The woman kissed her belly by the dolphin, and her mother -in -law took her daughter -in -law to the hospital after learning that she found an accidental surprise.

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Many women are very careless when they are pregnant for the first time, and sometimes they don’t even know that they have a baby.Xiaomei has been married for two years, but her stomach has not moved.The couple were not worried, and felt that the fate with the child had not yet arrived, but the mother -in -law was very anxious and called the situation everywhere.

This weekend Xiaomei and her husband intend to go to the Ocean Park to play. As we all know, animal performances are generally available in marine parks.Xiaomei originally liked animals, so she pulled her husband to watch dolphin performances. When the dolphin performance was over, there would generally be a program that audiences interact with dolphins.

Xiaomei quickly came to the stage and asked the staff to take photos of herself and dolphins. However, when taking pictures, the woman was accidentally kissed by the dolphin. This surprised everyone. The staff immediately took a picture of the staff.This picture.

After returning to the home, her mother -in -law called as usual and learned that her daughter -in -law rushed to the house after she encountered the incident in the Ocean Park and took her daughter -in -law to the hospital to check her body.I did not expect to be surprised after the examination. It turned out that Xiaomei was already pregnant. The doctor said that some small animals can indeed perceive that there are little babies in the human belly. The initiative of the dolphin appears to be close to the baby.

Women should pay attention to their bodies and maintain a healthy state after pregnancy. At the same time, they must not have bad behaviors. In short, Baoma must know what things should be paid during pregnancy and what things cannot be done.

① Pay attention to diet

After pregnancy, Baoma must pay attention to the balanced diet. If you are pregnant, Baoma always eats takeaway or always eat food on the street, which is not good for the baby’s development.Usually, eat more fresh and balanced foods as possible, so that it can meet their own physical requirements, and at the same time, it is also good for baby development.

② Pay attention to rest

After women are pregnant, their bodies will feel particularly tired, so they must ensure sufficient sleep time. Successful sleep time can relax Baoma and improve physical immunity.Some women have the habit of staying up at night before pregnancy. If this habit is still maintained after pregnancy, it is also a burden on the body. Only by protecting health can fetal development better.

③, appropriate exercise

Women should pay attention to safety, but this does not mean that Baoma cannot move. Proper exercise is good for blood circulation, and it is also beneficial to natural delivery in the future.Therefore, during pregnancy, Baoma should also pay attention to regulating her body, and can determine the strength of the exercise according to the physical condition.

1: Don’t take medicine casually

Women must pay attention to their sexual life and have not taken safety measures, and they must attract attention without menstruation. When the body is uncomfortable, you cannot take medicine casually.Once pregnant, it will cause great harm to the baby, so not only for pregnancy, but women should not take medicine casually.

2: Can’t smoke and drink

In fact, not only can I smoke and drink during pregnancy, but smoking and drinking at any time are not good for girls’ bodies, but also have such bad habits during pregnancy, it is likely to affect the fetal brain development, and more serious ones will cause the fetus to appearPhysical defects.No one wants to have a defective child, and Bao Ma regret it later.

3: Try to do different rooms

Many people think that the first three months of pregnancy, Bao Ma’s belly hasn’t become bigger. At this time, it doesn’t matter.But in fact, the first three months was when the fertilized egg was bed, and the same room would affect the fertilized eggs in bed. Therefore, Bao Ma remembers that the first three months must not be in the same room.

No matter how carelessly, women who usually learn to be pregnant must pay attention, take good care of themselves, and cultivate the right living habits from the beginning of pregnancy.If you have bad habits in the past, you should also correct them in time, pay attention to rest, pay attention to diet, after all, this is not only for your own health, but also for the baby in the stomach.

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