The woman derailed the black man, and gave birth to a black baby dyed AIDS.

Marriage is one of the most important decisions in life and a sacred commitment.When the two people love each other and enter the marriage hall, they should respect each other, loyalty and support, and face the joy and sorrow in life.However, not all husbands and wives can obey the vows of marriage. Some people betray their other half for various reasons and bring endless harm and pain to the other party.

Recently, there was a shattered news that caused heated discussion among netizens.During a business trip in South Africa, a woman had an improper relationship with a black man, not only pregnant with the other party, but also infected with HIV.She kept this all of this, and she could not cover the facts until the second child was born and was forced to confess the truth to her husband.

It is reported that the woman surnamed Chen and married her husband Ding Mou in 2016.Due to work needs, they went to South Africa to work together.In 2018, they ushered in the first child, a boy.In 2022, they returned to China to have a second child, a girl.Originally, it should be a happy family, but because the second child slowly grew up, he went to tragedy.

In 2022, Chen successfully gave birth to a second daughter.As his daughter grew up, Ding found an incredible fact that his daughter’s skin was getting darker, her hair was also curly, and she didn’t look like their husband and wife, but she was like a foreign child.

Ding began to doubt whether his daughter was born. He asked Chen Mou, but Chen had always denied any problems.Ding did not give up looking for the truth. He secretly checked Chen’s personal items, and found a shocking secret: Chen was suffering from AIDS, and there was a diagnosis that she had been infected with HIV.

Ding was extremely angry, and he immediately questioned what Chen Mou had happened.Chen also wanted to justify and conceal it, but under Ding’s forced question, she finally couldn’t continue to lie. She could only confess her relationship with the black man when he was on a business trip in South Africa, and was pregnant and infected with HIV.

After listening to it, Ding was shocked and broken.He couldn’t believe that his wife who had been deeply loved for many years would treat him like this, not only betrayed his feelings, but also brought him such a great harm.The final injured Ding Mou decided to divorce Chen.

This incident has caused comments and discussions by many netizens on the Internet.Most netizens are indignant and despised Chen’s behavior, thinking that she is an irresponsible, unfaithful, unbearable, and inhuman woman.She not only hurt her husband and child, but also brought herself irreparable consequences.Some netizens also expressed sympathy and support Ding, thinking that he was a kind, loyal, hard -working, and poor man.He suffered such great pain, but he was able to handle this matter tolerance and reasonablely. He deserves a better wife and a happier family.

Some netizens have expressed different views on this matter.Some netizens believe that although Chen has made a mistake, she is also a victim. She may have made a wrong decision under ignorance, loneliness or pressure, and she did not expect that there would be such a consequences.She needs sympathy and help, not condemnation and exclusion.Some netizens believe that Ding also has certain responsibilities. He may not have enough care and support for Chen, causing her to find comfort and stimulation outside.He should reflect on whether he did well in his marriage, instead of blindly accusing Chen.

In any case, this incident has proposed a serious warning: marriage is not a child’s play, derailment is not a joke.When we choose to get married, we must bear the corresponding responsibilities and obligations, be loyal and respect for our other half, and be responsible and loved by our family.We cannot do things that hurt ourselves and others because of the impulse or temptation, otherwise the consequences may be incredible.

In short, we hope that all couples can cherish their marriage, trust and support each other, and create a happy family together.

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