The woman took 10,000 steps on a big belly day, and the result was suddenly red at 31 weeks!Do you want to exercise during pregnancy?

Do you want to exercise during pregnancy?Most pregnant mothers are tangled.Some say that "more exercise and good production", there are also saying that "less exercise, prevent premature birth" …

A recent post made pregnant mothers more distressed by this.

Women are holding a big belly every day

As a result, the 31st weeks suddenly saw the red and rushed to the hospital!

According to the "Metropolis Express" report: Netizens@On the 19th floor, tell the thrilling story of their pregnancy.

Netizens have introduced that since pregnancy, she has always been very good since pregnancy, and she has no physiological reactions, so she is more casual.Jumping up and down the house, buying food and cooking every day, occasionally going out for dating to work, and taking a walk at night. It is more than 10,000 steps a day.I don’t think I feel tired.

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Without experience, I did n’t pay attention to the swelling and tightness of the lower abdomen. I thought that there was no problem with the fetal movement, and I did n’t pay attention to rest.

As a result, I suddenly became red in the 31st week, and hurried to the hospital for emergency treatment.Doctors found signs of premature birth. Through a series of treatment, fortunately, the amniotic fluid and cervix were restored the next day, and no bleeding phenomenon was no longer available.

When he was discharged, he was instructed to calm down at home, walk less, and do not stimulate his abdomen.At least to 35 weeks, it is good for the fetus and pregnant women.

Many pregnant mothers have expressed their worries after reading the posts."Isn’t it to exercise more, good production?" "Can pregnant women exercise?" … Regarding these issues, today Xiaokang’s sister invited the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Fifth People’s Hospital of Chengdu toanswer.

Can I exercise during pregnancy?

Many pregnant mothers are worried about the health of the baby. Do you think you have to rest in bed and deliberately reduce activities when you are pregnant?

"In fact, not only do you not encourage over -bed rest during pregnancy, but encourage mothers to exercise appropriately, because proper exercise during pregnancy is more beneficial to pregnant mothers and pregnant baby." Dr. Jiang Dong introduced that according to the "Guide to the Clinical Practice of Pregnancy in Canada in 2019" (hereinafter referred to as the abbreviationGuidelines) Proper exercise of early pregnancy science will not increase abortion or fetal congenital abnormalities.

So, what are the benefits of exercise during pregnancy?Dr. Jiang Dong introduced during the division:

Early pregnancy: Appropriate exercise helps to alleviate some common pregnancy discomfort, such as leg cramps and back pain.

During pregnancy: This period is the best time period for exercise during pregnancy.For pregnant women, proper exercise can promote blood circulation and metabolism, enhance cardiopulmonary function, help sleep, reduce waist and leg soreness, prevent or reduce lower limb edema, and control the weight of pregnancy.

Late pregnancy: Appropriate exercise can increase physical strength, make muscles elastic, and make it very meaningful to vaginal delivery.

Dr. Jiang Dong said: "Not only that, for pregnant women with diabetes, proper exercise can also assist in treating diseases. For fetuses, the proper exercise of pregnant mothers can promote their growth and development."

Although exercise is good, these types of pregnant mothers must be vigilant!

For pregnancy exercise, Dr. Jiang Dong also emphasized: "Although there are many benefits for exercise during pregnancy, not all pregnant women are suitable for training during pregnancy. The following situations need to be absolutely prohibited."

1. Early breakthrough

2. The vaginal bleeding of vaginal bleeding from premature birth

3. Placenta with bleeding with the pre -placenta

4. Severe eclampsion early stage

5. Cervical function is incomplete

6. High -risk multi -fetal pregnancy

7. Unwavering type I diabetes/hypertension/thyroid disease and other severe cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

"Of course, pregnant mothers who are absolutely contraindicated are forbidden to exercise, not referring to resting in bed completely. Routine activities can be properly carried out in daily life." Dr. Jiang Dong explained.

For relative contraindications such as recurrence of history of abortion, spontaneous premature birth, mild/moderate cardiovascular or respiratory diseases, and malnutrition after 28 weeks of malnutrition, Dr. Jiang Dong suggested that:Under the joint assessment and guidance of personnel, decide whether to exercise accordingly, not to exercise blindly and increase risks.

Doctors remind: Excessive exercise of some pregnant mothers or suffering from dyspnea, fatigue, abdominal pain, contraction, vaginal bleeding, threatened or premature birth or premature birth or premature birth due to their own discomfort, and they need to stop exercise and go to a regular hospital immediately!

How to do exercise during pregnancy is the best?

"Pregnant mothers who do not have a taboo should conduct at least 150 minutes of light-medium-intensity and physical activity (such as fast walking, swimming, yoga, etc.) at least 150 minutes per week. Potal muscle training (PEMT) can reduce the risk of urinary incontinence."

Dr. Jiang Dong also recommended a suitable exercise for pregnant mothers who did not have a taboos. According to different pregnancy weeks:

In the first trimester (1 to 3 months) -The Slow Exercise

In the early stages of pregnancy, this time is suitable for some soothing exercises, such as walking.

Easy walking can keep pregnant mothers maintain, will not stimulate the knee and ankle, and you can breathe fresh air and improve your tiredness when walking outdoors.Walking is safe during pregnancy.

In the second trimester (4-7 months) -This exercise

Gestation enters a stable period. At this time, it can be moderately performed in motion such as yoga, swimming, and slow dance.

Swimming during pregnancy can enhance cardiopulmonary function, and the buoyancy in the water can reduce the load of the joints, eliminate edema, alleviate intravenous veins, and not easily sprain muscles and joints.Such exercises are beneficial to the mother’s digestion and absorption and the growth and development of the fetus.

Doctors remind: Any exercise needs to be carried out in an appropriate amount in combination with its own situation. Do not exercise blindly.

In the third trimester (8-10 months) -Sutchy exercise

Specific mothers who have a near -term period have weight gain and have a heavy body burden. At this time, exercise must pay attention to safety, and must not be too fatigue.

Avoid training in a back -up posture, it is not advisable to engage in overweight labor and squat activities, and choose some movement of stretching muscles, such as yoga meditation.

During the meditation process, relax the body completely, close your eyes and breathe, you can listen to music and try to communicate with your baby.

In the end, Dr. Jiang Dong said: "Pregnant mothers should still consult the doctor before exercising to choose a exercise that suits them."

Precautions for exercise during pregnancy:

泳 If you choose a swimming, you should choose an indoor swimming pool with good sanitary conditions and few people.Before you get off the water, let’s warm up to allow the body to adapt to the temperature of the water. Swimming is better.

Drink enough water before exercise and during exercise, and pay attention to rest during exercise.

高 Avoid moving under high temperature and high humidity environment.

个 After more than 4 months of pregnancy, the exercise of long -standing posture should be avoided because the weight of the fetus will affect the blood circulation of pregnant women.

卧 How to stand on the standing to stand on the side: you should lie on the side first, then support the body with one hand and the other hand, and slowly turn into a sitting position before standing up.

情况 Exercise must be arranged reasonably according to your own situation and doctors.Do not exercise blindly.

News source: Metropolis Express

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