There are 13 early pregnancy reactions. There are five or more.

Many young people do n’t know when they were pregnant, and some were preparing for pregnancy. They did n’t know that they were pregnant. Every day I always took the early pregnancy test paper to test it. Unfortunately, the number of days was not enough.In order to know if you are pregnant?Then Xiaobian will help you. Here are a few sisters who are preparing for pregnancy or sisters who are preparing for pregnancy.

January Stop

This is the first time that most people pay attention to the signs of pregnancy. If you have menopause 10 days or above, it is likely to be pregnant. You need to perform self -testing or official testing with the hospital.

2 easy to tired

It’s easy to get tired in the early stages of pregnancy. ‘I often want to sleep, and you can’t mention it if you like shopping. This is normal.

3 Symptoms like colds

Sore body, joint pain, dizziness, drowsy, weakness

4 High body temperature

I feel that I am hot all over, and my body temperature is higher than usual, just like it is cold

5 nausea, vomiting

Usually in the early morning of an empty stomach, the appetite is not good, I can’t eat meals, vomiting at the toilet every day

6 smell

Maybe when you smell a smell, you will have a severe reaction. If you don’t like to smell it, you will disgust and you will not bear it.

7 urine frequency

The number of urination is increased, but there is no discomfort

8 breast swelling and pain

The nipples will be sensitive, with tingling, and brown areolas around the nipples increase

9 rounds

The first fertilization of the bed will be cold when the bed is high, and it is always thicker than others wear.

10 back pain

Feeling the waist is sore, it is like doing it for a few days to work, you can’t bend over

11 abdominal pain

Fertilized eggs will tingle in bed, and the abdomen will be uncomfortable and sore

12 Bed bleeding

When the fertilized eggs start to bed in the uterus, it will cause minor bleeding.This is the so -called "bed bleeding".In general, fertilized eggs in 5-7 days after conception will bed.However, not all women will experience this symptom, so it is not a very obvious sign of pregnancy.

13 Ambutatic secretions

When I was pregnant, there were many leucorrhea, transparent, no odor, and a bit pink is normal.

How many sisters who are actively making villains are coming, how many tricks did you get?First of all, I wish every sister’s dreams come true. If the child must not be anxious, the pressure of thought cannot be too heavy, relax, and good luck!

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