These 7 pregnant women can use skin care and cosmetics!There will be no errors if you close your eyes, it is really amazing

Is it really true for pregnant women’s skin care products?Pregnancy = Stopping beauty?No!Skin care, skin care, makeup, I do this …

The most "deform" approach for pregnant women is restrictions!

Anyway, I always take makeup and makeup during pregnancy. Both babies are healthy and lovely!

Of course, it is also important to choose regular and effective products!Let ’s take a look at my good things during pregnancy ~ Skin care products and cosmetics are available ~

【Germany • Nenfu】

Nenfu is a high -end maternity baby brand from Germany. It is developed by Nobel winner Orthahn Lab. All products are mainly imported from the Netherlands to imported folic acid. They have passed the EU GMPC and ISO9001 and many international organic certifications.

Germany Nenfu Pregnant Women’s Skin Care

The main imported folic acid ingredients, high -efficiency hydration and moisturizing, with a variety of plant ingredients such as Cedar, can also have a daily stability effect.In fact, my skin in the early pregnancy is actually quite easy to be allergic, especially when the season changing is even more unavoidable … The skin condition is obviously stable for two weeks. My husband said that you are red on your face.Lily HHH

I like a whole set of sets of facial cleanser with amino acids. The foam is not rich but delicate. The face is mild and will not stimulate the skin that is fragile during pregnancy ~

Water milk is very moist, not the kind of sticky, the upper face is refreshing and not greasy.But moisturizing is enough!Basically, I do n’t need to control it for a day in the morning. The water is moist, and the skin condition seems to be 18 years old ~ Unlike some water milk, it ’s not a while before I feel that my face starts to get dry!

The completely fragrant design is really a benefit in the early pregnancy, the savior during pregnancy!

Shimura Show Muting Eye Pen

It’s expensive but easy to use!The lines drawn are not very thin, but the eyebrows are unexpectedly natural, like new eyebrows, with that furry feeling.Unlike other eyebrow pencils, it is as stiff as it is painted at all.Recommended 02 gray -brown, which is more suitable for most people, do not worry about becoming Crayon Shin -new HHH if you start heavy

Because it has an exclusive live oil formula, it will not faint after absorbing oil, but it will become more and more colorful, so the oil -skinned sisters can also rush!

Estee Lauder Qinwater foundation

It is called "dry mother mother", and the more she is more beautiful at night.Holding the makeup time is really absolutely abrupt. Before removing makeup at night, it was cream muscle, and I couldn’t help but appreciate myself.

I usually hold makeup for more than 12 hours. The oxygen is not dark, and the makeup surface is basically not mottled.Real life push, unlimited repurchase products.There is also a selling point in Qinshui to add high moisturizing essence. It is indeed very moisturized. The sunscreen index is 20 and the PA value is 3+.

Eltamd sunscreen

Everyone is familiar with the facial cleanser of their family, which is very easy to use.Following it also brought this sunscreen.

This sunscreen is a physical sunscreen. The paste is frost -like. It is relatively thick. It will be difficult to wipe even when you just get on your face. You need to be patient, but you will not feel very sticky in the future.Well, look at the "mask" a little.

Canmake chopped sister eyeshadow

Probably there will never be a plate of eyes that will not step on the thunder!Daily.

Cut the girl five colors 05. This set is simply tailor -made for swollen eye bubbles/novice friends/daily makeup friends.The all -dumb CD is the most daily earth color system.

The powder of cutting girls has always been very delicate, and there is no problem with my fingers.

03 I used to like it, but 05 I think it is more suitable for most friends than 03.03 Poly -brown, a little pressure on sisters with very swollen eyelids.

Floa Shifomi Mask Mask

Earlier, the "sandwich application method" was circulated on the Internet. Well, I just want to say that I will let myself go during pregnancy … This method will only destroy the original healthy sebum of the skin., It is easy to become sensitive muscles later!

After I washed away for 20-40 minutes thick, my skin really can be visible to the naked eye of 2 degrees, but after we washing your face in the morning, the skin will be white 1-2 degrees ~

The brightening of the propaganda and improving the dullness, the effect was immediate, but it was fleeting (it was beaten back in less than an hour). As for the texture, I did not feel it.

It can only be said that it is deified. As a first -aid mask, it is still qualified …


The beautiful rotten tomato color is super young!IntersectionIntersection

The lip glaze bottle body is a mirror texture, and it is a classic shell in YSL.Show white without leather!It is a lipstick with a little red tone with a little orange tone. The thin coating is clear, and the thick coating is a feeling of desire and pureness.

You can apply it all year round.Su Yan also has no Yali white skin yellow skin.Yellow skin is more suitable for applying makeup, and the speed of the upper lip formation is super fast. It is worthy of YSL ~

This time I want to repurchase another one ~ The temperament atmosphere of the upper mouth is you ~

Finally, I emphasize that it can be skin care and makeup during pregnancy. Of course, if you really worry about any harm, then do n’t use anything. Remind that for ten months, keep your life tight, is n’t it!

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