These 5 kinds of food are regular customers on the table, but eating too much may also endanger health!Many people don’t know

As the saying goes, the occurrence of diseases is related to diet.

In daily life, the dangerous things that lead to a variety of diseases are by our side. To this end, Xiao Er summarizes a "dangerous food list" for everyone.


Drunk shrimp, drunk crab, pay attention to eating

Drunk shrimp and drunk crabs are famous dishes in Shanghai and Ningbo. The living river shrimp is marinated with wine and "drunk".It can be opened for a while before fish dew, tadpoles, sesame oil, etc.

But these two ways of eating are close to raw eating, and they are easily infected with parasites.Such as common pulmonary insects and liver suction worms, can be parasitic in freshwater snails, shellfish, and freshwater crabs. Once you enter the human body, you will swim between various organs., Effusion, abscess, bleeding, even perforation, carcinogenic, etc.

Therefore, it is best to fully heating, cooking more at ease ~


Water, drinking too fiercely is also risky

After getting up in the morning, especially in the hot summer of the weather, people are susceptible to water shortage. Some people are particularly easy to thirst, and they like to "grunt" and drink.

But this kind of drinking method is actually not good.It is also recommended to drink a small number of small mouths.

Because human kidneys can drain about 800-1000ml per hour, if you suddenly drink a lot of water in a short period of time, it will easily lead to diluted hyponatremia and then damage the heart and kidney function.


Soy sauce, don’t eat too much

The soy sauce is generally high in salt, and about 1.5 ~ 2g of salt in a white porcelain spoon (10ml) soy sauce.

After long -term intake of too much salt, in order to maintain the balance of body fluid, extracellular fluid will increase, the blood capacity will increase, and the blood pressure will increase.

High blood pressure is one of the most important risk factor that causes cardiovascular disease.According to a study published in the United States "New England Medical Magazine", about 1.65 million people around the world are killed by cardiovascular disease due to excessive salt!

Therefore, when you add soy sauce, you need to "tighten your hands". Don’t put more. You can use the method of pointing and dipping, instead of pour all the soy sauce into the vegetables at one time.

In addition, we can also use 4 control of salt to restrict daily salt intake.

① Appropriate use of vinegar and lemon juice such as vinegar and lemon juice during cooking to replace some salt and soy sauce. At the same time, it can also improve the taste of food and taste delicious.

② Eat more flavorful dishes, such as onions, tomatoes, green peppers, carrots and other foods, use the taste of food itself to enhance the taste of the vegetables.

③ When making cold dishes, put the salt and sprinkle a little salt and put some vinegar, and the taste is very good.

④ When condiments such as soy sauce are used, the soy sauce is poured into the dish by one -time way.The amount of sodium ions contained in 6 ml of soy sauce is costly in 1 gram of salt.


Sweet potato skin, there is risk of eating a lot of consumption

Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrition, and sweet potato skin is not bad. It is rich in a large amount of crude fiber, vitamin A, B vitamin, vitamin C, etc., which can help delay aging, eye protection, beauty and beauty.

However, sweet potato skin also contains alkaloids. If a large amount of consumption may cause adverse reactions such as diarrhea, bloating, and dizziness.

In particular, the sweet potato skin with brown and dark brown spots on the surface may be contaminated by "dark spots", which produces "sweet potato" and "sweet potatool", which is very damaged to the liver.

Therefore, there are dark spots on the surface, and it is better not to eat it.


Ginkgo fruit nucleus may cause poisoning

Some people like to pick up some ginkgo fruit, which is also known as ginkgo, which can be eaten in medicine, but at the same time may cause poisoning.

The cyanide contained in ginkgo is the main cause of poisoning. It is mainly concentrated in the nucleus. When the nucleus is chewed, the cyanide of the cyanides will produce effects. If we have too much intake, we may cause poisoning.

It is recommended to eat less ginkgo fruit, and it should not exceed 10 a day.

Source: CCTV home for dinner

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