The second child is 5 weeks of pregnancy, and the pregnancy is vomiting to tears, but Mr. Piggy is not around. Netizens: Find it

Internet celebrities are the industries that are particularly sought after at the moment. Here you can not only get the status and honor you want, but also make a lot of money and live a good life.However, some people have lowered their good reputation in order to become famous, resulting in everything doing everything.

Hou’er is a good example. She has never stopped from scolding since she was with Mr. Piggy. It was difficult to win everyone’s favor because of selling goods. As a result, she sent second -hand smoke notebooks as gifts to fans.Let everyone disappointed again.

From the official announcement to pregnancy, to the birth of the baby, the wedding, and waiting for a few years.For Mr. Pig, she gave birth to the child first without a wedding. Now that the baby is less than one year old, she will wait for the dream wedding.

Surprisingly, the two who had just finished the wedding and announced that he had a second child, and it was 5 weeks of pregnancy.I have to say that she is really too hard. She gave birth to a child at the end of 2021, and now she was pregnant with two more times. She experienced so much in less than a year and had to admire her.

Because the interval between the first two children was a bit short, and the physical fitness problem was not particularly good, she was particularly pregnant after the second child, and she spit into her tears.

With a video, Hou Er recorded his pregnancy process. Every time she was pregnant, when she spit out tears, only the assistant accompanied her with her, but the husband, Mr. Xiaowea, was not around.Whenever she saw her vomiting, she felt wronged when she wiped her tears.

When netizens saw that they were so uncomfortable, they did not say a lot of sympathy her. Instead, they felt that she was asking for it. She knew what kind of person Mr. Piggy was, and as a result, he gave birth to the other party.

The most annoying thing is that shortly after giving birth to a child, the wedding was waiting, and I was pregnant with a second child. It was a bit rushing, so it was not what I was looking for?Is it true that everyone is discussing, and she has children so fast, just to keep their family status?

I really do n’t understand. After she paid her youth and years, what did she be? In case she gave a few babies for Mr. Piggy, if the marriage broke down, did the child follow her or follow the youngMr. Pig?

Perhaps now Douer thinks that Mr. Pig loves her, just as Han Anran followed the piglet with his heart, but the result did not prove that the piglet was not a person worthy of entrusting for life.Just with Dou’er?After having a child with Douer, he ignored the little pig girl?

These operations let everyone see that Mr. Pig after marriage is the most likely to have a marriage change. If we do n’t believe it, let ’s wait to see it.I hope that when Daner vomited to doubt life, you can think about how long this marriage can last.

The piglet can also reflect on the wedding with others, and his wife is still pregnant.wrong?

No matter how unpleasant these words are you say, just discussing things, Mr. Piggy feels that everyone is ignored automatically. If you think that if you have a little bit of deficiencies, then hurry up.Essence

I do n’t know if you see Daer’s pregnancy, when Mr. Piggy is not around, he thinks about it?

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