The woman was detected before the marriage inspection, the key was that the two parties had not had one year for one year.

The world is big, and many things are not we can control!Like this girl, is she a good woman, only she knows?Intersection

The 28 -year -old woman had been dating and her boyfriend for more than a year. During the period of communication, the two just hugged and kissed them, and did not do a momentum.I heard that both of them are very conservative and are a more traditional category.

Therefore, after getting the best thing to put the best things, the so -called three great events in life, the cave house flower night is also one of them.

With a period of time, the two decided to hold a wedding.However, the accident happened!

Unexpectedly, when I was going to the hospital for a pre -marital pregnancy examination, the cause of the chin was still shocked. The results showed that the prospective bride had been pregnant for 2 months.

Everyone note that both of them have not reached the stage of graduate students and they have not acted.The man was stunned on the spot, and he said on the spot that he couldn’t understand and could not accept it!The woman believes that the hospital test is wrong and requires the hospital to compensate for 50,000 mental loss fees.Nevertheless, men still think that women are pretending to be, false and pure.

In fact, only women knew the result at the time.She said that she had not had a relationship with any male, but she wanted to eat a reassurance for the man.Unfortunately, the man still couldn’t accept it and proposed to break up directly.Don’t get married!

If you think about it, what will you think and what will you do in change?IntersectionFor no reason, there is something that is a little bit unwilling to belong to your belly.Think about the man who has raised children for eighteen years for others. The key is that all three girls are not him!Such a woman is terrible!

If eighteen years later, this woman also came to such a sentence, "Is the child you, is it so important? It has been raised for so many years and should have feelings. Isn’t this more important?!"

At that time, maybe you didn’t even have a chance to regret it!Recently, the story of the Zhangjiajie bride and Xiaobai Dragon still heard it in the ears. Is this another come?Intersection

The woman was unwilling to find another hospital for examination. The woman was not pregnant and confirmed that there was a problem with the first hospital!She claimed 50,000, and it was reasonable, but the hospital did not agree, thinking it was just a small mistake, because there was a person like her name at that time!

A beautiful marriage is gone!Everyone, do you think it is a pity?Intersection

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