There are 5 cases of breasts, so be alert to mastitis

Nowadays, the pressure of society is very high, and women are also in the kitchen in the hall in their lives, and they can bring their baby.But women’s health has become the hidden disease of the new generation of women now.

Mastitis is a very common gynecological disease in clinical practice. Generally, after mastitis, it should be improved in a reasonable way to control the development of local inflammation.

Therefore, such diseases are so common in life, women need to pay more attention to their physical changes. If there is discomfort, it needs timely treatment.

So, what are the symptoms of women who are likely to be mastitis?

1. Nipple prefix

Under normal circumstances, women’s breasts will not have liquid flowing out. Except for breastfeeding, this is normal.If the symptoms of nipple discharge occur during non -lactation, the general discharge is brown, bloody or dark red. When this happens, it is even more important. In this case, most of them are pathological.treat.

2. Breast appearance changes

Normal breasts have no strange changes, but when mastitis occurs, there will be some changes in breasts. The skin of the breasts is bulging, and the symptoms of breast appearance changes in the shape of the breasts such as orange peel, edema, color change, and eczema will occur.

3. Breast pain

Many women have a pain in breasts when they come to menstruation, but they will return to normal after menstruation, but breast pain is also a common symptom of mastitis. The pain will increase when pressing the breast, and it will be accompanied by symptoms of breast swelling.

4. Breast lump

The breasts can touch the lumps when the mastitis seizures, about the size of the broad beans, the lump is harder, and has a sense of activity.However, when mastitis worsens, this situation will also increase, and some purulent liquid flows will occur.

5. Systemic symptoms of mastitis

If mastitis is not treated in a timely manner, as the disease develops, patients will experience complications such as fever, tremor, and accelerated heartbeat. At the same time, breast swelling and pain will worsen.Essence

Through the above narrative, we learned that women have some symptoms on the body when they have mastitis, so we must be cautious when continuing to love you and go to the hospital for related examinations in time.


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