The woman went to the hospital for a third child to check, the doctor gave two options, and the family’s face changed after listening to the family

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The young Cui Yan was pregnant with her third child and her husband.This news makes the entire family full of joy and expectations.The family hopes that this child can grow up healthily, but the heavens do not follow people’s wishes, and the news of Cui Yan’s birth inspection brought bad news to the family.The results of her birth check show that her fetus may be abnormal.

The doctor gave two options: the first is to remove the fetus to avoid possible complications.The second is to continue to observe to see if the fetus can correct itself.

After learning the doctor’s diagnosis, Cui Yanlian and his family were in a dilemma.From the doctor, it is learned that the original fetus is not a minority.

Fetal abnormalities refer to the fertilized eggs bed outside the uterus. Generally, this occurs in the fallopian tube, and may also occur in the ovarian, abdominal cavity or cervix.

In the case of normal pregnancy, fertilized eggs should be bed and develop into a fetus after entering the uterus. However, in the abnormal fetal, fertilized eggs cannot reach the uterus or stay in the fallopian tube before reaching the uterus, so that the fetus cannot develop normally.

Fetal abnormalities are a more serious type of pregnancy -related complications, which may lead to severe bleeding and life -threatening.

The most common tire abnormalities occur in the fallopian tube, called fallopian tube pregnancy, accounting for about 95%of all fetal abnormal pregnancy.Other rare fetal abnormalities include ovarian pregnancy, abdominal pregnancy and cervical pregnancy.

It can be said that abnormalities are extremely dangerous for pregnant women in pregnancy activities, so what are the symptoms of fetal abnormalities?

Specific or intermittent severe pain in the abdomen or pelvic area: it is one of the most common symptoms of fetal abnormalities, and the degree of pain varies due to abnormal pregnancy position and severity of the condition.

Irregular bleeding in the vagina: Although the vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, the bleeding of normal pregnancy is regular, and the vaginal bleeding of the fetal abnormal level is not regular.It may be mild bleeding or intermittent vaginal bleeding.

During gynecological examinations, abnormal pregnancy symptoms: pregnancy test during pregnancy can detect abnormal pregnancy in advance, such as the uterine is slightly larger or slightly smaller, the pain in the fallopian tube area, and the abnormal lumps are one of the symptoms of abnormalities.

During pregnancy, shoulder or back pain: In some special cases, when the abnormalities of the fetus are ruptured, the shoulder or neck will cause pain in the abdominal blood accumulation or gas stimulation caused by the rupture.The point is likely to be a symptom of abnormal fetal rupture.

Vaginal hemorrhage should go to the hospital for examination in time.

Since the abnormal fetal position is so terrible, how can I do it to "prevent problems before they occur"?

Before planning to be pregnant, you must consult the doctor carefully to understand the risk factors and preventive measures of the abnormal fetal.And the precautions during pregnancy, etc., so that you can have a general understanding process for pregnancy.

After consulting the doctor, the rest is good living habits, because women during pregnancy are very fragile. It is also important to maintain a good mood and sufficient rest for pregnancy.Maintain good nutritional intake and good mood.

The harm of abortion to women is very huge. Multiple abortion will increase the risk of abnormal fetal abortion. If there is a history of abortion, you should tell the doctor before pregnancy.I am embarrassed to open my mouth. If the doctor does not tell the doctor, then the doctor cannot make targeted adjustments through personal problems.The only one who hurts this is yourself.

Regular gynecological examinations during pregnancy are also an important way to discover abnormalities in the early days.Through the cervical application, B -ultrasound and other examinations, the uterus and attachments can be observed, and abnormal signs can be found and dealt with in time.

Women during pregnancy are very fragile. Because of the second life in the stomach, it is necessary to take extra care. No matter what happens, they should be sent to the medical examination in time.Even if the abnormalities are small, they must be vigilant and prevent problems before they occur.

Many people think that such alertness during pregnancy has been alert, but since ancient times, women’s pregnancy is a matter worthy of the whole family to take care of. When a new life is born from the female body, the kind of happiness is happy, the kind of happiness is happyJoy will make everyone feel that everything you do before is worth it!

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