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The topic of sisters tea this week is: What are the differences between different attribute boys?

Boys often worry about giving girls gifts. In fact, girls will entangle what gifts should be given to the male god.Boys of different attributes are not the same for the gifts they are looking forward to.

Some boys may like to show off gifts, such as luxury cars, famous watches; some boys may like practical things, such as toolboxes; some boys do not look at gifts to buy, and prefer the beloved people to make them one themselves.Dinner.

Is the other half of your stone, scissors or cloth?Whether it is Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day or Birthday, what is the same in the gift you gave him in the past?Share your experience with us, the next time the sisters will never have to worry about choosing gifts ~

Let’s take a look at what everyone said ~

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Cutting a gift that a man likes


The ex -boyfriend is a shear. I gave him an electric toothbrush, anime mouse pad, a computer backpack (always in use), birthday cake (he was the most disliked cake), T -shirt, and gold jewelry transshipment beaded rope.He likes the transshipment pearl most (to bring it every day). When breaking up, I said that my clothes were sent to the rope that let me take it away.


Rather than sharing, I want to ask for help. There is a scissors in the family. I have a big masculinity. I have a headache how to choose a gift.In the past for nearly 20 years, I usually give very affordable gifts, practical, but I can’t satisfy his vanity, so I often spend money and not fish well. I have been complained every day.thing.Because what I buy can basically not let him show off in front of others


The boyfriend’s birthday, because he didn’t understand him shortly after he knew him, he sent him a 520 red envelope, and he sent it directly to his friends.He was particularly happy at the age of 39. He showed off someone to send him a red envelope. I dived in his group behind him.

I am 30 years old, and everyone said in the group that his girlfriend is 520 girls. I don’t know what it means … I don’t know if everyone thinks that I post it or how to drop it … It’s so difficult


My husband may not have developed a stone shear, very house, like playing games, and I like watching others playing games. Don’t match your hobbies.So far, the gifts that have been sent are the host (20,000) with 3080Ti, the keyboard mouse of the sea D boat (more than two thousand), the display with a high refresh rate (more than 3,000), the favorite NS game console (more than 2,000)Favorite deep HSer headphones and favorite So -N music player.The game he is usually interested in is to buy it.

In short, trying to make money, what do you want, just pay for it.After all, my husband is willing to stay at home at home, and it is worth the amount of money.


The ex -boyfriend Shi Shi may be too young when he meets, and he takes out each other sincerely. You do n’t have to meet the festivals of the New Year. When you see the suitable ones, you want to send him. He is regarded as a treasure.

He learned a car in an adult and saved money to buy him GUXXI sunglasses. He was happy and distressed;

His big test day was only one hour of rest, and the test bento for the test for him. As a result, that hour he ran all over the school to open the bento to show off his friends, and brought it back at night.

The old pajamas should be lost.

Taobao bought him a shirt. He put on it with joy. I found that the fake goods were very angry and wanted to return the goods. He refused to say that this was what you worked for me to put on it and had memories.

Looking back, everything was trace before parting. At that time, he loved him very much, but after all, he relying on the love he gave me too much.After breaking up, I accidentally followed the baby sister. I thought that if I was earlier, even if I met her sister earlier, I had a little wisdom that shared pressure and pain for him, and may not be separate.After all, it is difficult to flatten.The love in the back, I dressed as a way, like a thin ice everywhere.Here, thank you for that person, who had cut a starlight to give me, and also hoped that the sisters would cherish the people in front of me.


Share with the little fairy to give the male god gifts.About attributes: The marriage regulator supervised by the baby sister determines that my attribute is a stone cloth, and my male god is cloth cut.As a Shibu, I am really not good at perceiving each other’s emotions, so I also took a lot of detours in gift giving.About gifts:

1. Handmade album: not recommended, just determined that the love relationship was sent to the male god’s birthday gift at one month. After staying up late to make a gift, his response was very light. Fortunately, he paid attention to the baby sister at the time, and adjusted his mentality in a timely manner to control himself.The impulse to ask for emotional value, otherwise, will definitely have unnecessary quarrels due to their own sense and expectations of the other party’s reaction.

2. Gifts that are not easy to make errors: belts, clothes, shaving knives, 520 red envelopes plus a small composition. He received these gifts much better than sending a album.

3. Candlelight dinner+sweet night: I personally prepared a categorian version of Candle Light Dinner (male gods do not like Western food). Only me and I at home. I talked a lot of my heart. We both were moved.Follow -up.After that birthday, he often said that he hoped to celebrate his birthday every day.

4. Game computer: After receiving the gift, he was particularly happy. He showed off with his brother for a long time. I bought him a computer. He felt particularly face, and his friends were envious.Maybe because many girls do not like the other half to play games, this gift helped me reduce PU.

I gained a large wave of emotional value and got more benefits at the same time:

The male god played a game at home. I can see whether there are girls who play the game with him; he rarely goes out in his spare time, we have more time together; I have a slow learning to play gamesThe opportunity has a lot of topics with the male god.The only regret was that I really regret not given him early.

The mentality of giving gifts: To enjoy the process of preparing gifts for the male gods, it is very happy to prepare gifts for the people you like. Whether his feedback is good or bad, it is us who can better understand the male gods.Good opportunity.

Cloth man’s favorite gift


My husband cut the cloth, my favorite gift is that I "send" his son (I arranged the seaside holiday itinerary on the day of my husband’s birthday.The angel found us here and gave it to us).

In addition, my husband likes various mechanical toys, such as PS 5, Big J drone, robotic watches, and so on.


The old announcement is very strong. The five -yuan personality is good, dedicated, and the 16 -type personality is the general manager personality.In a few years of work, the annual income of state -owned enterprises in third- and fourth -tier cities increased to 50W, which was ten times that of me.It is more generous to me, thinking that girls’ clothes should buy expensive quality.

But I was very frugal and resolutely opposed me to buy luxury goods for him, and told me to buy him clothes and shoes and belts in the future. The unit price should not exceed two hundred yuan.And he didn’t like something, which caused me to don’t know what to send him every festival.

However, my husband likes me the most to cook for him. Every time he goes home to see the hot meals, he is super happy. After eating, he will play two games without any disturbance. This is the happy life that the husband thinks.


I especially like photography, and I like to take a commemoration.My male god and I are different. He is a big cloth man.On his birthday last year, I was washed out of many photos I took when we rare time together, with the date, place, and text to make a photo album and sent it to him. After receiving it, he was very surprised and moved.

This year’s birthday, I edited the small videos+the corresponding photos I took when we were together into a video.They all showed his cool and handsome videos and photos, and sent it to him with music, and he also liked it.He said I was so interested.He said that he should end the different place as soon as possible, accompany me to live a simple and ordinary life, and give me more beautiful photos.


The male god is a core cloth man with all the advantages of the stone -cut cloth. We are a combination of Shibu women and cloth men, so we must pay attention not to spend too much money, but also pay attention to face and practicality.

Generally, I will also prepare to send high -end fruits, organic food, and online red shops for both parents.

A table given to the male god I made by myself, more attentive horse killing chicken massage than usual, and some intimate preparations, I will confess to him every day to give the male god a Hong Kong insurance or the highest level full level.The family medical examination of the family will also be a little smaller than the usual voice on this day, less, and send him a quiet haha.


My husband’s bones are cloth. Before I got married, I gave him a sneakers, belts, and bracelets. After getting married, I would be scolded (embarrassing) and sent the diamond ring (I want me to retreat, the Hua is not true, and finally I pretend to pretend that I pretended to beHidden at home), sent the bag (angry, he does not need to carry a valuable bag), but instead cooks with your heart (the lobster meal he made by himself), a mud sculpture of him, with himThe name and the cola of love words. These intentions but low -priced things he is very happy and likes it very much.

Later, I will only give him a cheaper gift, but I really have to choose with my heart, otherwise I will be swallowed by the emotional black hole of the cloth.


My male god is a clipping cloth. He doesn’t like Chinese and unreasonable things. If I send him a limited edition sneakers, he will feel that I am very defeated. If you have this money, you can book three or four sets of good suits.wear.

I will give him a gift based on practicality. I have given watches, ice silk underwear, shaver, facial cleanser, sneakers, all the products with high cost -effective products. I usually observe what he lacks.For a while, he was particularly hard to work overtime, and I took him to make a positive massage.

However, the most moved by the male god was his birthday. I set a birthday cake for him at home and made a meal. He went home from work and opened the door to see me a happy birthday to wish him a happy birthday.I observed that his eyes were red, and I told me that he had never had a birthday since he was a child. For the first time, he felt the warmth of home.

Gifts can observe the preferences and personality of the male gods, and invest in what they are. Everyone’s personality is different. Do not use your preferences to arrange male gods.

Stone man’s favorite gift


My male god is a stone. His favorite gift is the latest game console. Last year, I upgraded PS5 from PS4 for a month.


The boyfriend is a stone man. He prefers a practical and cost -effective gift. The first gift is a mouse of 蝰 S. Sometimes he can use computer drawing. The second gift is a portable shaver.I was very happy to receive the gift from her boyfriend, and said what he was missing.

Because I usually write down what he said, such as what he always wants to buy, I will give him the next festival.He is happy, and I will not have a headache for giving gifts, and I can think of me when I use what I bought.


I think my husband may be cut stones. During his 12 years of marriage, he was keen to send me gifts. Sometimes he would buy a luxury bag for 10,000 yuan to send me.But if I give him thousands of dollars, he will be too expensive if he is not commonly used, such as the signature pen and gold jewelry of Wanbaolong.

The experience of sending stone men’s gifts is that gifts are regardless of expensive and low, mainly practical+thoughtful preparation. Usually, in life, he observes what kind of supplies he lacks recently. He is always moved with a small card he wrote with heart.

When the husband and wife really can’t think of sending the right gift, it is also a way to send cash bouquets and cash gift boxes. Haha, you will not be said to spend money.


My husband is a stone, usually a house, likes models and games.

I impressed him in 15 years. He gave him a Bing man model for 15 years.This model was because he was willing to buy it when he was just working, so he was moved to the child.

So did I hit the Universiade for no reason?No, I said when I heard my husband and friends chatting, "A black -red eyes, particularly handsome, and it is hard to find it after I did n’t buy it at that time." Then I used my Taobao Xiaoreng hand attributes to guess my husband’s preference,The right model was taken.By the way, the model is a good appreciation. If the husband likes it, the little fairies can also buy occasionally hahaha


My husband should be a stone. I gave him a luxury belt and skin care products.Because I like to record life, I started to be in love albums. The unexpected husband liked it very much, and I still looked at the same feeling while looking at the same sense.

Husband likes practical things, and daily necessities such as clothes that he wear, underwear and other daily necessities will be very happy.He never cares for the gift of festivals. For example, when changing a wallet, you will pick 30 yuan (and he will buy me 3,000 yuan of wallets.

My experience is to face my husband, that is, to be full of gratitude to live with him, to his stars, and daring himself to show him the best gift.

Gift inspiration


His husband just bought it twice. He was very happy. He was watching recently, such as electric toothbrushes, bread machines


My husband likes his birthday. Whenever he is about to birthday, he hints that you need to change a better mobile phone, saying that it is a birthday gift.In addition to this, there are also expensive bracelets, which are basically a festival, because I do n’t know the electronics, and he is very happy even if he picks it up.

If you meet Valentine’s Day, I will buy QQ pajamas, pink red, increase emotional concentration artifact


This practical topic is really praised. The starting point of my gift is generally a formula = the other party’s preference+practicality excellent+appropriate time+budget (the first three points need to understand the situation of the male god, there will be accurate judgment).

The male god likes Juventus, so he once drawn a Juventus team on the ceramic pudding cup. He was happy and placed on the desk to enjoy.

Gifts are your heart+you know his heart.


This year’s husband’s birthday, I sent him a newspaper he issued on the day of his birth. This day is very special, it is worthy of our review again.Her husband was particularly happy and felt very meaningful. The in -laws also felt that the gift was very special. After watching the newspaper for a long time.

The mother -in -law recalled the details of many husbands on the day of birth, and the father -in -law also talked about the feelings of his father at the time, and talked about many husbands’ fun things when they were young.The family and Meimei spent the most special day.


Previously, Qixi gave the ancestor’s car aromatherapy. I have the backup key of his car, so I put the gift in the glove box in advance. When the day of the Qixi Festival, the news was sent to let him open it. Hahahaha he liked it.I have sent it all the thoughts. Now what I want to get a headache on Christmas, my husband is cutting a cloth man. I do n’t know if the attribute judgment is correct. He just makes money+sweet mouth.Very frugal, but I have no financial power


He married his husband for more than a year. He may be cut/cut cloth. There are two gifts in the impression that he was particularly happy after receiving it.

One was a slam dunk bottle opening when he was just in love, more than a hundred dollars.Above is the doll shape of Sakuragi Flower Road. After the bottle is opened, the bottle cap will fall into the basket.Husband loves to play basketball, super super super superward.

The other was a few months ago. In the trough period of her husband’s change, a set of assembly table -type machine -dedicated desktop machines were given in their early 10,000.He likes to play DOTA and eat chicken. He is very happy from the beginning of receiving the accessories. He took me to watch him dismantle the courier and urged me to call the master to install and play every day.

Summary found that giving gifts does not care about expensive or cheap. The important thing is to vote for what he likes. If you can care about what he likes, it is better if it can


I always tangled what gifts to buy for my brother (my husband). He should be a stone cloth or stone, and asked him what he was missing.He likes practical things like me, and does not like gifts that are not practical in Hua in the flower.

During falling in love, the shaver and neck massage instrument was given.After getting married, he has the right to buy what he lacks. He runs shoes, sports pants, or something. He wants to lose weight and run for him.Later, one time I touched him on Taobao to watch the browsing records and found that he was watching shoes.


There are almost no gifts on birthdays and anniversary, but if you find that your husband shows strong interest in daily life, he will send it directly, such as grabbing the first wave of iPhone several times (boys really like electronic products);Suddenly one time when I like to ride a bicycle; after talking about the bracelet of a brand is very interesting, I buy it directly;

Personally, I think that the boy may not care so much about the sense of ritual and anniversary. He is more likely to be satisfied immediately (after all, this time may be not interested), so it is better to do it on a specific day.A dream of Doraemon.


As a professional PR, he has the right to speak to his boyfriend to move them and cry and easily.

High budget: aircraft driver course/skydiving training course/World Cup final ticket.

China Budget: GROPRO camera/ genuine jersey.

Small budget: Self -taught a small dance/ love letter/ make birthday cake made by yourself.

In addition to holidays, he often gives his mother a massage experience. He usually sends tea to his father on weekdays and book afternoon tea for his company employees. Good girlfriends are grasped from all aspects.It is better than the heart than the heart, and the gift is given a lot. Don’t look forward to the equivalent harvest. If you really send yourself to be happy, he will be spontaneous and better to you ~


Thanks to the baby and the assistant to launch this interesting topic, and resumed the gift from the festival from love to the big and small holidays from love.After returning, I found that my husband did not like Xiao Gui’s mechanical keyboard, light luxury brand leather bags, and belts. I did n’t use it once.

The favorite is the photo album that expresses love, the birthday wishes for the baby to be a tool, the birthday meal specially made for him, the holiday dessert he made by himself, and so on.

Her husband is very advanced, with family expenses. He is usually busy. He likes the family sticking together during a holiday rest.The judgment is not allowed to attribute, maybe you do n’t say anything, and silently follow the big planet of the baby, work hard to cultivate herself, and be a good role in help.


A meaningful gift I gave to the male god is Zipxx lighter.The reason was that my brother was still the identity of her boyfriend at that time. After 3.8 Goddess Day, my brother casually mentioned why there was only Goddess Festival, no male god festival, and then I remembered it. At that time, he started to start a business and wantHe gives him a meaningful gift as a male god festival and encourages him.It is not suitable for sending expensive, and it is good to send it to his heart, and it is best to use it every day. (Here is a careful thinking that you are always using it at all times. Every time you use it, you will think of it. I will send it.)If you want to want to go to him to smoke, sending the lighter is the most suitable.

But he already has a ZipPo, and then he chose a style that is more expensive than he bought. The style is particularly meaningful.It may also be the help of God. When the lighter was on the way, he received the message from his brother to me that his original lighter was lost for a long time.He knew that I was prepared for him in advance, and the surprise could only be announced in advance.As a result, he was shocked and happy, and he has been using the lighter with that lighter since he received it for more than two years.


Through this topic, I want to thank the baby sister first. I have split with my ex -mysian for many years. Later, my friend recommended me to learn the theory of the baby sister.After breaking up, adjust the state, strive to improve yourself, expand the social circle, meet the current husband, willing to spend money, spend your thoughts on me, and take care of me. My father -in -law also cares about me.The blessing, when the golden period decreases, can also meet such a good husband and in -laws.

Back to the topic, I prepared the brand’s watch and belt for my husband before the marriage as a Valentine’s Day gift, because he just wanted to wear a more decent marriage. He wanted to change his glasses for a while.Birthday gift.I think it is really hard to think of gifts for boys, but I can observe his recent needs from time to time to communicate in peace.What he needed to send him as a gift is better than giving us good gifts that we think are good, and then add a small card and write a few words of truth, he is already moved


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