The wild vegetables were at the time, don’t let the food eat "dangerous"

It is about to enter the beginning of the twenty -four solar terms. At this time, many crops enter the peak growth season and gradually mature, which is also a good time to eat wild vegetables.

The reporter has recently noticed that many people have exposed pictures of wild vegetables dug on the road on the social platform, and Weibo topics related to wild vegetables have rushed to the hot search list.

However, many netizens said that although wild vegetables are rich in nutrition, some people eat a great burden on the body; there are also wild vegetables because of the bitter taste and not suitable for consumption;Pollutants should not eat more.

So how can we distinguish different wild vegetables in daily life?Will wild vegetables be polluted?How to eat wild vegetables scientifically and healthily?Relevant experts were interviewed with these issues.

Familiar with wild vegetables before picking

Zhang Baohai, a senior special dish expert of the Institute of Vegetables of the Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, said in an interview with reporters that there are many wild vegetables that can be eaten for people in daily life.

"Take herbal wild vegetables as an example. Wild vegetables such as amaranth, dandelion, bitter dishes, thorns, small garlic, etc. are more common; toon, elm, church buds, willow buds, poplars, etc. can also be eaten by people." Zhang Baohaiexplain.

So, how can we distinguish different types of wild vegetables?

Zhang Baohai said that first of all, we must master the typical characteristics of some wild vegetables, such as amaranth, which will bloom small white flowers and small triangular fruits; dandelion flowers are light yellow, and white juice will flow out of its leaves.Secondly, under the leadership of professionals or more experienced people, they must be familiar with various wild vegetables.

"Familiar with and identifying all kinds of wild vegetables requires the leadership of professionals, and it is only possible to practice many times." Zhang Baohai further said that some mobile apps that can identify plant species can also be auxiliaryIdentify the role of wild vegetables, but this app also has a certain probability that it will report an error, so it cannot be fully believed.

Digging wild vegetables need to avoid the pollution area

Some people think that wild vegetables are healthy and edible.Is this really true?

Zhang Baohai said that when collecting wild vegetables, consider the growth environment of wild vegetables."Actually, wild vegetables in some places are not suitable for people to eat. Wild vegetables growing in places with large traffic flows may accumulate heavy metal elements such as lead; some wild vegetables that grow in artificial forests may remain some pesticides."He said.

At the same time, Zhang Baohai said that when picking wild vegetables, it is necessary to avoid nearby areas such as factories, sewage, highways, garbage landfills, etc., and avoid damage to the body due to mistakes due to accidental food.

"Personally, I don’t recommend that when you go outdoors, you can dig wild vegetables at will in the park and road. This will destroy the environment on the one hand, and at the same time, it is possible to mistake the venomous wild vegetables.Wild vegetables are not very familiar, and it is recommended to pick it under the leadership of professionals. "Zhang Baohai said.

For some herbal wild vegetables, do not consecut them when picking, so that these wild vegetables can continue to grow; do not pick it up too much to avoid causing the ecological environment damage.

Not everyone is suitable for wild vegetables

Is everyone suitable for wild vegetables?

Zhang Baohai said that it is necessary to comprehensively consider their own conditions on the basis of familiarity with the characteristics of wild vegetables.Old people, infants, pregnant women, lactating women, allergies and other people try not to eat or eat wild vegetables as much as possible."Eating wild vegetables is heavy, not too greedy, and it is not allowed to replace vegetables." He emphasized.

Wild vegetables have a variety of ways, and wild vegetables with different tastes and characteristics have different cooking methods.Pepaurus is suitable for stuffing. Dandelion can be eaten raw. For the bitter wild vegetables such as Mulan buds, willow buds, poplar hanging, mud and marine vegetables, and some micro -poisonous wild vegetables, they need to be safe after soup drift and soaking."If the relevant cooking experience is not very rich, you need to deal with wild vegetables under the leadership of experienced people." Zhang Baohai reminded.

Before cooking wild vegetables, it is necessary to remove its rotten part and fully clean it.If you need to buy wild vegetables, you can go to the regular vegetable market or supermarket to buy fresh wild vegetables to avoid buying on the roadside stalls or flow stalls.

If you have discomfort after eating wild vegetables, you should spit in time and bring the remaining wild vegetables and vomit to the hospital for treatment.In the process of waiting for medical treatment, you can drink light saline or warm water in moderation to supplement body fluid.(Intern reporter Pei Yuewei)

Source: Science and Technology Daily

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