The wife and the breeding field owner had an affair with an affair, and the husband and wife set up a bureau to retaliate against the enemy to open the house to catch the rape

The man found that his wife had an affair, so he conspired with his wife to recover the enemy.His wife and love rivals opened the house and sent a mobile phone positioning. He invited his wife and family to catch rape and robbed him.Police caught up with no results, walked into the restaurant for dinner, and found that the two suspects would eat at the neighboring table, and they were about to capture.On the 17th, Jianghan police hunted to Huangpi cargo yard to capture another gang Gong.

At 10 pm on the 15th, 45 -year -old Hu hurriedly ran into the Beihu Police Station of the Jianghan Public Security Bureau to call the police. That night, he and his girlfriend He Mou rest at a hotel in Beihu. Suddenly rushed into 4 men, snatched 33,000 yuan, and was written.A deck of 150,000 yuan.The police felt that the case was a little bit strange. After a detailed question, Hu Mou had a flower to mess with the grass and encountered his girlfriend He Mou’s husband Ni Mou.

At 3 pm on the 16th, the police quickly locked He Mou’s true identity and rushed to a rental house in Houhu to arrest.At 8 o’clock that night, eight people such as the police Zhang Wei and Liuyang walked into a small restaurant in a village of Flowing Lake for dinner. Shortly after the seat, Zhang Wei found that the two men and women in the next table were familiar, so they quietly took out the hotel to rob the suspect monitoring screenshot and compare.The characteristics of the two men and women are in line with Ni and He and He. Immediately step forward to control the two and bring them back to the North Lake Police Station.On the 17th, the police arrested another guy Gong Mou at the Huangpi cargo yard according to Ni.

It turned out that the 29 -year -old He Mou was a hotel waiter.Earlier this year, He Mou met Hu Mou, 45 through the Internet, and the two sides quickly mixed together.For a long time, Ni saw his wife a little abnormal.A few days ago, Ni found that his wife suddenly became pregnant, and repeatedly asked the reason.On July 15 this year, in order to retaliate against the rival, Ni and He Mou asked He Mou to invite Hu to the hotel in Beihu to open a house and send out positioning with his mobile phone.Hu Mou was robbed by 33,000 yuan through mobile phones and wrote 150,000 yuan in the lack of marriage compensation.

At present, Ni and Gong were detained for criminal detention for robbery of others’ property, and He Mou had to deal with it separately due to pregnancy.Police are pursuing two fugitives.

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