There are five abnormalities during pregnancy. Go to check as soon as possible. The fetus may be dangerous after late.

Women should pay more attention to physical changes during pregnancy, because some special manifestations may be disease signals or fetal abnormalities. If they are not properly ignored, they may gradually increase, and they will eventually affect themselves or fetuses.To understand the relevant common sense and know what the situation is critical, if you have it, ask the doctor for the first time.So, what are the characteristics during pregnancy to check in time?

Most women will be careful during pregnancy and treat maintenance with caution, but do not rule out some factors affect the body’s adverse symptoms. Among them, special headache symptoms should be paid attention to.Headache is not only overworked, the rest time is not enough, but it may also be related to high blood pressure.

Some people have hypertension for pregnancy. During the development, blood pressure fluctuations can cause damage to the cerebral blood vessels. Therefore, they have headache symptoms. In severe cases, they will also be coma and twitch. They should be checked in time when headaches are uncomfortable.

Women find that they have broken water and cannot underestimate it.The water -breaking refers to the manifestation of amniotic fluid flowing out of amniotic fluid. Some women find that there is not much amount of amniotic fluid flowing out of the amniotic fluid, but it is not a matter of time, but the water breaking itself is dangerous. If the amount of amniotic fluid flows out is large, the fetus may be hypoxic.

Do not go to the hospital in time to deal with it in time. Some people breaking water is a sign of about to produce.

Pay attention to your own fetal movement during pregnancy. The frequency of fetal movement at different stages is different, and the frequent or non -fetal movement of fetal movements is abnormal.Most women can feel fetal movement at 18 weeks after pregnancy, and fetal movement can reflect the health of the fetus in the uterus. It is best to count the fetal movement every day.

If the fetal movement is frequent, more severe or continuous without fetal movement, it may be the help signal. Among them, the umbilical cord will have special fetal movements around the umbilical cord, and it should be checked in time to avoid accidents.

Women are red during pregnancy. Do not deal with small problems. If you see red in the early stages of pregnancy, it may be a sign of miscarriage. You should check and judge whether there are skewed abortion in time.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, you see red, a small amount and no other abnormalities, you can observe first, but if the amount is relatively large, it is likely to be a sign of about to produce. You can calculate according to your own due date.And when you are about to produce, you should go to the hospital immediately for delivery, and emergency measures should be done well.

Many diseases will show abdominal pain in development, but do not confuse abdominal pain during pregnancy. Some people treat liver disease, gallbladder disease or gastrointestinal diseases, but most of these diseases have other accompanying symptoms.

If it is a relatively obvious abdominal pain, it may be a threatened abortion and ectopic pregnancy, and the placental strip is stripped early.For abdominal pain with severe duration, and if you are pregnant, don’t carry it hard, you should go to the hospital immediately.

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