These 4 signals appear in the body, indicating that you are pregnant, and earlier than test strip testing

After getting married, Xiao Wang has never wanted a child because of his economic pressure. He finally improved through the struggle with her husband in the past two years, so Xiao Wang began to prepare for pregnancy, but after half a year, there was no movement.It is normal to check everything, so the days when the holiday should be on the holiday every month, Xiao Wang is looking forward to it, but you want to know that he is not pregnant. In fact, after judging whether you are pregnant, you can use the early pregnancy test strip to test it.Some physical signals come earlier to judge. If you have the following four signals in this time, congratulations, it means that you are pregnant.

1. It feels tired, wants to rest, and it is easy to fall asleep.Suddenly I feel tired, I do n’t want to work, I do n’t want to work. I want to lie down and rest when I have time. It is easy to fall asleep. I also feel a little dizzy.When you have this symptom, you may think that you are busy during this time, then you can combine the other three symptoms to judge.

2. Body temperature rises.When women ovulate, the ovaries will produce lutein. This substance can increase the temperature of the human body. If the conception is successful, the lutein will continue to increase the temperature. Therefore36.9-37.2 ° C, then it is also a signal of early pregnancy. This increase in body temperature will return to normal in the middle of pregnancy, so you don’t have to worry.

3. Breast pain and become soft.Once the conception is successful and the level of hormone levels in the body will make people feel the pain of tenderness in the breasts, it feels similar to the a few days before the menstrual period, but it seems to be stronger, and the feel of the breast will become soft. This change will change. This change will change. This change will change.Maybe you don’t care, so women who are preparing for pregnancy can usually observe the changes in the breasts, so that they will more accurately determine whether they are pregnant.

4. Mild bleeding.In the ten days after successful conception, there will be a small amount of vaginal bleeding, and the amount of blood is relatively small. Generally, some blood spots are red, pink and reddish, and it will disappear for one or two days. This should be fertilized fertilization.When the egg plant is inserted into the endometrium, and the endometrium blood is rich in blood, this situation will occur. This phenomenon is also used as a signal of whether to get pregnant in the early days.Be sure to seek medical treatment in time. This is likely to be an abnormal conception and endangers the life of women.

If you can understand these situations, then you can pay attention to some of the early pregnancy, but if you can find that you are pregnant earlier, you can stay away from those bad living habits, or get sick before the early pregnancy test strip test.Once, then if you have these 4 signals, you can also tell the doctor to let the doctor consider the medication, so as to avoid finding that when you are pregnant, think about it.Persevere, then the whole pregnancy will be more worried, and it will affect the mood during pregnancy. If there is a bad result, it is even more regretful, so understanding the signal sent by the body when the early pregnancy is successful, then it provides us with more choices.Opportunity.

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