There are three discomfort during pregnancy, don’t worry!It shows that the fetus is developing normally

After pregnancy, the fetal development is the most concerned about expectant mothers. Is the fetus developing normally?In fact, when expectant mothers have these three discomfort during pregnancy, it is precisely that the fetus is developing normally.

1. Stomach reflux

Not long when the expectant mother was pregnant, the pregnancy reaction began, and vomiting would occur.Some expectant mothers may have a response to stomach acid reflux and poor appetite, and some may vomit more serious.The stomach discomfort of the expectant mother is due to the strong changes in hormones in the body, and the suppression of gastric acid secretion after pregnancy, the digestive ability weakens, which brings a lot of discomfort to expectant mothers.

To alleviate the discomfort of the stomach, it is necessary to reduce the burden on the stomach. Specific mothers can eat less meals and maintain appropriate exercise in the case of physical conditions.Think more about this as a signal for the fetus to report safely, and you must actively meet every day of pregnancy.

2. frequent urination

Throughout pregnancy, the frequent urination of expectant mothers will not stop.Especially in the third trimester, as the fetus increases, the frequent urination of expectant mothers will be more serious.Although frequent urination makes the expectant mother worked a little bit, from this discomfort, expectant mothers can feel the existence of the fetus.

The method of relieving frequent urination is not to drink less water. Specific mothers must ensure sufficient drinking water every day, which is more conducive to the health of expectant mothers.Drinking less water will not only be bad for mothers and fetuses. If you have a serious water dehydration, you will also dry the fetus "swimming pool".

3. Backache and leg pain

With the increase of pregnancy, the physical body of expectant mothers will gradually appear various discomfort.In the third trimester, it is more likely to have back acid leg pain and leg cramps.Backache and leg pain have a certain relationship with the physical fatigue of expectant mothers, and it also has a certain relationship with calcium deficiency.When the expectant mother shows these discomfort, the fetus is reminding the expectant mother to start intake of sufficient calcium, but he is working hard!

Do you have encountered some of the above pains?Don’t worry blindly after pregnancy. This is not caused by the baby’s growth and development, but a manifestation of the fetus reporting to you safely.Therefore, the most important thing for expectant mothers is to maintain her good mentality and happily welcome every day of the next day.

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