There are so many benefits to having a daughter, no wonder more and more pregnant mothers want to have a female treasure

When most of the treasures, when they were pregnant, they wanted to have a good daughter, and some Bao dad wanted a male treasure before his wife gave birth. As a result, it hurts more than anyone else.Otherwise, my daughter is a padded jacket for my parents, and it is no wonder that more and more families want to have a female treasure.

1. My daughter knows more about my parents and my parents

A common social phenomenon, when people are old, their daughters go home to visit their parents more times than their son.Because most of the girls’ hearts are softer, it is easier to know that they are distressed by their parents. I believe that this Baoma must have a deep experience.In addition, when parents are sick in bed, they take care of more in front of the bed than their son. If you do n’t believe it, you can go to the ward of the major hospitals to walk around.

2. The daughter is more obedient

Because of the different physiological structure, boys will be more lively than girls when they are young, which means that the son is much stronger than her daughter.Perhaps it is the nature of men who advocate force. The son often splits the toys into pieces, but the general daughter rarely breaks the doll.Moreover, most of her daughters are very well -behaved, not too naughty, and often make their parents angry.

3. The daughter can satisfy the mother’s heart of the girl

The girls’ hearts who did not realize because of various reasons when they were young, accumulated in her heart, and became a dream that could never be fulfilled.But if you have a daughter, it will be different.You can dress her as your childhood; take her to the place where you want to go but not to go; eat food you want to eat without eating; do what you want to do without doing it … to make up for the past lifeThe regrets brought to you, so say that the daughter is the heart of the girl who sent heaven to save Baoma.

4. Her daughter is more conducive to family harmony

The problem of mother -in -law and daughter -in -law has continued for thousands of years, and there is no solution so far, because the growth environment, education from an early age, and two women with huge age differences have lived under a roof for a long time, and they will inevitably wipe out the spark, but few son -in -law will have son -in -law, but there are few son -in -law.It is incompatible with the fire and fire of the mother -in -law.Therefore, there is a certain reason for having a daughter to be more conducive to family life than having a son.

5. It is easier for your daughter to solve personal problems

Because of the proportion of men and women, girls’ lifelong events are far better than boys.If you are born with a daughter, then congratulations, in addition to not being frowning for your child’s personal problems, you also save a lot of gifts for yourself.You need to know that you can buy a car and a house for your daughter before this can make your daughter live a better life.

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