The same is Zhang Yimou’s gene. Comparing Xiao Hua and Chen Ting’s daughter, it can be seen that the gap

Recently, the annual Golden Rooster Awards ended successfully in Xiamen. The star -studded scenes at the event scene, almost half of the stars in the entertainment industry attended the event.

The directors also appeared with the crew. Zhang Yimou’s eldest daughter Zhang Mo was among them. On the same day, she wore a red dress and looked calm and atmospheric.

From the perspective, Zhang Mo did inherit his father’s genes. The same long face, big -eyed eagle hook nose, netizens also said that "Zhang Mo is the most like Zhang Yimou."

But Zhang Yifu, who looks most like Zhang Yimou, is also the one of Zhang Yimou’s 4 children, the one who hates the most "hate" father.

Zhang Yimou has two wives, one is Xiao Hua, who has spent the hard time with him, and the other is Chen Ting who accompanies him to enjoy the rich and rich, and Zhang Mo is Zhang Yimou and Xiao Hua’s only daughter.

Xiao Hua and Zhang Yimou originally took the script of "Blue Plum Bamboo Horses into Family". Unfortunately, the "bamboo horse" eventually became "Chen Shimei".

She was born in Beijing and moved to Xi’an with her parents. She entered the same middle school as Zhang Yimou, and also kicked off the story of the two.

After graduating from junior high school, Xiao Hua’s parents found a job in the city, but Zhang Yimou had to work in the countryside because of family problems. Xiao Hua, who "love first", followed Zhang Yimou to rural Shaanxi regardless of her parents’ blockage.

In the countryside, the strange environment has made the hearts of two young people get closer. The two work together, talk about their hearts together, and support each other for 3 years.

After 3 years of work, the two were finally transferred back to Xi’an. Zhang Yimou entered the Eighth Cotton Textile Factory of Xianyang. Xiao Hua was arranged to Xingping’s 408 factory. The two factories were more than 20 kilometers apart.People were forced to start a long -distance love.

Xiao Hua looks beautiful, and her work and family are good. Naturally, there is no shortage of people chasing. The parents of the Xiao family also look down on Zhang Yimou. They want to let them break up and introduce to their daughters.

In order to retain his girlfriend’s heart, Zhang Yimou wrote a 40 -page love book to show his heart, which made Xiao Hua moved messy, trying to persuade his parents to accept Zhang Yimou.

During this period, Xiao Hua was recommended to study at Shanghai Jiaotong University, but for her boyfriend, she gave up this valuable opportunity and also helped Zhang Yimou’s photography dream.

After the college entrance examination was resumed, Zhang Yimou moved his mind to college. His family composition was not good. Xiao Hua was recommended by his brother-in-law-famous photographer Wang Dihuan, and let him be recruited into Nortel.

That is, in this year, the two who have been in love for many years have finally entered the marriage and gave birth to her daughter Zhang Mo five years later. The family had a seemingly successful ending.

Zhang Mo is like Zhang Yimou’s Fu Xing. In the second year of her birth, Zhang Yimou served as photographers of films such as "One and Eight" and "Yellow Land".International film emperor.

Zhang Yimou made his head -on, Xiao Hua started his internal assistance more attentively.

Some time she saw Teacher Mo Yan’s novel "Red Sorghum" in "People’s Literature", and thought it was a good story, so she showed it to Zhang Yimou.

From this point of view, the marriage between the two was "scattered".

"Red Sorghum" popular Zhang Yimou and Gong Li, and the two also had feelings. At that time, the entire crew knew the relationship between the two, but for these groups of art, they could think of it.

Unfortunately, Xiao Hua did not understand art. She couldn’t think of it, and it was even more difficult to accept the love letter written by Gong Li to Zhang Yimou. Gong Li and Zhang Yimou were sweet, which was tantamount to her poison.

After the incident was spread out, Zhang Yimou and Xiao Hua picked up divorce. Xiao Hua made all kinds of efforts and failed to restore his heart. When facing the reporter’s question, Zhang Yimou even said that "marriage with Xiao Hua is just one when he cut into line.Field misunderstanding ".

In 1988, Xiao Hua and Zhang Yimou officially divorced. Zhang Mo lived with her mother and became a child of a single -parent family at the age of 5.

Although Xiao Hua was complaining about Zhang Yimou, she did not want to pass the resentment to her daughter. She never said bad things about Zhang Yimou to her daughter and tried to maintain the other person’s "good dad".

But the child is just young and not stupid. Zhang Mo knew what happened at home. She has always complained about Gong Li and Zhang Yimou. When she grew up, Zhang Yimou sent her to study abroad, and the relationship between the two was ease.

When studying abroad, Zhang Mo met an American named Towe. Although his parents were not optimistic, Zhang Mo, who was lacking in love, was like Xiao Hua at that time. At the age of 23, he married Towei.

The ending of the two is not difficult to guess. After the freshness faded, Zhang Mo found that Touve had domestic violence, alcoholism and Dbo. Their marriage was full of cultural differences and daily quarrels.

During the period, Zhang Mo once called Yueyang to seek the help of Zhang Yimou, but at that time Zhang Yimou had just won the younger daughter, so he sent Zhang Mo very perfunctoryly. After two years of support, Zhang Mo chose to divorce to return to China.

After experiencing a failed marriage, Zhang Mo had a new consideration on the relationship between the family. She forgive Zhang Yimou, followed her father to break through the film and television circle, and hugged the "destroyer" Gong Li.

In 2012, Zhang Mo remarried with Swedish boyfriend Meng Danqing. Although he went through bumps, he finally found his own happiness.

But compared with Zhang Yimou and Chen Ting’s daughter Zhang Yijiao, Zhang Mo’s happiness is nothing.

While sending Zhang Mo to study abroad, Zhang Yimou fell in love with Chen Ting, who was 18 years old. The two were 31 years old, but their relationship came unusually quickly. The second year of her relationship, Chen Ting, 19, became pregnant.

After learning that she was pregnant, Chen Ting was very panicked. She called Zhang Yimou for help, and finally received two options: the two broke up, and the children continued to school; the two were retired, and the two continued together.

Chen Ting chose to drop out of school and give birth to a child. When Zhang Yimou had no names behind it.

However, her luck is much better than Xiao Hua. After giving birth to two men and one woman, she became a righteous Mrs. Zhang after 12 years.

When the younger daughter Zhang Yijiao was born, Zhang Yimou was 56 years old. When he was old, he was very fond of his young daughter, and even said that "family, children, affection is the most important" principle.

For the eldest daughter Zhang Mo, Zhang Yimou was "released", allowing her to study abroad alone at the age of 16.

But for her younger daughter Zhang Yijiao, Zhang Yimou was afraid that she would lack her father’s love. No matter how busy she was, she had to eat with her children every week.

Zhang Yijiao’s birthday, Zhang Yimou will never be absent, and will also prepare gifts for the younger daughter to bring her birthday crown.

What the younger daughter wants to arrange the best? When you go to school to enter the aristocratic school, you want to learn skating and invite the teaching assistant of the national team.

Zhang Yimou helped Zhang Yimou, but the dominant power was Zhang Mo, because Zhang Yimou hoped that she could "have her own ability."

For the younger daughter Zhang Yijiao and Zhang Yimou all the right, because he hopes that the younger daughter can enjoy "the happiness that life brings to her."

Of course, Zhang Yijiao also performed well under high -quality education. He wrote books and publishing at a young age.

In the first half of her life, Zhang Mo lived to twist, so she experienced all kinds of setbacks in life. Now she has opened her heart to accept her father and stepmother, which is also a good thing for her.

It is also Zhang Yimou’s children. The gap between Zhang Mo and Zhang Yijiao not only comes from the appearance, but also from his father.

But now that the children are mature and they will not fight for their father’s love anymore. It is difficult to make up for the previous regrets.

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