The whole process of women’s upper ring is cowardly, don’t be shy, men and women should take a good look!

In a certain city, there is a pair of lovers, Liu Wei (pseudonym) and Chen Li (pseudonym).They have been dating for three years and their feelings are very deep.However, Chen Li recently found that she was pregnant.This is the third time that she and Liu Wei have been pregnant. They chose abortion in the first two times, but this time Chen Li hesitated.

Liu Wei was very surprised when he heard the news, but soon began to discuss with Chen Li how to solve it.However, Liu Wei’s solution made Chen Li unacceptable -he hoped Chen Li to go to the ring.Liu Wei believes that this can avoid accidental pregnancy and will not affect Chen Li’s health.

Chen Li was very disgusted with this. She believed that the Shekuan would have a great impact on the body, and it was also easy to have complications.More importantly, Chen Li felt that Liu Wei’s attitude on this issue was very irresponsible. She believed that both men and women should take responsibility.

Chen Li and Liu Wei quarreled several times for this, and finally Chen Li proposed to break up.

1. Choose to the ring

1. Principles and types of Shelling contraception.

Sheung Wan is a safe and effective contraceptive method. Its principle is to place a small T -shaped object in the female uterus to prevent sperm from entering the uterus and achieve the purpose of contraception.According to different materials and shapes, the upper ring can be divided into different types such as copper ring, pharmaceutical ring, and hormone ring.Among them, the contraceptive effect of the copper ring, while the drug ring and the hormone ring can play the role of contraception and regulating menstruation at the same time.

2. Why choose the Sheung Wan as a contraceptive method.

There are many reasons for women to choose upper ring as a contraceptive method.First of all, Shanghuan has the characteristics of long -term, reversible, and safe. It can last for several years without affecting women’s fertility.Secondly, the Shekuan is not affected by other drugs, and it is relatively convenient to use.

3. Women need to prepare before choosing the Sheung Wan.

Before choosing the upper ring, women need to make some preparations.First of all, a comprehensive physical examination needs to be performed to ensure that your physical condition can adapt to the use of the upper ring.Secondly, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different types of upper ring, and choose the types of Shanghuan suitable for you according to your actual situation.Women also need to consult a doctor to understand the usage methods, the possible side effects, and the method of response, so as to make full psychological preparation.Finally, before the upper ring surgery, women need to pay attention to diet and living habits to avoid affecting the success rate of the operation and their own health.

2. The process of Sheung Wan

1. Process and precautions of Sheung Wan surgery.

The Shanghuan surgery is generally performed by a doctor at the clinic or hospital.Before surgery, women need to empty the bladder, and then lie on the surgical bed to separate their legs.Doctors will use the equipment to place the upper ring in the uterus and adjust according to the specific situation to ensure the correct position of the upper ring.The operation time is usually not more than 15 minutes. After surgery, you need to rest for a period of time in the hospital and observe and care for it.

Women need to follow the doctor’s advice before surgery, such as stopping taking certain drugs or diets, and avoiding sexual behavior.Pay attention to hygiene, avoid infection, and avoid raising and strenuous exercise after surgery to ensure the smooth recovery of the operation.

2. Mystery and pain during surgery.

Sheung Wan surgery is generally painless, but some women may have mild pain and discomfort.Some complications may occur during surgery, such as uterine perforation, infection, bleeding, etc.Women need to conduct a comprehensive medical examination before surgery to avoid these problems.

3. Side effects and precautions that may occur after the ring.

After using the upper ring contraception, women may have some side effects, such as irregular menstruation, increased menstrual flow, and abdominal pain.The shift may occur or fall off, causing contraceptive failure.Women need to pay close attention to their physical conditions when using the upper ring. If abnormal conditions are found, they should seek medical treatment in time.At the same time, women also need to follow the doctor’s advice to regularly review the location and status of the upper ring, and replace the upper ring regularly.

Third, use the experience of the upper ring

1. Describe the feelings and effects of women after using the upper ring.

After women use the upper ring, they usually feel the advantages and convenience it brings.The contraceptive effect of the Shekuan is very good, it is easy to use, and it does not need to take medicine or use a condom daily.At the same time, some women will feel their regulatory effect on menstruation after using the upper ring, such as the menstrual cycle becomes more regular and the amount of menstrual flow is reduced.Generally speaking, women’s evaluation of the use of Shekuan is relatively high and believes that it is a safe and convenient contraceptive method.

2. Analyze the problems that may occur and how to solve the upper ring.

There may be some problems with the upper ring, such as abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, and intrauterine infection.When these problems occur, women should seek medical treatment in time and receive a doctor’s examination and treatment.Some women may occur or fall off, which will cause contraception failure.If this happens, women need to contact the doctor immediately and consider changing the upper ring.

3. Recommend women to pay attention when using the upper ring.

When using the upper ring, women need to pay attention to the following points.First of all, you need to check the position and status of the upper ring regularly to avoid displacement or falling off.Secondly, the upper ring needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the effect of contraception.Women need to pay attention to personal hygiene and prevent infection.Finally, women should avoid sexual behavior during the use of the upper ring, so as not to affect the uterus and upper ring.

Women use the upper ring as contraceptive measures. Although they may encounter some difficulties and pains in the process, it is still a safe and effective contraceptive method.Through the correct choice and use, women can reduce the risk of accidental pregnancy and also protect their health.At the same time, we also call on men to have a sense of responsibility in contraception and work hard for healthy sex.

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