The widow’s pregnancy has not been solved, and her son died strangely. The truth is surprising!

During the Hongzhi period of the Damong Dynasty, a bizarre richest man love was gangster in the Heyuan Society of Foshan County, Nanhai County, Guangdong, poisoning his children, and the destruction of the corpse.In the twelve years of Hongzhi, the new family of Yuanyuan Yuanlun was described and quickly detected this doubt, which explained to the society and was rich.

Fu Yan holds righteousness and widow, strange to be pregnant

This rich man is Mai, the surname of the husband family, and has lived in the Heyuan Society for generations.Unfortunately, her husband died early, leaving only one son Shao Song under his knees, 16 years, smart and handsome, very filial, and he was born with childhood.Although Mai’s lost her husband, he was youth.However, because of the rich heritage and worry -free food and clothing, there is still a son enough to Cheng Huan, which gives her great comfort. She does not think of being a big marriage. She can only care for the lonely festival, cultivate her son to grow up, and set up a family to continue the incense of the family.

Who knows that there are many rogues in the husband, and the rich legacy of the saliva Mai often wants to occupy it.Therefore, these people often have bad ideas.Helpless Mai’s self -sustaining, Shao Song will grow up. Therefore, although these people are jealous, they are also impeccable, and they are purely delusional.

Unexpectedly, "the world is unbelievable, and people have a good blessing."Suddenly, somehow, Mai’s belly suddenly became bigger, as if she was pregnant.At first, she thought it was a stranded monster, so she asked for medical treatment everywhere. Who knew that as soon as the diagnosis and treatment, the doctor had diagnosed it as a joy, and Mai’s appearance did not show a disease.Obviously this is a sign of pregnancy.As soon as the diagnosis came out, Mai’s soul was frightened and was at a loss.She thinks that her behavior is upright, and she can’t go out in half. Except for the parent -child less, there is no child in her family.It’s hard to solve it!Soon, the stomach is becoming increasingly dazzling and there is a trend of giving birth.

The matter was soon known by the husband’s rogue. They thought that the opportunity had arrived and asked the door all day to question, saying that Mai’s unsuccessful family rules were abide by the rules of the family, and the Han Dynasty became pregnant.The property is charged.

Poor Mai was unjustly unjust, and had to ask the mother -in -law to shelter.Fortunately, his son Shao Song knows his mother’s innocence, not serving what the people do, and also stand up to arrest his mother.As a result, these rogue decisions temporarily stopped, and listened to it in January, so that Mai’s will continue to seek medical treatment.If it is really a monster, the villagers are compensated and the Jianzhen archway is awarded.If you are born with a child, it will be expelled immediately, and never tolerate.The two sides recognized, and the words were based on the words, and Mai’s has no difficulty in front of him.A few months later, Mai Fei gave birth to a person like a person.

Master after school dining instantly

Who knew that there was no wave of waves, treacherous, and the murder case suddenly made Mai’s grabbing the ground, and it was painful.One day, before lunch, Shao Song went home from the book to eat lunch from school. Mai’s and a maid had already eaten breakfast.Time is in a hurry, the dishes are simple, and only one pickled pork is burned.Unexpectedly, Shao Song eats it.So he desperately drank tea, and after drinking, he was also called a maid Sheng a pot of water and shook the room.Mai’s body was weak after giving birth, and he didn’t pay much attention.

At noon, school time is coming, and there is no time to let go.Mai’s thought that his son was tired of falling asleep for a while, and he was busy asking the maid into the room to wake his son wake up.Who knows that even a few calls, no answers, I had to push the door away, and I couldn’t find the young master everywhere, and there were still water basins on the ground, and the clothes were placed on the table.Come on to know Mai’s.

Mai’s hurriedly entered the door to check. Sure enough, there was no one in the room. At this time, Mai Fan found a pool of blood on the ground, and a bunch of hair was immersed in the blood, a few teeth and a bun.This bun was used to bundle hair, and it was frightened that Mai’s shaking, screamed in a loss, and flew on the street.I have alarmed the neighborhoods, and they all come and see. Seeing this scene, all of them are very surprised. Asked the reason, determining that this pool of blood is definitely the discharge of Shaosong, but I don’t know what the poisonous medicine it has taken., Even the bones have become.Mai’s squeezed, fainted on the ground.The neighborhood and servant, quickly first aid, woke up slowly, and cried loudly: "Ah, you die so miserable, because of these two layers of grievances."

Zhongfang quickly called Mai’s to Nanhai County, and drummed the grievances and asked for inspection.The county grandfather was called Shan Ren. He had just been in office for half a month and was very surprised.The suspicious person and so on are temporarily detained.

As soon as the incident opened, Foshan also shocked.The people in the Zeng tribe even believed that Mai’s must have incorrect behaviors. This is probably being found by parent -child.Because the case was complicated, Shan Ren could not break the case for a while, and was helpless.He suddenly remembered his friend Lun Wenxu. Lun Wenxu had just won the champion and was returning to his hometown to visit relatives.Shan Ren knows that Lunwen Syrian is known as ghosts, and there are many ghosts, often there can be magical methods.As a result, Shan Ren went to visit Lun Wenxu and requested the help of the new champion to help, in order to break the wonderful case as soon as possible, so that the truth is white in the world to stabilize the people’s hearts.

The champion micro -service carefully checks the culprit now

In fact, Lun Wenxu has heard of this bizarre case and is thinking about how to solve the case. Coincidentally, Shan Ren came to ask for help, and he agreed.Lun Wenxu decided to make an unannounced visitor first, and took two guards to quietly come to the Heyuan Society of Foshan to investigate the case.After asking for a long time, the left neighbor and the right house confirmed that Mai’s did not have any misconduct.

One day, Lunwenxu’s unannounced visit to the door of a small alley, and I saw that the house was planted with flowers and plants, and there was a grape rack on the yard.In the summer, the green leaves cover the sky.After a child was putting the food on the stone under the wall, he called the family to eat.Unexpectedly, an old man came out of the house and quickly stopped the child, do not eat here.Children ask why?The old man said: "The old saying" Mo Kaisan under the grape rack ". Because on the grape frame, the most vulnerable spring worm. This worm is very poisonous and the entrance will die.Smelling fragrance, you will fall into the dishes. If you eat it by mistake, you will have the worries of life! "

The child was so panicked and quickly moved those foods back to the room.No one can think of the old man’s heartless person. The Lunwen narrative who had just passed here was intentional, and suddenly remembered that Zeng Shaoyan’s bone murder case was not yet clue.This former Shao Song should be poisoned, but what poison did you take?Or did you eat poisonous insects by mistake?Lun Wenxu suddenly had an idea. He decided to investigate from the poisonous insects, and he might have been able to get out of the water.

As a result, Lun Wenxu returned to Nanhai County and found Shan Ren overnight, asking for a check -in to the scene, Shan Ren agreed.That night, Lun Wenxu rested in Shan Ren’s study room. Lun Wenxu thought about the case and couldn’t fall asleep. He read a book "Nanhai County" on the bookshelf. Suddenly, there was a record above, saying: Hongwu ten years, Yiyi, Chinese and Western.A wonderful case in the hometown.The case is like this. The aunt is at home and is very affectionate. When the brother goes out, he will play with his sister -in -law. After a few months, he would be pregnant. If it wasn’t for the county official’s wife, he would almost become the wrong case.After reading this case, Lun Wenxu called the case: There was no place to step on the iron shoes, and it was not worried, Mai’s grievances, similar to this case!

Reproduce the case through poisonous revealing

Lun Wenxu was happy in his heart, and he slept all night until Tianming, and he came to the Zeng family of Heyuan Society with Shan Ren.They checked the scene of the case carefully and checked all places, and no suspiciousness was found.In the end, Lunwen revealed a crock, with half a can of mold heart.These moldy hearts are materials used by daily maids to steam pork and give less eaten.Lun Wenxu turned around the pot of pickles a few laps, thinking that it was very suspicious, so he ordered it, and he poured out in public. Suddenly, a few geckos jumped out of the inside.

When Lunwen saw this, he immediately remembered what the old man in the alley said yesterday: "No Kaishi under the grape frame", poisonous worms can cause people to death.Seeing that the gecko has not taken off yet, although I dare not determine to be poisonous, it may wish to try it.So he wiped out a puppy left and right, and ordered someone to get some pork. In this kitchen, I can cook a bowl of rice in rice in this kitchen, steamed the meat with pickles, and feed the dogs to eat the meals a few days ago.Bai rice is nothing to do, proves that white rice is non -toxic.So add the pickles of pickles into the rice and give it to the puppy.Soon after eating, the puppy suddenly became crazy, barking and jumped, and her teeth danced.

Lun Wenxu also called a plate of water on the left and right. It was placed in front of the puppy.After drinking, the fierceness is more fierce.His name is to take the water from the left and right. After the puppy drinks again, he has rolled around the ground. It seems painful. After a few more rolls, in a blink of an eye, it turns into blood water.Mao and teeth are immersed in blood pool.Shan Ren and other people present saw him with his own eyes, and couldn’t help but be stunned.

After looking at Lun Wenxu, he vomited and said, "Just what happened just now, everyone has a common meeting.Test the intention of pickles.The crowd immediately kneeling together: "The champion knows the Superman, and the clever case is the case.

Lun Wenxu said to Shan Ren: "Now the poison case has been sued the water, and the strange fetal case is not a problem.

As a result, Lun Wenxu, Shan Renhe’s followers left Foshan and returned to Nanhai County.The Zeng family, even rice, oil and salt sauce, pickles, and even the urine of the toilet also brought back testimony.Everyone was confused.

The office is justified and the unjust is cleaned

The next day, Lunwenfu opened the hall on time, and first proposed that Mai, maid, pork shop owner, pickles and hawkers, etc. from the prison, and rumored that the plaintiffs of the Qi Zeng nationality arrived in the church.When the church asked the two sides, the Zeng tribe strongly pointed out, and Mai’s strong was wrong.Lun Wenxu asked the people Zeng Lao: "You wait for the dead for the deceased. The official agreed very much. A rape case and a murder case. The official has found that who you think is the light and who you think, and you should judge where you should be judged first.One? "

Zeng Zeng couldn’t wait to kill Mai’s in order to capture her family property, and he said uniformly: "The vicious woman Mai’s, murdered her children, criminal evil, and begged to convict." Lun Wenxu said loudly:"Your Zeng people are waiting for you. The official said to you that Shao Song’s death is dying from insects, not murder, Mai is not guilty, and maid is not guilty! The boss of the pork shop is not guilty, only pickles of picklesResponsibility for escaping! "

Zeng Lao listened to Lun Wenxu like this, like a cold water, and shouted in unison: "This incident is clearly the love of Mai’s love, murdering his own children, killing the corpse and destroying. The adult said he was innocent.People and others are really dissatisfied! "Asiansi, the pickled vegetable dealer also shouted.

At this time, Lun Wenxu was not angry, so he said, "This official does not explain the case, you do n’t know if you wait." Then, he would prepare white rice pork oil and salt and firewood, and the pot of pickles, and then press the front of the front.The procedure was tested again. After eating pickles, the puppy rolled immediately, and ate cold water again. It turned into a pool of blood. The people had only been always convinced that Lun Wenxu said at this time, so Shao Song’s murder case was settled.And the old Lao still refused to stop, and said together: "Although Mai’s suspicion of murdering his child, he has not ends, and loves to become a fetus.Hearing the words, yelling was unjust.The maid strongly shouted for his housewife.

Lun Wenxu said highly: "This officer judged that Mai had no treacherous sentiment today.Do not understand the basis for this judgment.

Lun Wenxu continued: "Ben is now explained to you that Mai’s strange baby babies are not caused by rape, but because they live with their sons, they are small in the place, the urine is one, and the mother and son shared.The sixteen of Songnian Fang, the child essence is not broken, the blood gas is rigid, and the energy is the most abundant. After the urination, the yang is still on the urine, and the Mai is ignorant and continues to urinate.It belongs to Wangjian, and her husband has been dead for many years, and no one is comforting. Because the physiology fails to end, it is difficult to read it when the urine.Jue Sui is a fetus for Shao Song’s Yang Qi. It is ‘fetal qi’ is not flesh and blood.

Everyone heard the words, and was still doubtful. Lun Wenxu asked Mai’s. Is this the case at that time?The first fashion of Mai was ashamed, for fear of blaspheming.Lun Wenxu persuaded: "This official is bright and not afraid of small things in the district. Moreover, this case is not the same, and it is different from your life. You must say it!" At this time, Mai’s only described it at the time, and it was like Lun Lun.Wen Xu said.

Unexpectedly, the class was still unconvinced in that class, and they all said that there was no acceptance, and there must be empirical.Lunwen was not panicked and took out the "Nanhai County Chronicle" from his side, pointing out that the Xiqiao girl’s wonderful case was taken as an example, and another record in "Evidences of Washing Injustice": "Everyone who does not get pregnant means that it means that it is not pregnant.The qi fetus, the baby produced, is placed in the sun. "Lun Wenxu then killed, and put the dead baby produced by Mai on the heavens.

At noon, the scorching sun was hanging, and the dead baby was naked. It was placed in the sun, and it melted into a pool of blood after a while.Suddenly scared everyone’s soul.As a result, he kneeled down to Lunwen and his head again and again.Mai’s is even more grateful, thank you Lunwen to the Qiuqiu, and washed away the grievances for her.Mai’s maids were not guilty.The gentry of the Zeng tribe blamed thirty, and punished them to invest in the built -in chastity archway to recognize Mai’s chastity.

New Key Yuanlun’s ingenuity and wisdom checked the bizarre murder of mother and child, winning the praise of the people, and it was a good story in the local area!

*Author: Liu Yongjia, original columnist of the secret history of fish and sheep.

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