The upper belly and the lower belly means that the fetus is different, and the risks they face are different!

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The expectant mothers who are pregnant usually find that their stomachs are slightly different from other pregnant women. They often listen to the problems of the old people raised their stomachs, the tip of the stomach, and the fetal position and the fetal position.So how does the upper belly and the lower belly distinguishable cause this difference with the posture of the fetus, and what risks will different fetal positions bring?

What is the difference between upper belly and lower belly?

Usually pregnant mothers who are pregnant with belly, the position of the uterus will be relatively backward, the overall direction of the uterus will be tilted backwards, and the cervix will also be upward. Therefore, the stomach of the pregnant woman is upward.The actual month of the fetus is large.

The pregnant mothers who are pregnant with their belly are opposite, so the baby is more reliable in the abdomen of the pregnant woman. Usually, the pregnant women who are pregnant with their belly are not very pregnant, and their hips look wider than the mothers who are pregnant during pregnancy.

The cause of the upper belly and the lower belly is related to the posture of the fetal treasure

The reason why the upper belly and the lower belly are mainly because each pregnant woman is different, so their uterine shape, pelvic position and abdominal muscles are different.Mothers who are in their belly are usually rich and pelvis is relatively large, so the fetus is easier to enter the pelvis, and the space is sufficient, so the fetus usually grows horizontally.

Moms on the belly are usually thinner. Because the skeleton is small, the pelvis is narrower. The shape of the pelvis makes the fetus difficult to enter the pelvis and the space is relatively small. ThereforeWanderer.However, mothers don’t have to worry, because in the later period of birth, the fetus will slowly decline in the pelvic direction as the month increases.

The upper belly and the lower belly brought different discomfort during pregnancy

The fetus with the belly is usually upper than the stomach. As the month increases the size of the fetus, it will be compressed to the stomach of the pregnant woman, making the mothers feel that the stomach is always under things and the appetite is not affordable.There will also be vomiting.

Therefore, although the mothers who are pregnant with belly, although their appetite is not appetizing, they can eat less for their health, pay attention to nutritional matching, and try to choose food that is easy to digest.

As the fetal fetuses increase, as the month increases, they usually compress the bladder of the mothers. Pregnant women will have frequent urination in the late pregnancy, and some symptoms such as constipation and long hemorrhoids will affect the mothers.Sleep quality.Therefore, the mothers who are pregnant with their belly should drink as little water, drink water early, eat more foods for stomach, and prevent constipation.

Netizens hotly discussion:

@孕 一: I have been pregnant for 8 months, my belly is getting bigger and bigger. It is very difficult to turn over at night. I always want to go to the toilet recently. I can only wake my husband to help me go in the middle of the night.Several times, I was drowsy at work. I really want to give birth to the children quickly so that we can liberate.

@从: I do n’t want to eat since pregnancy. It may be a genetic cause. My pregnancy response is particularly large and always feels uncomfortable in the stomach, but for the baby’s health, I have to force myself to eat.I eat more. Recently, I changed my way to make all kinds of delicious food, but I just have no appetite.

Pregnancy is a very hard thing. In order to ensure the health of the fetus, mothers need to overcome many difficulties, and family members should also give pregnant mothers more considerate.If you like this article, don’t forget to like it!

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