The real -name report of the woman said that she was miscarriage and was threatened by nude photos.

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On May 23, a video reported by a woman’s real name attracted attention on the Internet.In the video, the reporter Jiajia (pseudonym) said that she was the person in charge of the cooperative business hall of China Mobile Lianyungang Haizhou Branch. Last August last year, the company manager Liu Moumou and another man Yan Moumou used medicines under the TV.And therefore pregnancy abortion.

Afterwards, she was also long -term coercion and extortion by the two, involving a amount of more than 100,000 yuan.In response, Liu and Yan all denied rape and stated that they had reported the case to the public security organs.Lianyungang Mobile also responded that they would wait for the police to verify and deal with it in accordance with laws and regulations.

According to Jiajia, her dispute with Liu Moumou originated from August last year.At that time, Liu forcibly dinner on the grounds of turning off her work number.In KTV, only she and Liu and Yan Mou.That night, she was raped by the two and took her nude photos.Later, she found that she was pregnant, but Liu and Yan, who pushed each other, did not acknowledge their responsibilities.Because I still have a family, I can only have no choice but to have abortion surgery.

Jiajia provides multiple WeChat chat records and ultrasonic check reports as evidence.According to the chat records she provided, someone did harass her in words.

A WeChat user named "Yan Moumou" sent a nude photo of a woman to Jiajia, and said that he "borrowed me 50,000 yuan."The user also threatened: "You dare to call the police, and I let you lose his reputation and show you what Liu Moumou has done to you on you."

In response to Jiajia’s reports, the men Liu Moumou and Yan Moumou reported the case to the local Lunan police station, saying that Jiajia fabricated the facts online to slander them.Liu Moumou said that he and Jiajia were not a colleague, but the relationship between the cooperative business hall. He denied that there was a traitor.He also claimed to filed a lawsuit with the Haizhou District Court.

According to Liu Moumou revealed that Jiajia slandered them purely to retaliate against them, because before Jiajia had two telephone suspected telecommunications fraud. After she turned off her business hall according to the relevant requirements, she was dissatisfied and ran to the Discipline Inspection Commission to go to go to the Discipline Inspection Commission.When he told him to be greedy for beauty, when the disciplinary committee came to the scene to verify, she could not provide evidence, and this incident was gone.And this real -name report is also likely to be because of this incident, so the resentment of the heart slandered them.Yan Moumou also said that the chat records released by Jiajia on the Internet are fake. One of the chat content is to imitate the content of his friend, and it provides both of them with the police workheet at that time.

According to the "Registration Form for Police Police" they provided, on May 3 and May 5, Liu Moumou and Yan Moumou called the police that someone slandered them on the WeChat circle of friends and vibrato.Police have accepted an investigation of administrative cases and informed the two of them to retain evidence to the court’s lawsuit.At the same time, the police have also investigated the conflict between Jiajia and Yan Moumou.At present, the case is still being dealt with.

There are also many doubts about this incident. First of all, why did Jiajia choose to call the police after being raped at the time?Why did not choose to call the police afterwards, but instead asked Liu and Yan to have no choice but to choose to get a fetus after no results?

In the Internet era, information spreads rapidly, but it is also easy to mix fake information and rumors.Therefore, we must maintain an objective and fair attitude before making any judgment.Only by conducting a comprehensive and strict investigation of the case through a legitimate judicial program can we restore the truth.

In this regard, what do you have to think, welcome to discuss and exchange in the message area.

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