The woman was pregnant, her husband said angrily: "Don’t go to work all day, don’t cook, I don’t want such people!"

The woman was pregnant, but her husband proposed a divorce. The husband said angrily: "I don’t go to work all day, don’t cook, and let me go home to see my parents. I don’t want such people!"

Zhang Xuemei, 36, has been married for 4 years with her husband Wang Qiankun. She has never had children. Now she has finally become pregnant. However, her husband is not only unhappy after learning about it. Instead, he asked his wife to give up the child and propose a divorce.Zhang Xuemei said that she and her husband were first married, and neither of them had children, so she couldn’t figure out why her husband had to treat herself like this.She said, "He has changed his heart, and he will divorce after half a year when he gets married. He thinks that a person is good. He thinks he can meet a better woman in the future!" Then, Zhang Xuemei came to her husband’s new location with everyone.At the intersection, everyone met Zhang Xuemei’s husband Wang Qiankun, but as soon as he saw his wife, Wang Qiankun ran away like a mouse with a cat.Zhang Xuemei followed closely, and you chased me and chased me. The mediatner asked Wang Qiankun why he was his wife, but Wang Qiankun said, "It’s strange to care about her!"

Wang Qiankun ran back to his residence. He stood emotionally at the door of the room and scolded Zhang Xuemei, and bluntly did not want to have Zhang Xuemei again.After soothe the mediation staff, Wang Qiankun’s emotions were relatively stable.It turned out that the two had known through the marriage agency. The two got married in less than three months. The two quickly conceived their children, but the child was unexpectedly aborted.Wang Qiankun bluntly said that he and Zhang Xuemei had no feelings, but just lived, but after living together, he felt that the two were not suitable. In addition, the child was gone, so he proposed to Zhang Xuemei to divorce, but Zhang Xuemei did not agree.He rushed to Zhang Xuemei, but Zhang Xuemei ran back every time. The two were entangled in this way for 4 years, but now he really doesn’t want to continue like this.Zhang Xuemei stood at the door and didn’t dare to approach. When she heard her husband, she said straightforwardly: "You have no idea, can I force you?" Seeing Zhang Xuemei made a three -point unreasonable, Wang Qiankun was angry and said, "A self -eating abilityPeople who have no one, do n’t cook, do n’t go to work. I used to be cowardly and stupid. Now it ’s not possible to listen to you?" Wang Qiankun said that his wife did not go to work after marriage, nor did he not be at home at home.Washing and cooking, he was either walking dogs or watching snacks on TV all day. He had to worry about him outside the family, which made him exhausted, but he couldn’t bear these.But his wife asked him to disconnect with his parents, which made him unbearable.Speaking of this, Wang Qiankun became excited again. He said, "She wants me to disconnect with my family, my parents don’t want it, do you go with you? What role are you?you!"

Wang Qiankun felt that his parents did not live with Zhang Xuemei, nor did he find Zhang Xuemei trouble, but Zhang Xuemei was impolite to his parents and always scolded, which made him unacceptable.But Zhang Xuemei at the door didn’t think so, she shouted loudly: "Your parents know that looking for you for money!" Hearing this, Wang Qiankun stood up and walked towards the door. FortunatelyStop.As the only son of the family, Wang Qiankun felt that he was taken for granted to honor his parents, but Zhang Xuemei felt that his parents did not subsidize their children, and asked the children to ask for money too shameless.The views of the two respectively have different views on their parents’ issues, which leads to the endless quarrel and the relationship is getting worse and worse.During the communication, Zhang Xuemei continued to deliberately stimulate Wang Qiankun, and Wang Qiankun was impulsive. He was so angry by Zhang Xuemei. He rushed to Zhang Xuemei several times and wanted to do it, but was put on the ground by the medievant.

Seeing her husband eating, Zhang Xuemei stood not far away and looked at it coldly.In order to avoid further expansion of the situation, the mediation officer took Zhang Xuemei away.When he returned home, Zhang Xuemei communicated with the mediation staff alone.Zhang Xuemei bluntly stated that Wang Qiankun was able to marry her is the blessing of their Lin family. The conditions in her family were not better than the Lin family.Zhang Xuemei’s father has a stable retirement salary, and her sister also has a stable job.She felt that everything was because she had congenital cleft lip and palate, which reduced the standard, and she chose Wang Qiankun. Because of the congenital lip and palate, she always felt that the child had a problem, and then it was cited twice.She choked: "If I speak, I will not fall to this day. If I have no problem, I will not find him." Zhang Xuemei said that her husband is now affected by his in -laws., Go home for them.Zhang Xuemei said indignantly: "The meaning of his father said, I have to raise your child, and you have to support my old, that is, let him not be a family in the future. If you have a wife in the future, you will marry your wife.Anyway, you must raise your parents anyway, you have to manage it. "Is this really the case?The next day, everyone came to Wang Qiankun’s address again.

But Zhang Xuemei’s appearance first annoyed Wang Qiankun’s landlord. The landlord scolded Zhang Xuemei to destroy it all day. Today, the lock glue will be damaged tomorrow.Noisy, the surrounding residents were afraid of her.Zhang Xuemei repeatedly denied that the facts were in front of him, because at this time Wang Qiankun repaired the motorcycle damaged by Zhang Xuemei in the alley.Wang Qiankun was helpless. He said that Zhang Xuemei was like this every time, and every time he made a noise, he would retaliate against himself in various ways. There are any ways. He is accustomed to it.Wang Qiankun said that he went to work during the day and went to run in the evening. He just wanted to make more money and support his parents.What made him unacceptable was that Zhang Xuemei had been produced twice in the four years with Zhang Xuemei and twice.Wang Qiankun said: "As soon as she had something to do, she went to the hospital to check it.

What made the relationship between the two completely broke is that Zhang Xuemei prevented Wang Qiankun from returning home to visit his father.It turned out that in 2017, Wang Qiankun’s father accidentally fell, causing three rib fractures, and a crushed fracture. Lin’s father called and hoped that his son would go home, but Zhang Xuemei received the phone but concealed it.Hope Wang Qiankun will go back.Wang Qiankun said helplessly that his father was ill and let him go back. On the New Year’s Eve, his parents’ birthday, his wife did not let him go back.He said silently: "She said," You don’t need to go back, what are you going back? When you go back, they ask you for money, how can you give money to the family, I have no money, just like this. "To understandIn more, Wang Qiankun returned to his hometown in Linxiang with the mediation staff.Looking at the wedding room of the two, Wang Qiankun told everyone that the second day of marriage, his wife moved the new furniture in the wedding room back to her mother’s house, and never returned to live, and she had never visited their parents.Having said that Wang Qiankun’s father trembled out of the room.Father Lin bluntly said that his daughter -in -law did not look at them. They were not good for them. They had no opinion. What made them unacceptable was that the daughter -in -law hit two grandsons.Father Lin said that his daughter -in -law was pregnant again and again, and disappointed them again and again, always carrying them secretly, which made them feel that the daughter -in -law was not a sincere life, so she suggested that their son divorced as soon as possible.Wang Qiankun also said that his wife Zhang Xuemei kept looking at him and could not see his house.

Wang Qiankun learned his wife and said, "She said, you found me for eight live blessings. My family has such a good condition. When my dad dies, the house will be given to you. My dad has a deposit. The deposit is me.Well, why don’t you have a good time with me? "Wang Qiankun couldn’t figure it out, his wife looked down on himself, but he always dragged himself like this, because the divorce not only made trouble with him, but also made trouble with his parents.Family.So what does Zhang Xuemei say this?Speaking of the Lin family, Zhang Xuemei’s tone did reveal it.Zhang Xuemei said that she and the Lin family had nothing to do with it, and they looked down on. For 4 years, she had only seen her in -laws for five or six times.Speaking of her in -laws looking for money for her husband, she seemed even more disgusting.She said, "Ask us to ask for money in a year, you might as well ask outside. You have no money like that, it is not as old as two old ones.Ask her children to ask for money, she felt that her in -laws were too useless.The mediation staff can’t listen to it anymore. What theory is this, shouldn’t you respect your parents?The power of a person is limited. Shouldn’t you understand the help of the husband as a wife?But Zhang Xuemei didn’t take it for granted. She crooked her head and thought about it, "I think we should not get married at first. He should find a woman who works outside him, or that woman is willing to raise their family."

After pause, Zhang Xuemei then said, "He should meet another person, and I should meet, a man who does not need to raise him." Zhang Xuemei and Wang Qiankun are two people in different worlds. Zhang Xuemei’s mother has early.The death, coupled with congenital disability, her father and sister were held in the palm of her palm, which made her feel that the dedication of others was taken for granted.But Wang Qiankun was realistic. He hoped to find a wife who worked hard to live with him, instead of dragging him like Zhang Xuemei.But Zhang Xuemei seemed to want to do this. She intends to give birth to the child in the belly. She has to give birth regardless of whether there is a problem with the child.She said coldly: "It’s okay, I want him to have a dragging oil bottle, let him raise it, and let him continue to invest in it every month." Hearing this, the mediation staff shuddered!Subsequently, the mediation officer arranged for the two to communicate in the local judicial office.Wang Qiankun said that no matter what, he was going to divorce. Seeing Wang Qiankun’s anxiety of divorce, Zhang Xuemei was not in a hurry. She mocked: "I see how you get rid of it, hum!"

The mediation officer persuaded Zhang Xuemei not to use it, and this can only hurt himself and the child.Seeing that Wang Qiankun was determined to divorce, Zhang Xuemei said it was okay, but Wang Qiankun would compensate her 100,000 yuan, which was directly rejected by Wang Qiankun.After the constant coordination of the mediation staff, the two parties reached the following agreements: the two parties went through the divorce formalities, the woman Zhang Xuemei gave up the child, and the man Wang Qiankun compensated 40,000 yuan to the woman. After the agreement was signed, the two parties shall not interfere with the other party’s life and work in any way.At that time, both sides agreed to the agreement, but as soon as they turned around, Zhang Xuemei regretted it. She said that she would give birth to Wang Qiankun to support it.We can’t know what’s later, but we can know that Zhang Xuemei did this, and the injured would only be herself.

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