These kinds of pregnancy discomfort is uncomfortable. How can pregnant mothers deal with?Several relief methods to understand

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I remember when I was pregnant, I couldn’t lift my spirit at work. I always felt very sleepy. The work efficiency was particularly low. I usually do a job that can be done for an hour, but it takes two to three hours to complete after pregnancy.

This state lasted for three months, and it was not better until the second trimester.At the beginning, I thought I was abnormal. Later, I checked a lot of information to know that this was a normal phenomenon in the early pregnancy.

The pregnant mother becomes so sleepy after pregnancy because women will secrete a hormone in their bodies after pregnancy. This hormone can make the uterine muscles of pregnant women softened, thereby preventing abortion.But this hormone also makes the movement of pregnant mothers slow, so that pregnant mothers always want to sleep in the early stages of pregnancy.

When pregnant mothers encounter such a situation, there is no need to worry too much. When wanting to rest during the day, try to rest, don’t force yourself.However, try to control it for about 1 hour, otherwise it will affect the night sleep.

The process of breeding a new life is very hard, because from the moment of pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother has begun to greet the endless discomfort during pregnancy. Until the baby is born, these discomfort will be relieved.

So, what are the discomforts of expectant mothers?Below I will share with you during pregnancy. I encounter the "four major" discomfort and relief methods, hoping to help the mothers.

(1) Pregnancy during pregnancy

Since I am pregnant, as long as I eat too much, my stomach will feel uncomfortable and always swell.Friends who are a doctor told me that this is because of the changes in endocrine after pregnancy and the adjustment of diet.After pregnancy, the amount of estrogen secretion in the body increases. In addition to inhibiting contractions in hormones, the lutein in hormones will also affect the intestinal peristalsis ability and weaken the digestive function.

At that time, the doctor’s friends suggested that I relieve this discomfort through the following methods.Eat 6 to 8 meals a day to avoid eating too much at a time to reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines.Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber, and eat less beans and products, eggs and products, and fried foods.Drink plenty of warm water, and sufficient water can promote defecation.After 30 minutes to 1 hour after meals, take a walk outside for 20 ~ 30 minutes outside to promote intestinal peristalsis.

(2) There are many times during pregnancy

In the early and at the end of pregnancy, I felt that the number of urination was significantly increased compared to usual. I felt that it was not long before it was solved, and I started to be anxious again.At the beginning, I thought something was going on.After reading a lot of related pregnancy books, I learned that in the early stages of pregnancy, it was due to the increase in water in the body and the acceleration of kidney movements, which caused more water to excrete the body.The third trimester was due to the increasingly larger uterus to the neighboring bladder, which caused the number of urination to increase.

Pregnant mothers can do this to alleviate this situation.Urine in time, do not urinate, and reduce bladder pressure.Drink less water after 4 pm, of course, it is not completely restricting drinking water.Eat less diuretic foods at night, such as watermelon, winter melon, kelp, red beans, etc.Most of the sleeping position on the left side can reduce the compression of the increasing uterus on the ureter.

(3) Constipation during pregnancy

By the end of pregnancy, I found that the stool was getting more and more difficult, and sometimes I worked hard for half an hour, and there was no way to succeed.If you can’t get in, this feeling is really uncomfortable.Many pregnant mothers encountered after pregnancy. This is because after pregnancy, the gradually greater uterus compressed the intestine, which slowed down the intraunulation of the intestine.

How to relieve when pregnant mothers encounter this situation?At that time, my doctor friend suggested that I do this, and the effect is good.Eat enough dietary fiber, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits such as whole wheat bread, celery, carrots, cauliflower.When you get up every morning, you should not bring your mobile phone or book during bowel movements, and you must defecate carefully and concentrate.After getting up in the morning, drink a glass of honey or warm water on an empty stomach every morning.Take a walk for half an hour to an hour after a meal

(4) Back soreness

I am a thin pregnant mother. In the middle and late pregnancy, as the abdomen gradually protruded from the abdomen, the center of gravity of my body also moved before. I had to lean behind my body to maintain my body balance.But doing this is easy to make the back extensor muscle nervous, which makes me feel backache to varying degrees.

Later, a few tricks were taught in experienced sisters to relieve this pain.These tricks are shared as follows: Pay attention to rest and avoid standing or walking for a long time.Avoid raising heavy objects, usually wearing a soft bottom and low heels.Use a suitable abdomen belt to help support the lower abdomen and improve the abdominal muscles.

Xiaoshu’s mother’s warm reminder:

Pregnancy is a happy and difficult process. After pregnant mothers go through various tests, they can usher in cute babies.However, as long as the expectant mothers have learned some good ways, they can also easily face discomfort and comfort during pregnancy.

Topic: There will be a lot of discomfort during pregnancy. Which one are you going through?

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