The weight gain, the menstruation has not come for 7 months, mainly because the phlegm is damp. Chinese medicine should pay attention to irregular menstruation.

The patient is 26 years old, has been married for three years, but has not been pregnant.

When I first went to the doctor, I found that the patient was fat and had no blood on his face, and it was pale.

After the consultation, menstruation was normal, but after marriage, the weight continued to increase, and the menstrual cycle slowly began to delay backwards. The menstrual flow became less, the color was light, and the texture was sticky.

I had a menstruation about 28-30 days before, and now the menstruation is delayed. Sometimes it is only once a few months. When I came to the doctor, I have not been menstruation for 7 months.

Now the body is obese, the vaginal discharge is many, the color is white and sticky, and there is no odor.

I often feel dizziness and palpitations, chest tightness.The tongue coating is white and the pulse is slippery.No abnormalities were found in gynecological examinations.

In fact, with the obesity of the body shape, the phlegm dampness gradually flourished, and the second pulse was easily blocked.Essence

The phlegm -damp lipid film blocked the second pulse of the rushing, and the veins of the plug.

Therefore, this patient’s pathogenesis is phlegm dampness. In the treatment, it is mainly to remove phlegm and dampness.

Therefore, the use of Qiyuan pills and flavors. The main medicinal materials include Banxia, Kangshu, Xiangfu, Poria, Divine Comedy, Chenpi, Chuanxiong, Yuanzhi, Angelica, Chicken Blood Teng and so on.

After the treatment, the body management function is common. At the same time, the patient’s diet is light. After 6 months of treatment, the effect has been significantly improved, the menstrual cycle becomes regular, and the menstrual flow is returned to normal.

On this basis, a prescription for ovulation promotes the menstruation.

Irregular menstruation is a signal that is difficult to conceive. When we have problems with menstruation, we must go to the hospital in time to seek medical treatment. We must pay attention to it and strive for a cure at one time.

Note: This article is only used for experience exchanges and does not take clinical guidance.If you have similar diseases, you should seek medical treatment in time and take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

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