The same pregnant woman, why will the belly shape be different?It has nothing to do with the sex of the baby, the reason for 4 points is explained

Today, there is a pregnant mother who spit out in our mother’s group, and the surrounding friends "" The belly is too large, and the twins may be pregnant, but the people are pregnant with a single child. After listening to it, they always feel that they are too fat.

In fact, Abu Ti also experienced this problem when he was pregnant with the second child. Because the stomach was too large, someone felt that I was pregnant with twins, but I was more optimistic. I told them that I had eaten it. There were no twins. There were no twins.Essence

There are also some old people who saw my belly so round and said that my child was a son. If it was a daughter, the belly was sharp.No matter how much I am, the round is round.

Indeed, the biggest change during pregnancy is the stomach, from the flat belly to a "big watermelon", the size and shape of each pregnant mother are still different, so the topic of the large belly and round belly will also surround the topic of the belly and round belly.Around.

When it comes to the shape of the pregnant woman’s belly, it is nothing more than round or pointed. The so -called circle is the bulging belly, like a large watermelon, the so -called tip is the stomach, and the amplitude of bending in the middle from the side is relatively large.

However, even when the same pregnant mother, when they are pregnant, they may have different shapes in this belly.

The shape of the pregnant mother’s belly is related to these reasons

01, fetal position

The shape of the fetal position has a certain impact on the shape of the pregnant mother’s belly. When the fetal position is not fixed at the beginning, the fetus rotates casually in the uterus, and the mother’s belly will easily expand to both sides, so the pregnant belly will look round.

When the fetus enters the basin in the third trimester, the fetal position is fixed, and the fetus will no longer rotate at will. Instead, the head is on the hips. At this timeThe pointed belly.

02. Pregnant mothers

Each woman has a different body shape. The tall women’s pelvis will be relatively large. The thinner women’s skeleton is smaller, so when they are pregnant, the fetus may be different in the uterus.

Generally speaking, the tall pregnant women will appear particularly small and sharp in the third trimester; thin pregnant mothers will appear particularly round and large in the third trimester.

03, front and rear walls, up and down arms

The growth of the fetus in the front wall of the uterus or the back wall will also affect the shape of the pregnant mother’s belly. The front wall looks round, and the rear wall looks a bit pointed.

There is also the upper and lower, and it does not look bloated, but the appetite is not very good, and I always feel that there is something to be blocked in my heart; it will look bloated by leaning down, walking like a penguin, but the appetite is good, and the breathing is smooth.

04, fetal head

Generally speaking, babies with large fetal heads in their mother’s belly will appear to be even more drumming. Some elderly people always say that they are accurate to see men and women.It is relatively large, but it is actually that the boy’s head will be bigger than the girl.

But this must be inaccurate, but not that the son’s head is greater than the daughter’s head. This has a certain relationship with the inheritance. My aunt belongs to the person who is big.Until now, my cousin is still complaining why my aunt would not generate him.

Can the size of the fetus be estimated from the belly shape?

Just look at the shape of the belly, you can’t accurately know the size of the fetus. Usually, when we go to the birth check, the doctor will calculate the size of the fetus for the high palace and the abdomen.It is estimated that the fetus weight.

Why do you estimate the weight of the fetus?

It is mainly to see if the pregnancy time and fetal development are confronted. If the fetus estimates that the weight is small, it is necessary to re -estimate the gestational week. If it is indeed small, the doctor will make countermeasures in time.

There is also an estimated fetal weight when the due date is near the due date, so as to better evaluate the childbirth method.

To put it simply, the shape of each mother’s belly will be different, and the shape of the pregnant mother’s belly will also change with the development of the fetus. It may be rounded in the middle of pregnancy, and the third trimester will be pointed.

But in any case, the health and gender of the fetus are not connected with the shape of the belly. Pregnant mothers should not judge these, otherwise it is to add trouble to their life during pregnancy. This is not helpful for the development of the fetus.

Text: Abu Ti said that childcare

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