There is an early pregnancy reaction, but the menstruation is here. You should know this pregnancy knowledge

When you see the "two red bars" displayed above with the pregnancy test stick, are you very excited, and there are some early pregnancy reactions, but when you are immersed in the joy of pregnancy, suddenly your "big big big big big big bigAunt "visited, this undoubtedly added trouble to you, obviously pregnant, but why is it still menstruation, what is going on?

In fact, this so -called "menstruation" is not the real menstruation, but the signs of bed bleeding, so you don’t need to care.

1. Breast change

With the change of hormones in the body after pregnancy, women will have breast tenderness, and the size of the breast will also increase during pregnancy.Therefore, when you are not sure if you are pregnant, you can also use the abnormal feelings of the breast as an auxiliary condition to determine whether you are pregnant.

2. Chance changes

After pregnancy, some women are greedy and some women are anorexia.This is based on different reactions of everyone’s gastrointestinal manifestations.If you notice that you have special preferences or have a good appetite for some kinds of food, you can eat a lot to eat or do not want to eat, and eliminate gastrointestinal problems, you should be pregnant.

3. Easy fatigue

If you obviously feel that you have a bad spirit in the near future, it is easier to get tired than usual or requires longer sleep time to sleep, and it is more prone to morning rise in the morning.Essence

★ Urine HCG

Morning urine must be used for urine HCG examination, because morning urine is concentrated and hormone levels are high.In order to improve the accuracy of the inspection, the amount of drinking water is reduced as much as possible the night before.

★ B ultrasound

The B -ultrasound is reliable! On the one hand, you can really "see" whether you are pregnant, and the other can also see if the baby is located in the uterine cavity and eliminate ectopic pregnancy!

If you have the above situations, it is pregnancy. Mothers must pay attention to rest during pregnancy to avoid strenuous exercise, stay up late, etc. Especially in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers must carefully observe their physical condition. Once abnormalities occur, they should be abnormal.Go to the hospital in time.

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