The Thai Entertainment couple Push and JUI are happy, and they are officially upgraded as parents. The baby looks enviable


Following Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen, Zheng Jiaying and Chen Kailin, another star couple came with good news of the nobles, they were PUSH and JUI.

According to media reports, Thai Entertainment actresses have recently produced a healthy baby boy weighing 3.145 kg in the hospital.

Earlier, Push and JUI announced the baby’s gender, and combined the first letters of the couple, and took a nickname PJ.

The PUSH and JUI couples also sent the good news of the officials to declare their officials. They also uploaded a number of happy photos of a family of three, and were blessed by the majority of netizens and friends in the circle.

Judging from the photos of PUSH and JUI, the little PJ is not only thick hair, but also very delicate facial features. The eyebrows are black and thick, the eyes are large, the nose is straight, the mouth is rosy, the skin is fair, and the appearance is quite enviable.

Seeing such a cute little PJ, I believe that many netizens will not be able to recall the difficulty of Push and JUI.

Four years ago, Push and his three -year -old actress JUI held a grand luxury wedding.

After the marriage, Push and JUI were actively creating people.

Although I often feel discouraged, JUI never gave up, and finally conceived my baby at the beginning of this year.

After pregnancy, JUI’s pain did not stop.

In the first three months, JUI was very good at joy, what to eat and vomiting.

Even if it is very hard, JUI still eats as much as possible, and insists on making pregnant women yoga.

For more than a month before production, JUI always felt very hungry. After eating, he shouted and hungry. The amount of meals was twice as before.

Due to the large stomach, JUI could only sit and sleep, making Push look very distressed.

In order to welcome the small PJ, Push and JUI not only invited the master to count the days, but also carefully created a large infant room with infant supplies such as cribs, crakes, and seats.

Now that the little PJ is born smoothly, Push and JUI have officially upgraded their parents, and finally they have come all.

For PUSH and JUI, it is now the happiest moment in their lives. Both the house and the children have it, and it feels complete.

At present, PUSH has ended all the drama shooting. It only needs to attend some business activities, and the remaining time will be used to accompany his wife and children.

In March next year, the new PUSH drama will be filmed. At that time, he will take care of JUI and PJ while taking care of his work.

However, Thai dramas generally only shoot for 2-3 days a week, so PUSH still has a lot of time to be a dad at home.

In addition to Hi Guizi, there is also good news in PUSH. He and Pim, Pinky, New, Benz starred in the dog blood ethics drama "Game Flowers" will be launched soon.

In "Game Flowers", PUSH played the scumbag male and male lead, and wiped out among 4 beautiful women.

In a recent interview, Push admits that he wants the second child, but it depends on whether JUI’s body is suitable.

It was just that JUI had suffered so much for her child, and she was 39 years old. She must consider whether to regenerate a baby.

So, do you think Push and JUI are likely to set up a family of four?

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