These common "pain" during pregnancy are the healthy development of the fetus. Don’t be in a hurry to go to the hospital

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In the morning, a expectant mother in the mother group asked me: Why has I been tingling occasionally from next night?She asked me at 11 o’clock in the evening. At that time, I was asleep. When I replied to her the next morning, she said it was okay and it would not hurt.

Maybe many expectant mothers have felt like this. Sometimes I feel that my stomach hurts for a while, and it hurts for a while, just like a needle tie, but it is not obvious and not frequent. Most of them are early pregnancy. Of courseIt may also occur late, but the early pregnancy occurs more frequently.Many articles on the Internet say, "I have to see a doctor in time during pregnancy." But do you need to see a doctor in this situation?

In fact, there is no need to worry about this "abdominal pain". During the period of pregnancy, such tingling may be caused by fertilized eggs in bed; after a while, such a tingling may be the movement and contraction of the inner wall of the uterus., Let the expectant mothers cause this mild spasm; with the development of the baby, the uterine gradually increases. During the increasing process, there will be a pull of the uterine ligament.Feel.

Therefore, after understanding these, when the mothers have such occasional tingling again, don’t worry about it.This is the signal of the baby’s healthy growth.

In addition to the previously introduced, occasionally in the trace of tingling in the abdomen, the "pain" commonly used in the following pregnancy is also a signal of good fetal development. The expectant mothers know, don’t know, don’t feel uncomfortable, one trip again and again.White Run Hospital.

1. Back pain

Many expectant mothers can have back pain after pregnancy. This is due to the increasing uterus that gives the expectant mother a sense of weight. In orderIt will make the muscles in the waist in a tight state. After a long time, muscle strain will be damaged, and back pain will cause back pain.

However, this expression is normal. Specific mothers do n’t have to worry too much, nor do they have to go to the hospital to register to see a doctor. Instead, such a manifestation appears, which can indirectly explain that the fetus is developing healthy and can be more assured.

Just pay attention to resting more, you can choose to sit in a comfortable sitting position when you sit.

2, pelvic pain

Specific mothers know that in about 36 weeks, doctors will give pelvic measurements to see if the pelvic conditions meet the requirements of smooth delivery. In fact, as the fetus grows, the space you need is getting larger and larger, and the uterus will look likeThe surrounding "amplifying sites", in order to support the enlarged uterus, the pelvis will secrete a "relaxation" to gradually relax the pelvis, so that the expectant mother may have pain when walking.

However, pelvic pain is different from low back pain. Back pain should be more upper, pelvic pain is tilted, but it is on the upper part of the thigh roots.The increasing pelvic pain is also a signal of normal healthy development of the fetus. Specific mothers can not worry too much.

PS: What needs to be reminded is that the daily calcium demand daily in the middle and late pregnancy increased from 800mg to 1000mg. If you do not pay attention to calcium supplementation, calcium deficiency may also cause pelvic pain, but there is also an obvious manifestation of calcium deficiency."Calling the calf", so expectant mothers should pay attention to the difference, and they cannot judge whether they are normal or because of calcium deficiency, or you can consult a doctor during the checkup.

3. pubic pain

The pubic pain is also due to an increased uterus. The scope of the mother’s pubic bone is widened. The supporting ligament will also become relaxed due to pressure. Therefore, when walking, the root of the thighs will have soreness.It is also a normal pregnancy manifestation. Generally, this pain appears in the third trimester.

The occurrence of pubic pain is one of the signs of the baby who is about to give birth. Therefore, it is not necessary to see the doctor dedicated to the pain that suddenly appears in the thigh roots, but during the checkup, you can explain this to the doctor.Measures and aspects of attention.

4. Breast pain

Due to the large amount of secretion of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy, breasts will also experience a "secondary development" during pregnancy. In this process, expectant mothers may have a sense of pain, and it is a bit hard to touch, especially in the early pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy.Essence

Some expectant mothers who are unknown will worry about "whether the breast hyperplasia is hyperplasia". In fact, this is not the phenomenon of normal pregnancy, indicating that the hormones in the body are secreted normally, the baby will develop healthily, and the development of breast developmentIt is precisely preparing for the "breastfeeding" for the baby in the future that expectant mothers can not worry too much to replace the appropriate models in a timely manner.

Jingma said: Pregnancy is really a happy and hard work. The reason why mother love can be so selfless is so great that it is because of the hardships that the baby and the mother have experienced too much.Fate.Finally, I wish the mothers all the best during pregnancy!

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