There are many reasons for female leucorrhea. Women understand early and prevent early prevention

Although leucorrhea is more common in women, many people don’t like it very much.Although women do not have it under normal circumstances, such as problems such as women’s cold or menstruation and some diseases, etc., they may appear.Understand the health of the body.

If a woman has a leucorrhea, it is likely that the method is incorrect when cleaning the underwear. For exampleBacteria, after wearing such underwear, will be infected with bacteria, causing women to increase leucorrhea.Another reason is that women do not often change their underwear, and they will also cause abnormal leucorrhea due to problems such as unhygienic.

Many women are more clean, but they do not know that if they are over -cleaning private parts, some bacteria may also appear in the private parts.For example, when cleaning the vulva, you must use a special basin and clean water to clean it. In addition, you cannot clean it too much. Once too clean, it may destroy the skin’s protective layer and cause the leucorrhea to increase.Women, sometimes when cleaning, may use some cleaner, but do not know these cleaner, and it is also very bad to use it often.

When women usually use sanitary products, they must choose better. In addition, they should not use pads for a long time.If the pads are used frequently, and the pads are not very hygienic, they will cause private parts. In a relatively high temperature environment, it is easy to make the leucorrhea particularly more due to the breeding of bacteria. In fact, this is a bad one.Performance.

Women must pay attention to the direction of use when using toilet paper when going to the toilet, and do not wipe from the anus vaginal mouth.

There are some diseases, which can also cause leucorrhea, such as cervical erosion.Such patients are generally caused by childbirth or some abortion surgery, as well as some bad sexual behaviors.There are also some girls who will also have uterine erosion. This is congenital, and there will be more leucorrhea and foreign objects.

There are also some women who have completed fertility. In order to avoid pregnancy again, they will place a birthpool in the uterus. Such contraceptive methods are actually safe and effective, but if the body cannot adapt, it may also cause some abnormal performance.

There are also vaginal trichomonas infections and atrophic vaginitis. This type of disease will increase leucorrhea.If there are foreign bodies in the reproductive organs, it will also cause leucorrhea, such as the vagina with menstrual cycle bolt or sanitary cotton plugs, gauze, and so on.

How can we prevent women from abnormal leucorrhea?

Some women have abnormal leucorrhea because of gynecological diseases. Therefore, in life, we should focus on enhancing immunity. In addition to strengthening nutrition in diet, eating more foods containing vitamins, you should also pay attention to sleep in terms of sleep.8 hours of sleep should be met every day.Also pay attention to exercise to enhance physical fitness to help your health.

If women in life have some pressures, they must be adjusted in time to ensure that they have a good mood and good emotions, and they can avoid the problem of leucorrhea abnormalities.

As a woman, in life, you must cherish you cannot have multiple personalized partners, especially during menstruation, and you must not have sex.At the same time, we must ensure personal hygiene when sexual life, and there must be a reasonable sexual life.

Although women should ensure personal hygiene, they cannot be excessive when cleaning the vagina.Because the vagina itself has some self -cleaning functions, it can ensure the balance of acid and alkali, but once some cleaner is used to clean it or over -cleaning, it will cause the environment to be damaged and some diseases occur.

Women must not be able to wear too tight when they live, and the underwear should be washed and changed frequently. Every time you clean the underwear, you must put it in a place with a sunlight and sunlight. Use professional cleaning products and special pots.When buying underwear, you should also choose cotton.

What should I do when a woman has increased leucorrhea?

When women have this problem, don’t be too panic, because the increase in leucorrhea is not necessarily caused by diseases. Some are caused by the physiological situation. For example, there may be this situation before menstruation.At this time, as long as women have a good living habit, eating habits, and paying attention to personal hygiene.

However, when the votular increase is increased and there are some abnormal performances, such as a bad smell, etc. At this time, you need to check it. After a series of inspection methods, you can know the reason.Treatment, so as to avoid increased leucorrhea, or abnormal, so that the body is in a relatively healthy state.

Once you find that your body is infected with some bacteria or inflammation, it is necessary to actively cooperate with treatment. In addition to treatment, in addition to drugs, some external drugs may also be used.At this time, in addition to regular medication, women should not have sex at this time, so that they can restore their bodies faster, and the drugs can be better absorbed, which is good for the recovery of the condition.

If the number of leucorrhea is increased, it is caused by cervical erosion or cervicitis, and other diseases. Treatment must be timely. Although these diseases may be more common, once severe seriousness, it is likely to become cancer.If it is, it will cause unpredictable consequences to women.

Because women are relatively special in private, it is easy to be in a humid environment. Therefore, it is recommended that women change their underwear once a day and take a shower once a day.Soaking hot springs or swimming should go to a regular place.

If you can distinguish whether it is caused by physiological situations or pathological reasons, it can prevent it well.Although leucorrhea seems particularly common for women, it may actually cause some major threats.Women want to make their bodies stronger, and they must pay attention to the usual time. Personal hygiene habits can reduce the occurrence of disease through a good body.

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