The reason why the bitch takes puppies in front of you is actually wanting to tell you these things

It is said that the bitch is very protective of the calf

Will not easily let others touch their children

So why do some bitches give the owner who has just born cubs?

The bitch puppies in front of you

In fact, I want to tell you these things

Why does the bitch take puppies in front of you

Because it does not admit that this is its child

Especially the first bitter bitch

Some dogs with caesarean section will also lack natural childbirth hormones due to lack of natural delivery

And make the bitch unable to recognize their children

The bitch thinks this is not its child

I will deal with it for you

So after the bitch produces

Don’t worry about touching puppies

Avoid the baby’s body infected with other odors that makes the bitch can not recognize

The newborn puppies are relatively poor

It is easy to infect various diseases

When the bitch finds that puppies are sick

Will be at a loss

To save their children

The bitch will give the puppy to the master

This is also the performance of dogs trust you

Pets mainly observe the situation of puppies in time

If the situation is serious, it is necessary to send it to the hospital immediately for treatment

Some bitches are born because of their first fertility

There is no experience in this matter

Face the puppies waiting to be fed

The bitch doesn’t know what to do

So I will give puppies to the master

Hope the host will take care

Is this particularly like a young life and a child and throw it to the mother

Dogs have such behavior

Maybe you have been regarded as a mother

Before the bitch is not produced

It has always been the "palm pearl" of the owner

The owner’s heart and eyes are all of it

But when puppies are born

The owner put more energy and time on puppies

The bitch thinks that the owner loves puppies too much

And I have fell out of favor

So I will give puppies to the master

Let you love each other

Bitch is jealous, this is jealous

Breastfeeding bitch is particularly sensitive

The host must pay more attention and accompany it more

Avoid psychological problems such as depression such as depression

Dogs are loyal

They have been responsible for protecting the owner in their lives

If the bitch is raised from an early age

It has special trust and loyalty to the host meeting

I also hope that their descendants will continue to assume the responsibility of protecting the owner and the loyal master.

So the bitch puts the puppy to the master

I hope puppies can familiarize themselves with the host in advance

It is convenient for the host to train and discipline it in the future

Train the better and obedient dog

When training dogs

Properly match some snacks as rewards

Dogs will cooperate more

If the dog does not consume sufficient nutrition during pregnancy

Or too much life

Its milk cannot feed all children

Then the bitch will also put the cub in front of the owner

I hope the owner can help feed

Provide cub’s survival rate

At this time, the pet owner can feed some goat milk powder for puppies

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the nutrition of the bitch. It is recommended to choose a high -protein dog food as the main food to ensure the nutritional intake of the bitch so that its body will recover faster.

Conclusion: Will your bitch be in front of you, what does it want to express?

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