The stomach is burning, burning heart?In addition to taking medicine, 4 life tricks teach you to relieve discomfort

The gastric burning and heartburne caused by indigestion and esophageal return are one of the common stomach diseases of modern people.These symptoms will be closely related to our diet structure and lifestyle. Today we will understand the cause of stomach burning and how to relieve it at home (only the symptoms are mild).

Reasons for stomach burning

Stomach acid reflux enters the esophagus (transporting food from the mouth to the gastric pipe), gastric burning will occur.

Under normal circumstances, when you swallow, the muscle belt around the esophagus (sub -sphincter of the esophagus) will relax, causing food and liquid to flow into your stomach.Then the muscles are tightened again.

If the sphincter of the esophagus is abnormally relaxed or weakened, gastric acid will flow to the esophagus (acid reflux), causing stomach burning.When you bend over or lie down, the acid reflux may be more serious.

For some people, some foods and drinks may induce stomach burning, including: spicy food onion citrus products, tomato products such as tomato sauce, high -fat or fried food mint chocolate alcohol, carbonated drinks, coffee or other caffeine -containing beveragesEating a large amount of food or high -fat diet or pregnancy may also increase the risk of stomach burning.

Some drugs also cause gastric irritation to treat asthma drugs.Calcium channel blockers control high blood pressure.For allergic drugs.Sleep pill.Antidepressants taken during depression.Drugs used for abnormal periods or births.

Other causes of gastric ulcer indigestion can also cause stomach burning sense

4 methods to relieve stomach burning

Occasionally, stomach burning is very common and does not need to panic.Most people can manage gastric burning discomfort by adjusting their lifestyle and using non -prescription drugs.If the stomach burning seizures are more frequent, or that you have interfered with your daily life, you may need to seek medical treatment.In the following, we have compiled the small tricks in the four life. Although they cannot cure the burning sensation of the stomach, they can only help relieve discomfort to a certain extent.

1. Apple cider vinegar

Materials: two to three spoons of apple cider vinegar, honey (optional) two to three drops, and one quarter of the water

Operation: Mix all ingredients and drink half an hour before meals to treat the burning sensation of the stomach.

Benefits: Take this solution 30 minutes before meal to help quickly digest food by increasing the amount of acid in the stomach, thereby alleviating stomach stimulation.This can relieve the burning sensation of the stomach.

2. Lemon juice

Material: a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, a glass of warm water

Operation: Drink lemon juice mix with water.

Power: Gastric ulcers can also cause stomach burning sense.In this case, eating lemon juice can solve this problem to a certain extent.In fact, as we all know, lemon has anti -ulcer effects. It can reduce the risk of stomach stimulation by showing a certain degree of positive effects when ulcers occur.

3. Aloe juice

Material: Aloe Vera Sprathy

Operation: Take half a glass of aloe juice in 30 minutes before meals.

Power: Aloe vera gel contains a compound called 蒽醌, which has laxative (natural gastric cleaning characteristics).It can not only increase the amount of water in the intestine, but also increase water secretion and promote intestinal motility.

4. Milk

Material: a cup of ice milk

Operation: Drinking a cup of ice milk after dinner can treat stomach burning.

Power: Ice milk can also be used as home therapy with hot stomach and stomach burning.Ice milk has the characteristics of acid resistance and helps to alleviate gastric irritation by reducing excessive gastric acid (a severe acidity form).

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