The screening results have to be lost to the baby, just because of a high fever in the early pregnancy!

Recently, a mother said that when she was pregnant with her first baby, in the fifth month, she conducted a four -dimensional examination and found that the fetal brain had poor brain development and had spine bales.In the end, he had to induce labor in pain, and his body and mind suffered a lot of trauma.According to doctors, this situation is generally caused by genetic and environmental factors. The families of their parents have no defects. There should be no problems in genes.Folic acid is also supplemented regularly.So why is there such a tragedy?I thought about her process since I was pregnant, and had a fever during more than a month, and it was a high fever for a few days in a row!At that time, I was worried that taking medicine would have a bad impact on the baby and survived it.Who knows that the intention of the time had hurt the development of the baby!

Will the fever of pregnant mothers really hurt the fetus?

Her fever during pregnancy is often nervous.Embryo development is like protein activity, which is particularly sensitive to temperature. Especially during early development, it is about 4 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. If pregnant mothers often take hot baths, wash sauna, and high fever will also occur. It is normal to be normal. It is normal.The body temperature rises to 39 ° C or above, and the protein will cause irreversible damage. The risk of fetal nerve tube defects is much higher than normal, and it is easy to cause abortion.

What should I do if the fever has a fever?

Many expectant mothers often decline in immunity after pregnancy, and they are prone to cold and illness. Although early fever will have great risks. If the fever is not long, the possibility of damage is relatively low, so mothers do not have to worry too much.If the body temperature is not high and there is no other discomfort, you can reduce the fever at home, drink plenty of water, use heat sink, and timely supplement vitamin C.

If you feel that your body temperature is very high, you must go to the hospital for examination for the first time to do some tests, such as urine testing, blood tests, etc. It depends on what is caused by the right medicine.Moderate reduction is necessary. Moms cannot resist treatment because they are worried about the medication affecting the fetus.

As for what drugs are used, you must use it under the guidance of a doctor, otherwise it will hurt the fetus, especially the first three months of pregnancy is very important. Try to avoid colds and fever, and go to the place where there are more crowded people.It is also necessary to conduct regular pregnancy examinations. In the middle and late stages, the fetus is mainly developed. The fever of expectant mothers will not have a great impact on the growth and development of the baby.Expectant mothers can wait at the birth of the baby with peace of mind. Looking forward to happiness, I wish all expectant mothers pregnant!

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