The rural in -laws are male and female, and the pork ribs are only eaten for grandson. My daughter can only eat potatoes

Seeing that the May Day holiday was coming, my husband and I quarreled again because of going home.Every time he goes home, he will quarrel because he wants to go back and persuade me, because his sister’s family will also go back, and the elder brother’s house is not far from the mother -in -law’s house, so that the family will gather together.But I didn’t want to go back. I remembered the various National Day last year, and I wouldn’t get angry.

The mother -in -law’s house is rural, and the father -in -law has no culture. She lives on land in my life. My husband is more convincing. It is one of the few in their village who have been admitted to the university. The father -in -law has always been proud.My husband and I are college classmates. Because they are in love with each other, they come together, and they will be married smoothly after graduation.There are two sons and daughters in the mother -in -law’s house. Because of poor study, the elder brother did not come to college because of his poor study. He has been staying next to her mother -in -law these years. The younger sister got married early.

I know that my mother -in -law is a little bit more male and young. I was born with a boy. The mother -in -law was happy to close her mouth, and took care of the confinement.When my husband and I got married, the children of the elder brother’s family were six years old. They could go to school. They didn’t need her mother -in -law to help bring it. My mother -in -law began to urge us to have children, and when he said, he would help us bring us.

Later, I was really pregnant. My mother -in -law was naturally very happy. I said that there was a grandson again all day. Until my daughter was born, my mother -in -law changed after knowing that I took care of me for two or three days.It is said that her body is not very comfortable to go back to raise her body. After a few days, she called and said that her grandson had to take care of him for summer vacation. She couldn’t come to me.Before I left, I told me that I had to pay more attention to my body. In fact, I heard that she complained that I had a girl with my husband, but I didn’t think much at the time, because I didn’t expect my mother -in -law to be so cruel.

During that time, my mother’s body was not very good and couldn’t take care of me. That confinement was very difficult. There was no way. Many things could only be done by myself. I had almost no rest in the confinement.I really couldn’t care about myself, and left some confinement disease.What is even more difficult is that later because I want to bring my children myself, there is no way to go to work. My home loan and living expenses are supported by my husband alone.The hard work is really endless.I also cried and cried when the night was quiet, but I kept telling myself that I don’t blame my mother -in -law. After all, the child is his own. The elders help you bring you love.I shouldn’t complain, and slowly I want to open it, I don’t want to take care of this anymore.

But every time we take our daughter back, we can obviously feel the eccentricity of her mother -in -law. I have meticulous grandson, and give him all good things.In front of outsiders, my granddaughter is not close to himself. Sooner or later is someone else’s house. I was too lazy to explain it. I just felt distressed.

At the National Day last year, I thought that the elder brother’s family was also at home. We also brought a lot of gifts to return to our hometown. After that, we knew that the elder brother’s family was temporarily decided to go to the mother -in -law’s house.There was no enthusiasm, I also thought about my face, and I left for a few days.

We arrived in the morning. At noon, my mother -in -law cooked a large pot of noodles at noon, saying that it was too rushing to eat. When I was doing dinner, I helped cook in the kitchen to watch the refrigerator with ribs and chicken leg beef.After stewing a pork ribs, it was taken out. When she saw that she saw it and put it back to the refrigerator, saying that there were fewer people in the family, and they could not eat it after stewing. Eating meat at night would not be digested well.She said that everyone would come back to eat after a few days. At that time, I was a bit unhappy. It was obvious that she was telling me that she was preparing for her grandson.Trouble.

The last four adults and a child stir -fry a green vegetable and a minced bean horn and a potato. The daughter said casually at the dining table to eat meat, and her mother -in -law was unhappy. She dropped chopsticks and started scolding my daughter.At the beginning, I also explained to her that the child loved to eat meat, but the mother -in -law said more and more unpleasant. One girl’s film, and said that Sang Huai said that I did not teach the child to make her so no tutor. I never wanted to bear it anymore.Back to her directly, your grandson didn’t come back, so he hid the ribs. My daughter only eats potatoes?Can’t even speak?

Seeing that my mother -in -law was even more dissatisfied, I quarreled with me on the dinner table. For my daughter, I didn’t want to retreat. I directly told her that if you don’t like this granddaughter, I will not take her back in the future. You will have your grandson.enough.I took my daughter home that night, and my husband couldn’t persuade him. He couldn’t help but return with us. He also said along the way that I had a bad temper.For so many days, why not make everyone unpleasant.

These days he has been telling me that I would apologize to my mother -in -law, saying that everyone is a family, or I want to live in harmony. I am speechless, let alone apologize. I don’t even go back.The person took his daughter to travel, and the tickets were booked. He loved to go back and let him go back alone. Anyway, my baby daughter couldn’t go back to get angry. Since I didn’t treat us as a family, why should I catch up?

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