The truth, "Who is he" has three murderers, Wei Guoping’s phrase "He is afraid of pregnancy" is critical

"Who is he" has a sense of fascination in the plot design.

The play deliberately exposed the protagonist and the audience on many details. Some audiences followed Wei Guo to follow the corner, and some audiences followed the flaws. In the end, they would enter a trap set by screenwriters after another.When you are determined to find the truth of the murderer, it is often a false image. After a lap, the case detection and return to the starting point.

If we jump out of the trap designed "Who are he", we may be able to touch some of the truth of the case.

1. Two thousand dollars from Zhao Gongzi

One of the most common problems in Wei Guoping is that the clues are pulled on the eight -eight case, and the audience naturally follows Wei Guoping’s thinking to fall into the trap of the screenwriter.It was a murderer.

However, we can also have another idea. The eight -eight cases, corpse cases, and Chen Shanhe may not be a murderer at all, or there are multiple murderers.

If you want to solve this mystery, you must first see who Zhao Gongzi Zhao Shijie is.

In 1996, Zhao Gongzi dared to cooperate with the cultural palace to engage in "the concubine", and dared to let Nie Baohua plunder the girl on the street for him to rape, and then threw the girl in the wilderness.The victim Li Xuemei left two thousand yuan.

This was in 1996. At that time, Wei Guoping’s salary was hundreds of yuan a month. It can be seen that two thousand yuan is not a small number. Some girls may be retaliated because they are afraid of money, or because they are worried about money, or they are worried that they can’t say clearly.You can only choose to silence.

However, Zhao Gongzi’s starting point is just to satisfy the desire. He does not want to kill. If he wants to kill, no matter whether he or Nie Baohua, there is no need to give Li Xuemei 2,000 yuan.

Therefore, Jiang Guangshan’s killing Li Xuemei was not instructed by Zhao Gongzi, nor was it to snatch two thousand dollars. Is it really to retaliate against Zhao Gongzi sent someone to smash his small restaurant?

Jiang Guangshan’s reason is far -fetched. He obviously did not tell Nie Baohua the truth, and his motivation was very doubtful.

In addition, in 1996, many characteristics of Li Xuemei were killed in the case of the 88th case and Chen Shanhe were killed.

Second, afraid of pregnancy?

There were two significant similarities in the 1996 case and the Li Xuemei case in 1996. Both the victims encountered sexual assault before their lifetime, and the people who killed them were left -handed.

When Li Xuemei was killed, he had two thousand dollars, proved that neither Nie Baohua nor Zhao Gongzi didn’t want to kill her.The eight -eight case has a very significant feature that criminals wear condoms when they committed crimes.

There is a logical similar relationship between the two cases: if Zhao Gongzi wants to kill Li Xuemei, there will be no two thousand yuan.If the criminals in the 1988 case want to kill the girl, he will not use a condom. Who will worry about a dead person pregnant?

The Li Xuemei case was Zhao Gongzi raped Li Xuemei in front of him, and Jiang Guangshan killed Li Xuemei.In this way, the 88th case is likely to be a criminal rape girl ahead, and another criminal killed the girl behind.

Zhao Gongzi did not know that Jiang Guangshan killed Li Xuemei. Then, the rape of the eight -eight case was likely to not know the existence of the murderer.

In this way, the phrase "Is he afraid of pregnancy" that Wei Guoping said at the exploration scene was very important. Although his view was scoffed by Song Zhe at that time, this sentence exactly explained that there was a case in the 1988 case.A significant feature, rapist and murderers are likely not to be the same person.

3. Chen Shanhe was killed

According to the plot of "Who is he", Zhao Gongzi Zhao Shijie had previously visited Ningjiang, and later left for a while, until 1996, he came to Ningjiang and Nie Baohua again to start cooperation.

Judging from Zhao Gongzi’s continuous rape in 1996, the rapist in the 1988 case is likely to be him.

In 1996, Jiang Guangshan followed Zhao Gongzi to kill Li Xuemei, who had just been ruined by Zhao Gongzi. We have reason to believe that the left -handed chef who is good at using the knife is likely to be the murderer in the 88th case.

Jiang Guangshan said to Nie Baohua. At that time, he saw Zhao Gongzi’s strangling girl, which was inconsistent with the autopsy report of the 1988 case. The possibility of lying was very likely. He should say half a sentence.

In other words, Jiang Guangshan should see Zhao Gongzi’s rape girl, and it is estimated that Nie Xiaoyu is also included.

So the question is, is it Jiang Guangshan who killed Chen Shanhe in Rainy Night in 1988?

The author believes that that murderer is probably not Jiang Guangshan.

First of all, in 1996, Zhao Gongzi was not dead to Nie Xiaoyu thief, which may show that he had already stared at Nie Xiaoyu.

Secondly, the criminals who raped Nie Xiaoyu were stared at by Chen Shanhe and Wei Guoping at that time, and were chased by Chen Shanhe all the way.

Once again, Jiang Guangshan threatened Zhao Gongzi in 1996, saying that they had seen them seven or eight years ago and on a rainy night.

There is also a detail that it needs to be noted that Zhao Gongzi does not seem to worry about the rape case he committed. This is similar to Xue Jiajian. They are determined that the victim girl dares not or ashamed to report the case, so there is no fear.

However, when Jiang Guangshan threatened Zhao Gongzi eight years ago, he immediately panicked and gave all the money in the wallet to Jiang Guangshan. This shows that the crime he committed the rainy night eight years ago was likely not only rape cases.

If it is just a rape case, it is estimated that Zhao Gongzi will not panic at all. You must know that for the police in 1996, it is quite difficult to detect a rape case that occurred eight years ago in Rainy Night.

Therefore, the truth of Chen Shanhe’s killing case is likely to be like this:

Zhao Gongzi hijacked Nie Xiaoyu to violence on the rainy night, and Jiang Guangshan ambushed around and prepared to kill him.

Nie Xiaoyu called for help. Wei Guoping found that Chen Shanhe chased Zhao Gongzi and was unfortunately killed by Zhao Gongzi.

Jiang Guangshan saw Zhao Gongzi raped Nie Xiaoyu and killed Chen Shanhe. Eight years later, he used this to extort Zhao Gongzi.

Zhao Gongzi was worried about his killing of Chen Shanhe, and immediately paid for Jiang Guangshan and threatened him to shut up.

Fourth, Jiang Guangshan’s motivation

If the Li Xuemei case in 1996 and the case of the case of Chen Shanhe were in reasoning in 1988, the truth of the eight -eight case would come out.

Zhao Gongzi Zhao Shijie continued to rape a number of girls during the Ningjiang period in 1988. Jiang Guangshan killed the girl after Zhao Gongzi committed the crime.The crime process is exactly the same as the Li Xuemei case in 1996.

However, the question is coming again. What is Jiang Guangshan’s murderous motivation?

Do you hold the sheep to rob you?This reason can be explained. After all, Jiang Guang is good at gambling. As a gambler, if you have a chance to meet such an opportunity, he dares to start.

However, if it was just robbing wealth, it would not be explained why Jiang Guangshan did not take away the two thousand dollars around Li Xuemei in 1996.Is there any other factors in the middle?For example, Zhao Shijie’s brother Zhao Shiduo.

When Jiang Guangshan blackminated Zhao Shijie in 1996, his brother saw Jiang Guangshan, and then Zhao Shiduo secretly came to Jiang Guangshan’s hotel. He should give him a sum of money.

Zhao Shiduo’s move proves that he should have known Jiang Guangshan for a long time, and Jiang Guangshan’s expression proves that he also knows Zhao Shiduo. The two should be an acquaintance relationship. Zhao Shiduo is a senior official in Ningjiang’s economic system.How did you become acquaintances and have to meet secretly?

I have to doubt one thing. Perhaps Zhao Shiduo and Jiang Guangshan have had cooperation long ago.

Does this mean that behind the 88th case and the Li Xuemei case, there is a Zhao Shiduo?

Fifth, the most difficult to understand corpse case

Yu Aiqin, a victim of the corpse case, had been selected by Zhao Gongzi. The problem came. The problem came. Li Xuemei was killed immediately after Zhao Gongzi raped.

If Zhao Gongzi raped her after Yu Aiqin finished the event, what happened from New Year’s Day to the end of February?

When Zhao Gongzi and Nie Baohua chatted, there was a connotation: if I let me find out who did it, I had to break him.

The word "also" and the word "broken" are very scary and broken. Maybe it is a broken corpse case.

This sentence shows that maybe Yu Aiqin did not yield after being raped, but found Zhao Shijie, and took out some conditions that made Zhao Shijie unacceptable, so Zhao Shijie sent someone to kill Yu Aiqin and shattered his body.

However, there can be another explanation here that others can break the corpse and I can break the corpse.Perhaps the person who killed and crushed the corpse Yu Aiqin was the person that Zhao Shijie knew, such as Zhao Shiduo.

However, it is difficult for you to explain why Yu Ainqin’s corpse appears in the anatomy room of Ningjiang Medical College. Is this intentionally framed or intentionally confusing the police’s detection of ideas?

In short, compared to the clearer eight -eight case, Chen Shanhe’s killing and Li Xuemei case, the corpse case was indeed foggy.

To sum up, according to the reasoning of this article, there can be at least three murderers in the eight -eight case, Chen Shanhe being killed, and corpse cases, Zhao Shijie, Jiang Guangshan and Zhao Shiduo hidden behind them.

Compared to the killing of the eight -eighth case and Chen Shanhe, the corpse case in "Who is he" is also doubtful as the corpse case in reality.Essence

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