Don’t let Bao Ma still feel cold after getting out of the delivery room.

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