The red leaves in the community and the roadside are familiar. Can it really eat it?Is it dangerous?

Yesterday, a friend sent me a message saying that the plums on the roadside of their community were mature.Many people in the community are climbing trees and picking, and so is the roadside.Some people also climbed trees to pick plums.However, the color of the plum is red, with slightly purple -red, which is different from the plums he saw in the fruit stall and supermarket.

So I want to ask, what is the name of this plum?Can you eat it?Will it be dangerous if you eat it?I asked my friends to take some photos and send it to me.After seeing the purple leaves in the picture, I replied to him, saying that it can be eaten, but it is not recommended.As for the reason, the author has also shared it. I believe that many friends have seen this fruit in the community where I live, or the nearby roadside.

(Red leaves in the circle of friends)

What is Purple Leaf Lee?

Let’s talk about what this fruit is.The scientific name of this fruit is "Purple Leaf Li".Because its leaves are red most of the time, people are also used to calling it "purple leaves".

Purple -leaf Li is the same as the plums we often eat.They are all plants of Rosaceae.They are native to southwestern China.Because there are purple leaves all year round, it has high ornamental value, especially purple.The shiny leaves, in the green leaves, like invincible flowers, form a beautiful landscape in the green mountains and green water.Therefore, in North China and South China, the landscape trees and green plants in the green belt are widely planted.

(Does it look very tempting?)

Can the fruits of purple leaves be eaten?

I ask everyone first, can Li Zi eat it?The answer is obvious.As a fruit, if you ca n’t eat it, why should you sell it in the market?And this purple -leaf plum, as a kind of plum, is naturally eaten.

There are many wild purple leaves on the mountains here.Every year I take my child to the mountain to pick a few pounds to eat.As for the taste, I personally think it is acceptable.When it is immature, it tastes like other plums, with mouth -watering.After maturity, it is slightly better, sweet and sour, and it tastes good for friends who like to eat sour.

(Friends have tried it, a bit sour)

Is it dangerous to eat purple leaves?

When it comes to harm, there are naturally, just eat too much.In general, this purple -leaf plum can be eaten, and the harm is not great, but the author does not recommend picking purple leaves in the community or roadside.

Under normal circumstances, Purple Leaf Li can indeed be eaten as a fruit, but as a landscape tree, pesticides such as pesticides will be sprayed with these plants in daily prevention and insects.It should be noted that pesticides and farmers here are planting fruits.The sprayed pesticides are different.Fruits have requirements for pesticide residues, so the sprayed pesticide toxicity is extremely low and the number is limited, while the landscape tree does not have these restrictions. The sprayed pesticides are toxic and the number is not limited.

(Wild purple leaves in our rural areas)

Moreover, the purple leaves on the roadside have been polluted by car tails for a long time, which also makes the purple -leaf Li on the roadside unclean.Don’t take risks, think about taking it home to wash, and you can remove the pesticide and car tail gas pollution.You know, the pesticide residues on the purple leaves in the road and the community may not be easy to clean up.Therefore, it is easy to cause damage to the human body after consumption.

In addition, there are many cars on the roadside, so picking things on the roadside are dangerous and affect traffic.As for the community, the same is true.If you climb the tree, what if your feet are slippery?So everyone, do n’t pick and taste because the red leaves are good -looking.

However, friends who live in the countryside can go to the mountains to pick purple leaves this season.Just like the purple leaves of my hometown, they are pure wild. No one has been in contact with pesticides and has not been hit by a car.The exhaust gas is contaminated, so many villagers go up the mountains to pick up the purple leaves every year.

As for the purple leaves in the community, you can go to the community property to ask.After confirming that there is no pesticide, you can pick a few tasks.But that’s that, the purple leaf Li Li in the urban community, roadside, and parks is best not to pick and eat.After all, it is an ornamental plant. The main function is to watch, not consumption, but also spray a lot of pesticides, car tail gas pollution, and it is easy to cause damage to the body after consumption.And really want to eat plums, it is recommended to go to the market, it is safe and delicious.

Dear friends, is the purple leaves there matured there?If you are mature, remember to remind your friends, it is best not to pick it!

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