The weather is getting colder when the "good pregnancy tips" are getting cold. Have you started to get your feet?

This is popular recently

People have to be middle -aged as a last resort

Soaking in the insulation cup


Soak your feet hot every day

It is also a good hot health care project

Now the weather is getting colder

Do you put on your schedule?

Many sisters with foot habits ask

Can I soak my feet during pregnancy?

if possible

How to soak your feet for pregnancy?

Let’s talk about whether you can soak your feet during pregnancy?

The answer is yes, it can be soaked.

In fact, women’s feet are very good.People are cold from their feet, keeping their feet warm, and soaking their feet hot every day, which can not only promote blood circulation, drive the cold in the body, but also eliminate fatigue and improve sleep. There are many benefits to the body.When soaking your feet, you can also use your hands with your hands to drive the cold of the Yongquan acupoint of the soles of your feet. You can use the heart and kidney intersection method to drive the cold, and give your baby a warm "home" so that you can get pregnant!

How to soak women with dysmenorrhea and cold cells during pregnancy?

Women with dysmenorrhea and cold cells can soak their feet with wormwood.Wormwood is warm and returns to the liver and kidney meridian.Therefore, the wormwood feet can rational qi and blood, and relieve pain and relieve pain.

Because the wormwood leaves are warm, it is suitable for women’s wet and cold constitution. When coming to auntie, you can use wormwood to soak your feet. It can relieve dysmenorrhea and palace cold. It can also improve women’s endocrine and help delay ovarian function.decline.

But it can’t be soaked too frequently, 2 to 3 times a week.

Can I soak my feet during menstruation?

The answer is yes, it can be soaked.

1. Promote blood circulation

First of all, female friends can soak their feet during the period.Everyone knows that soaking your feet can increase the blood circulation of the body, even if you usually soak your feet, you can feel comfortable, and the menstrual period is the same.If it is a female friend of qi stagnation and blood stasis, many small blood clots often appear during menstruation, and the blood circulation in the human body can be promoted by soaking their feet, thereby alleviating the phenomenon of blood clots.Therefore, soaking feet can make the blood of menstrual women more unblocked, thereby smoothing the menstrual blood flowing out.

2. Relieve dysmenorrhea symptoms

After soaking the feet with hot water for a period of time, a thin layer of sweat will appear on the body. This is because the soaking of the feet has increased the temperature of the human body, which achieves the effect of the cold.Many women will have dysmenorrhea when menstruation. In severe cases, they may not be able to bed, so many people use the method of applying a hot water bottle to relieve it.In fact, soaking feet can also effectively solve women’s dysmenorrhea caused by cold, and it will be better if using Chinese herbal medicine soaking feet.

Can I add herbs at will?

Put her herbal medicine because of people. When soaking your feet, put on a moderate amount of Chinese herbal medicine according to your own characteristics, but you can do more effort after you are pregnant. Try not to use the medicine to soak your feet.

In addition, the time to soak the feet must be controlled for about 20 minutes, and it cannot have a good effect for too long and too short.

Other feet precautions

1. If you don’t want to soak your feet every day, you can choose to start ten days before ovulation to help warm the uterus.

2. The water level should be in the middle of the calf.

3. Soak for about 15-20 minutes.

4. The temperature is between 38 ° C and 45 ° C.It is not recommended to be higher than 45 ° C, which may hurt your body.

5. Before soaking, drinking a glass of water is conducive to metabolism and replenishing body fluid.

6. Do not soak your feet before or after meals, so as not to affect appetite and digestion.

7. Do not sleep immediately after soaking.When your feet are still hot, rub the soles of your feet, wear socks in time to keep warm, and slowly decrease the heat of the whole body before falling asleep.

8. Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene to prevent infection from the foot.

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