The second child’s 10 -month pregnancy record #Each moment is worth being recorded

My pregnancy diary records the whole process from pregnancy to childbirth.This video was brewed for 10 months, recording my bits and pieces in this special period.

In this video, I shared my joy and hardship of pregnancy, and expectations for the upcoming little life.

There is another little baby in my world, HEY my Cancer girl.Looking back at 10 months of pregnancy.During the nuclear acid period, he had accumulated blood during pregnancy, resting at home with sick leave, and each review was a heavy mood.For 2 months, I could only entrust my son to my husband to take care of it, and I could only cry silently at night.However, after I returned to my job, I was sick again.I look forward to the arrival of 2023, I hope the baby can come smoothly.

In this video, I also recorded my daily life during pregnancy, including nails, photos, food, partying with friends, and so on.

During pregnancy, I also paid attention to maintaining my image and making beautiful nails.In the second trimester, my appetite became very good, I kept eating, and my weight increased rapidly.I also participated in many gatherings and shared my joy with my friends.

However, as my stomach is getting bigger and bigger, I have begun to become bloated, and I even have a lot of stretch marks.I can only alleviate the discomfort during pregnancy through other ways, such as picking up ear, massage, and so on.

In this video, I also recorded some of my experiences in the third trimester, including discomfort and production in the late pregnancy.I experienced 5 hours of pain, and finally gave birth to my daughter.

Although this process is difficult, I think everything is worth it.

I am very grateful to my family and friends for their companionship and support in my production process.

In this video, I also shared my postpartum life, including taking care of the baby’s experience.

I hope my daughter can grow up healthy, and I also hope that I can become a good mother.I believe that as long as we pay enough love and care, our family will definitely become happier and happy.

This video records the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth, and also records important moments in my life.I hope this video can bring some inspiration and encouragement to other women who are experiencing the same process.

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