The relationship between smoking and these 6 diseases!It turns out that every cigarette will bring a disease

Smoking, a healthy behavior, has always been heated discussion. Many studies and reports have declared the harm of cigarettes to the human body, but still cannot stop the attraction of the smoke gun to enthusiasts.

Relevant surveys show that as early as 2015, the number of smokers around the world was as high as 933 million, and last year, 2017, foreign media reported that the number of smokers around the world exceeded 1 billion.Some people think that they have sucked for more than ten years, and there are no problems with smoke for decades.Is the remarks that are harmful to smoking and harmful to health?In fact, the harm of smoking to the body is all aspects, and the diseases from breathing to blood vessels are related.

1. Primary bronchial lung cancer: This is often said lung cancer, and smoking is the main cause of the disease.Among the 10 % of patients with lung cancer, 8-90 % of patients were caused by active smoking and passive smoking.Among them, tobacco smoke contains a variety of carcinogens, and tobacco is listed as A -class carcinogen.

2. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): For those who have proclaimed lung blockage, if smoking, the mortality rate is significantly higher than those who have no smoking, and smoking is currently recognized as the risk -known risk factors of procrastination.The most important.

3. Special pulmonary fibrosis: Most clinical studies have confirmed the risk of smoking increased the occurrence of special pulmonary fibrosis.By.

1. Coronary heart disease and stroke: If you suck 10 cigarettes a day, the cardiovascular mortality rate will increase by 18%, and women will increase by 31%.Because smoking can damage the vascular endothelial function, it can cause the occurrence of atherosclerosis and narrow the arterial vascular cavity.

2. Hypertension: This is because smoking can cause sympathetic nerve endings to release norepinephrine increases to increase blood pressure.

1. Esophageal cancer: People with smoking people suffer from esophageal squamous carcinoma 3-8 times more than ordinary people

2. Gastrointestinal ulcers: Smoking can affect the merger of the ulcer and cause the ulcers to repeat.There will be complications of ulcers.

3. Gastric cancer: Smoking and excessive drinking can increase the risk of gastric cancer.

Diabetes: Smoking can cause type 2 diabetes, and can increase the risk of complications of large vascular and microvascular complications in patients with diabetes, affecting the prognosis of the disease.

Studies have proved that women will reduce the probability of conception if long -term attraction.Smoking pregnant women will affect the growth of the fetus, abnormal pregnancy, natural abortion, causing low birth weight of newborns and sudden infant death syndrome.Men also cause erectile dysfunction.

Smoking can cause periodontitis, cataract, poor surgical wounds, poor healing and postoperative respiratory complications, and aging skin.In addition, smoking can cause dementia.

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